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DUS-DXB-BKK And Back On EK And TG  
User currently offlineTBloemink From Netherlands, joined Mar 2010, 115 posts, RR: 0
Posted (4 years 5 months 17 hours ago) and read 9436 times:

After I discovered the trip reports page on A.net I wanted to make one myself. Luckily my parents (Im only 14 if you really want to know) planned to make a trip to Thailand this summer. I do apologise for the very very low amount of pictures. I didnt get the camera very much in the plane so thats the reason. The other reason is that the first flight was a night-time flight and I didn't want to disturb other passengers because our camera makes some noise   .

We went to Dusseldorf in the afternoon. After we arrived at the airport we needed to park our car. We made a reservation with a credit card in P7. So we drove to P7 and got in, my father inserted his credit card, and we got it back (as normal), but we were not allowed to go in. We were allowed to go in after six o'clock, so we drove to a McDonalds and had some ice-cream. After the ice cream we went back to P7 (after six o'clock) and the credit card was still not accepted. So we pressed the intercom and a German lady picked up and said we should insert the card, take it out and press the green button. The price would be the same as the price said on our reservation.

We walked into terminal C and checked in our baggage. Emirates said that passengers should be at the airport 2 hours prior to departure. We walked from the parking to the terminal, checked in, went through passport control and security screening in 45 minutes. So we had more than 1 and a half our to kill, so I made some pictures of planes http://i919.photobucket.com/albums/ad35/TBloemink/Thailand%202010/100_1712.jpg
Air Berlin 737-800
Some more AB aircraft, Dusseldorf sure is home of AB  
Come on, when is our plane coming?
Ah, I am sure this will be our bird

As gate C44 was our departure gate, I looked at the jetway. It said C02, with a sign on the jetway with a little bus on it, followed by C44. I immediately thought: Nice beginning of our holiday, with a bus to the plane instead of a jetway. But I was wrong, as the ''follow-me'' van drove to C02 and the EK A332 followed it and parked at the spot. Passengers were unloaded, ground crew got in and did their jobs and the new crew followed not long after. We already got something to eat at the restaurant which was located some meters further, so we were not hungry at the beginning of the flight.

Our bird parking in front of us

Aircraft: Airbus A330-200
Registration: Didn't spot, unfortunately
Class: Economy
Seat: 18K

After the first and business class passengers boarded, we were allowed to board. We joined the queue and then another desk opened and we switched to the new desk. The officer ripped the bigger part off and gave us the smaller one back and then we went into the jetway. When we were in the aircraft we were greeted by some friendly flight attendants and then we went to our seats.
My seat was the window seat

We chose our seats some 10 minutes after booking the flights, nice service EK! We noticed 2 empty window seats, with the aisle seat next to it also non-occupied (as we were with 4 people, we took them). We sat down and the first thing I said was my opinion about the seat, which was really hard cushioned and it was not really comfortable. Cabin crew handed out hot towels and some minutes after that they were removed. Pushback occured on time, and the captain thanked us for our quick boarding and making it possible to depart on time. After a not-so-long taxi we took off on runway 23L. After take-off we turned and the flaps retracted soon after that.

Suddenly the volume of my IFE was maxed as there was a video about ICE (Information, Communication and Entertainment, IFE system of Emirates) and I took my headphones off. What I did NOT expect was how the entertainment worked. It was a nice touchscreen with forward and downward cam, but the movies and TV shows were all started in one time, and I switched to Shrek 4 and it was already half-way. I did not really like it, but it was not a really long flight so it didn't really bother me as I had my iPod and Nintendo DS and some Donald Ducks. Then dinner service started, with choice between chicken with rice, or lamb with potatoes. Dessert was a cheesecake. The trick with the dinner when travelling with 2 or more people is you choose your stuff, and the other chooses the other meal. If you dont like it, you can always switch (I switched with my mother as I didnt like the chicken). I also discovered that the airshow didnt work. When I fly, I prefer to know where I am flying and how long before arrival. But the airshow was only some ads about Emirates and I think they did not reset it after arrival in Dusseldorf, because it said something about connecting flights. I also tried to sleep and when I woke up we just had started descending into Dubai, so I unplugged my headphones and stowed them in my bag (I brought my own headphones   ). We touched down on runway 12L and we taxied to the arrival gate. It was a nice flight (also my sleeping moment) but it would have been better if a 777 was equipped.

After arrival we went to the transfers and then we recognised how beautiful DXB is. The only thing I didn't like was the shape of the windows, as it curves making it really hard for photographers to shoot some pictures. We had like 4 hours to kill before our flight to Bangkok, so I tried to make some pictures, and these are the results:

PH-AOF, a KLM A330
Our bird to BKK

Our e-ticket said we would arrive at terminal 3, and depart from the same terminal. But we departed from terminal 1, so I worried about any transfers to other terminals, but the only thing to get from terminal to terminal was to go downstairs, so it wasn't that hard.

After some hours waiting we went into the gate lounge, and 30 minutes later the boarding announcement was made and after business and first pax boarded we were the first to board as we were in front of the plane. We took our stuff, walked into the jetway after another boarding pass check and we boarded.

Our bird seen from the jetway

Dep gate: 123
Aircraft:Airbus A380-800
Registration: A6-EDE
Class: Economy
Seat: 46K

We went to our seats and I was the first to sit as I was in a window seat and again I said my opinion about the seat, but this time positively. The seat was much softer, not hard cushioned and the entertainment was much, much better. The only thing wrong with it was the touchscreen not being accurate. I used the remote control instead, which was a lot better   .

Tail camera
Tail camera, full screen

We pushed back with a 5 minute delay, and another problem was the dripping airco. This was solved after take off, a flight attendant said. We taxied to runway 12R and waited for 2 EK 777's to take off. Then we taxied on the runway and thrust was set to full. After a long and quiet take-off roll we went airborne.

I dont know what the other line means, but it sure was not our route
Engines. Note the shape of the window, the inner part is huge, but the outer part is much smaller, making it almost impossible to make photo's without capturing the frame.
Mood lighting
First class bar? Or is it Business and first? Or only business? I dont know  
My brother called to me, would have been a nice prank to call someone in the back of the plane at the window and ask him/her to open the window because you need some fresh air :P

The most annoying thing about the airshow is the Emirates stuff between the maps. For example, they say that Emirates started their flight service to Amsterdam in May 2010, and they also showed a map with all their destinations from Dubai. I do NOT want to see this, can I turn it off? No. You have to watch it.

Fasten seatbelt please (airshow part)

Meal service started like halfway the flight with choice between lamb or chicken, served with a triple chocolate something and a niçoice salad. I chose the lamb, and this meal was tasty enough to eat it more than halfway  

After those 3 hours we started descending into BKK. The flight attendants carried out a final check, waking sleeping passengers up to put their seat upright etc. We landed in BKK 18 minutes late according to my FlightTrack app on my iPod (checked in CNX airport). It was a perfect flight, the entertainment was good, the seat was good and the f/a's were friendly, nice job EK   

We picked up our baggage after the passport control and you should hurry, if like 500 passengers are following you and there are like 4 passport control desks open. We had a transfer to a hotel for the night, as we had another flight following. I apologise for this to say, but I am not planning to make a report of the flights to CNX and back. They were both nice flights, and I don't have much more to say about those flights.

After our holiday in Thailand (Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Hua Hin) it was time to get back. We checked in at BKK and went to passport control and security. EK said this flight would be a A330, TG said a A340. This was changed to a 777-300 and as those have PTV's, I was happy. When in the gate lounge I hoped it was still a A340 or 773   . As soon as we boarded my ''happiness'' dropped to zero as I checked the seat backs, which had everything except ptv's   . The beamer was also broken.

Boeing 777-200
Seat 51K

Boarding was made with a bus. This is the only thing I hate with long haul flights, but actually it was a pretty funny way to board an aircraft.

The flight was not even near full, there were like 5 empty middle rows and 2 empty window rows. My father sat in the middle row, my brother on the aisle (other side) and again I was in the window seat with an empty seat between me and my mother. So thats a great way to put stuff, just in the legroom of the middle seat   .

We took off and nothing special happened. The meal service started not really long after take off and again choice between chicken and lamb. I do not remember what I had, but it wasn't really special.
Also some drinks were handed out and some pumpkin seeds. Those were not really tasty, but they were not the worst in the world. Also I didnt make pictures of this flight, I apologise.

We descended after 5,5 hour as we had a strong tailwind and we landed on RW12R and it was a smooth landing. But immediately after touchdown we were not stable and we shaked a little bit. We taxied to spot F12 (dont remember anymore, I think it was F12) and after disembarking I recognised it was the same gate as we departed on the A380.

Boeing 777-300
Seat 20H

We stayed in the Dubai International Hotel in T3 as we would depart from T3. Later it was changed to T1. We went to the gate lounge and not long after joining the crowd we boarded. It was a 777-300. EK promised ICE and I hoped not to get the same entertainment as the A330-200. I was relieved when I saw the menu, because it was much better than the A330. Seats were not far from being the same as the A380. Hot towels were handed out, and my father got one and my brother asked him if it was hot or cold. He said it was extremely hot and the flight attendant asked in Dutch ( :O ) if he would like to have one, and if he dared to have one. I was amazed that there was a Dutch F/A on a Arabian carrier. Then I realised that they also fly to Amsterdam, so that might have been the reason.

We took off runway 12R and also the ICE video was played. I watched some Simpsons episodes and I laughed about one crazy sneeze in the episode ''Coming to Homerica''. It was hilarious   !!

Breakfast service started and I chose the scrambled eggs. It was absolutely delicious, except for the baked beans. They collected the plates and I took some pictures.

At DXB, forward cam
Seems to be Rolls Royce

We were in the front economy cabin, so if the curtain was open, we were able to look into business class. As the curtain opened during descent, my father also took a picture.

Business class

During descent the Dutch F/A asked if we would want a pre-arrival drink and we accepted. I had a coke and my brother a 7up. My parents didnt have something.

As we were landing in 5 minutes, I tried to switch to the forward cam. I didnt manage to do this, as the entertainment screen suddenly stopped responding, so my mother switched to the forward cam. We landed on runway 23L and taxied to the same gate as we departed (C44). We went to passport control and baggage claim and waited like an hour before all our baggage was collected. We paid for the parking and went to the car. This meaned the end of my holiday.

Flying Emirates is a very nice experience. The comfort and entertainment of the A380 was much better than the A330, and the 777-300 was also quite nice. I am sure I will fly Emirates again. Thanks for reading my TR, and I hope I can ever make another one. I also hope I can make much more pictures then  

Flown on: A300, A319, A320, A330, A380, B717, B734, B738, B739, B747, B777
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User currently offlinePlaneHunter From Germany, joined Mar 2006, 6974 posts, RR: 77
Reply 1, posted (4 years 5 months 17 hours ago) and read 9347 times:

Hi Tomas,

very nice first report - I hope you will stay on board. And please add some meal pictures next time.  

Quoting TBloemink (Thread starter):
Registration: Didn't spot, unfortunately

It was A6-EAE, just have a look at the gear door. I flew MUC-DXB on the same bird back in 2006. Bad to hear about the IFE issues. These A332s really need to be refurbished.

Quoting TBloemink (Thread starter):
Note the shape of the window, the inner part is huge, but the outer part is much smaller, making it almost impossible to make photo's without capturing the frame.

Yes, taking pictures through A380 windows is not easy.

Quoting TBloemink (Thread starter):
The most annoying thing about the airshow is the Emirates stuff between the maps. For example, they say that Emirates started their flight service to Amsterdam in May 2010, and they also showed a map with all their destinations from Dubai. I do NOT want to see this, can I turn it off? No. You have to watch it.

That's what I have always found annoying, too.

Quoting TBloemink (Thread starter):
This is the only thing I hate with long haul flights, but actually it was a pretty funny way to board an aircraft.

It's always nice to board a widebody via stairs.


Nothing's worse than flying the same reg twice!
User currently offlineTBloemink From Netherlands, joined Mar 2010, 115 posts, RR: 0
Reply 2, posted (4 years 5 months 15 hours ago) and read 8989 times:

Quoting PlaneHunter (Reply 1):
very nice first report - I hope you will stay on board. And please add some meal pictures next time.

Thank you. I am sure I will stay on board   Meal pictures were for me quite hard because my father has the camera and if the seat configuration is 3-4-3 and im in the window seat, and he is in the middle row at the right aisle, it is kinda hard to fetch the camera while the tray tables are full   But ill try it when I will fly again.

Flown on: A300, A319, A320, A330, A380, B717, B734, B738, B739, B747, B777
User currently offlinelychemsa From United States of America, joined Oct 2009, 1313 posts, RR: 3
Reply 3, posted (4 years 5 months 15 hours ago) and read 8974 times:

I also hate baked beans. Very popular in Britain. Did you like Thailand?

User currently offlineTBloemink From Netherlands, joined Mar 2010, 115 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (4 years 5 months 15 hours ago) and read 8886 times:

I sure liked Thailand, it was wonderful  

Flown on: A300, A319, A320, A330, A380, B717, B734, B738, B739, B747, B777
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