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Dubai-Amsterdam: A Tribute To Friendship  
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Namasté fellow A.netters,

What would you think if I tell you that this trip report is more than a journey Herman and I took as a part of our trip to India? This report is different to the previous ones because it is a tribute to friendship. Dedicated to all my friends who have been inspiring me so far, like our decision to visit India.

While writing this report, I sadly learned that Sandeep (AI151) passed away on 20th May 2011. It broke my heart that I would never have any chance to meet him who significantly co-influenced my decision to visit India. Sandeep, I dedicate this report specially to you and sincerely hope to salute you appropriately this way. Rest in peace, my friend.

Fellows, what I am about to share you is the joy of friendship we experienced from the moment of our arrival at Dubai International Airport until the end of our journey at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Will you join us?


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Friends forever
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User currently offlineakhmad From Netherlands, joined Sep 2005, 2533 posts, RR: 52
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Dubai International Airport

A delayed flight is not really something you look forward to, even though you still have enough time with your layover. But what if the delay sees to a smooth experience of security check?

Our impression could have not been more pleasant as the lines before security were practically no existent, just like our previous experience in DXB.
Beep? Not at all! We were subsequently waived on.
‘Smooth as silk...’ I nearly ran into another passenger who apparently had gone before us. Standing close to the X-ray gate, he really took his time putting on his belt and shoes.
‘Sigh! I know we have plenty of time. But still...’

The soothing blue lighting greeted us as we reached departure level on the third floor.


Overview. Note the reflection on the tiles

FIDS is located on the right end. Let’s see which gate was assigned for our AMS bound flight.


Strangely, there was no gate assigned yet for Amsterdam. But it did not matter, we still had plenty of time to find out.

As we walked on, I looked around for a familiar signage. ‘Ah, there it is!’

Signage to lounges and Health Club

“Are we going to the lounge?” Herman asked.
“Sure,” I replied. “But I want to go to the Emirates store first,”
Did you remember two tasks I put off during our previous layover? Yes, it was time for the mission.

‘The EK store must be here somewhere. How about here?‘


Dubai International Hotel entrance

‘Well, I do not think so. But at least, it might be handy to know the location of the entrance to Dubai International Hotel,’

Further up on the left side around the corner, a small shop with a distinctive logo on red glass screen came in sight.


EK official store façade

EK merchandises like shirts, bags, mugs, caps and aircraft models are available for sale. Alternatively, you can order them on-line.
“Hallo,” Smiling Phoebe greeted us as we walked in.

I set my mind on a red EK cap and luckily managed to grab the very last sample of the model.
I was about to settle the bill when Herman attracted my attention. “How about this T-shirt?”
Herman held a white T-shirt with red short sleeves and EK logo towards my direction.
“That is a good one. Which size is it?” I asked.
“Which size do you have?”
“You can try it,” Phoebe suggested while attending another customer at the cashier.
“What do you think?” I asked Herman after putting on the T-shirt and the cap.
“Nice. What do you think yourself?”
I glanced at Phoebe and noticed her thumb up. “I take both of them!”

First task accomplished! While strolling to the lounge, I let my surroundings sink in. Somehow, the feeling the often you wander through a certain place, the more you catch the details.


EK lounge right above shopping precinct. Dubai International Hotel on two higher levels


Appealing combination of ceiling bow, striped pillars and dotted balustrade

Going to the fourth level by stairs, EK Business Lounge façade is supposed to greet you on the left. During our layover, the renovation work was still in progress.



But what if a detour did not only direct you to the entrance, but to point you out at a downward view through glass balustrade?


Third, first and lower levels

EK lounge agent Mary Jean became available as we entered the lounge.
“Good evening, Sir,” She processed our entrance instantly upon presentation of our boarding passes.
“Can I ask you a question?” I asked Mary Jean.
“Certainly, Sir,”
“Am I permitted reentrance? I want to leave the lounge for the health club on the fifth floor and return later on,”
“Certainly. But Sir, we have our own health club in the lounge,”
“I know. I just want to use a different facility to the one in the lounge,”
Mary Jean looked a bit puzzled. “Sure, no problem, Sir,”
“Shall we meet each other at the Reclining Chair area?” I suggested to Herman.
“All right. But you may find me asleep there as you return,” Herman replied.
“It will not matter. We will see,”
Off I went to the fifth floor.


G-Force catered my need for some workouts. For seventy Dirhams (fourteen Euros) I was entitled to an hour use of the gym including shower.



I was the only customer at that time. My only companion was a single flat screen broadcasting music video clips.
At the moment I was about to get lonely, Lionel Richie appeared with his number one single from 1983.
“Well, my friends, the time has come. Raise the roof and have some fun… all night long, all night…”
‘Friendship is in the air!’ That was all I needed to cheer up for my workouts.

After an hour, I finished my session with a refreshing shower. The bathroom amenities were provided by Dubai International Hotel. The only thing you would have to bring along by your own is clean clothing. In case you do not have any with you, what about a visit to EK store beforehand?

Shower cabin

Shower gel, shampoo and hair conditioner


Well appointed washbasin

My one hour rejuvenating treatment just lasted long enough for a backtrack to the lounge.

Emirates business class lounge


Lounge entrance

“Good evening, Sir,” Cristina warmly welcomed me. She instantly reminded me of Napassarath, the purser of our EK 510 to Delhi.
‘Why do such enthusiastic people in these early hours have to see me this way?’ I murmured.
“Enjoy your stay, Sir,” Cristina smiled upon presentation of my boarding pass.
“Thank you,”
My drowsiness seemed to worsen as I made my way to the Reclining Chair area throughout dimmed lounge areas.


Dining area refreshment bar overview

Herman was asleep as I dropped myself into an adjoining chair which he kept occupied for me. Before I knew, I dozed off.

“Well, what do you know? The sun has risen. Yikes! Our flight! We are supposed to be on board now!”


EK A380

“That is our flight gate! An A380? What a pleasant surprise! Darn, we will not make it!”

I frighteningly woke up.
“What time is it?” I quickly jumped off my chair and walked towards the nearest FIDS.
I just had a nightmare.   

FIDS. Note our gate assignment

“Shall I get us anything to drink?” I asked Herman as he awoke.
“Just a glass of water,”
“All right. I will have champagne,”
Off I went to the particular Refreshments bar where I met Rosario and Jordan during our previous layover. The midnight rush hours were just finished apparently.


Empty corridor

There was Rosario, tidying up the Zen Garden tables. I was about to approach him when someone flagged him down. So I proceeded to the bar.

Instead of Jordan, another Indian barman Pravin was on duty. I was the next person to be attended.

The wait was coincidentally long enough to allow Rosario finish his job. When it was my turn, Rosario joined Pravin.
“Hi, Rosario, do you remember me?” I asked Rosario. “We met each other some two weeks ago,”
Rosario looked puzzled.
“Maybe I can remind you with this,” I showed Rosario his photo with Jordan.
“May I see it?” Pravin asked me to have a look at the photo and turned to Rosario. “That is really you!”
Rosario blushed. “I have met so many people that I cannot remember exactly everyone of them,”
“Never mind,” I said. “I am glad to meet you again,”
“What can I get you by the way? Champagne?” Pravin asked.
“Yes please. Wow, you can read my mind!” I remarked. “And a glass of water, please,”
What it felt like my cozy hometown café!

My champagne and Herman’s water

What else to do now? The Refreshments bar in the dining area is supposed to be bigger. Come along and find out the efforts of EK to stimulate your appetite. What do you think?


From left to right and top to bottom: Chicken Tikka sandwich, mozzarella cheese sandwich, beef sandwich, chocolate éclair, mini berry tart, manor house fruit cherry cake and walnut, fresh cut fruits with forest berries, flavored yogurts


Idly and sambar


Paratha and chana masala


Assorted cheese (edam, emmental and kashkaval) and meat (smoked turkey, beef pastrami, smoked salmon)


Assorted bakeries, rolls and toasts


Cups of salted and unsalted butter


Strawberry and orange jam


Scrambled egg and sausages


Hash brown potatoes


Assorted breakfast cereal

What about something to drink? You can do either self service.


Low fat and full cream milk


Apple and orange juice


Tea and coffee machine

Or get acquainted with colleagues of Rosario and Pravin. I am sure they will be more than happy to assist you with your request of (non) alcoholic drinks.


Dedicated barman

‘To eat or not to eat?’ That was my question at the moment with so many tempting choices of food around.
‘Remember, Suryo. You will be served breakfast on board,’ My conscious spoke.
‘Let me just have a little bit then,’


My choice of sandwiches: Chicken Tikka, smoked salmon and beef

In the meantime, the sun was rising. Just look how the natural lights brightened the Reclining Chair area.



My glittering boarding pass reminded me of what was about to come. The end of our journey.  


My boarding pass

It was 07.20. What would our flight status be?


FIDS close up

‘Yikes! Boarding!’ I quickly notified Herman and gathered our belongings.

As we made our way to gate 206, we dropped in to say goodbye to Rosario. Unfortunately, I found no one at the bar. We had to hurry, so I did not look further around for Rosario. Shame, I should have asked him for another photo.  

The daylight put the interior outside the lounge in another perspective. It reminded me of Terminal 1 of Barcelona. What about you?


Level 4 overview


Departure level overview



Our gate

There were separate lanes for premium and Economy class passengers at gate 206. Both were practically empty as we arrived. Most passengers seemed to have been processed already.

First class lane

Herman and I made our way to Y entrance as someone was blocking the premium entrance with his inquiry. The Y gate agent warmly waived us on.


Y entrance

I was wondering which feature we would get downstairs. Hey, where did other passengers go?


Holding room overview

Apparently, Y passengers were already boarding as premium passengers were requested to wait, just like Swiss’s boarding procedure we experienced in Zurich two years ago.


EK agent supervising the boarding

What to do now? Well, how about exploring the surrounding?

Complimentary newspapers

Is that it? Where is the battery charging station? Well, just look back at the holding room overview photo. Please tell me if you spot the station.

However, the boarding procedure led to commotions among the premium passengers. I overheard one inciting another.

“It is a topsy-turvy world!”
“That is what we thought!”
“It is unacceptable to make us wait after calling us from the lounge this early!”

One or two passengers approached the agent on turn and gave vent to their displeasure. I could not help getting pity on the agent by the look on her face while dealing with them.

After some fifteen minutes, we were allowed to proceed. One passenger managed to snap at the agent before going further. Fellows, I should have patted her on the back.  

Well, what do you know? It turned out to be a bus gate!


Before exit

‘Please! Please! Let me have a better bus for spotting!’
My prayer was unfortunately not answered.  


Blinded windows again

‘It will be another long unexciting ride,’ I murmured as our bus started moving.

‘An A380! Up, close and personal! But picture? No way!’
‘Look! Another A380!’

“Why do we have to end up this way? One plane after another, but not a single picture I can take!” I could not help voicing my complain to Herman.
Herman shrugged.
While I was desperately looking outside the window, a man sitting next to Herman struck up a conversation.
I did not pay much attention to the man until he said at one point, “…besides it is forbidden to take pictures,”
‘Forbidden? That is not a friendly comment of you!’
But somehow he sharpened my sense as I noticed a gap between the sliding door cushions immediately. It was luckily big enough for our compact camera lens!


A6-EMX and A6-EAE

Soon enough, our bus pulled next to A6-EBG.

Seemingly eager to get on board, everyone walked past me as soon as the doors opened. I was rather occupied by something else.


Downstairs. Note the guy with the ramp agent. A possibly fellow A.netter?


Ahlan A6-EBG


Before entrance. Do you not just love the cheat line on the long fuselage?

Friends forever
User currently offlineakhmad From Netherlands, joined Sep 2005, 2533 posts, RR: 52
Reply 2, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 6 days 11 hours ago) and read 23736 times:

On board

Flights Status

Route: DXB-AMS
Date: 25 February 2011
ETD/ATD: 08.25 / 10.10
ETA/ATA: 12.45 / 14.35
Flight number: EK 147
Plane: Boeing 777-36NER
Registration: A6-EBG
Delivered: 25 October 2005
Captain: Malcolm Slyper

View Large View Medium
Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Hediye Akyuez
View Large View Medium
Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Jan Vet

“Good morning, Sir. Welcome on board,” Indian purser Sanjay greeted us.
I could not help being amazed by Sanjay’s hunky appearance in his black suit for a flash before being able to say, “Thank you,”

As we entered through 1L door, we had to walk through F cabin which turned out to be similar to the one we had on our outbound flight.

Somehow, I got the feeling that J cabin might be fitted with Sicma Aero seats. Well, I was not wrong!


Our sanctuary, 7J and 7K

Ah, I was missing you, my dotted wooden patterned window frames and how nicely blended you were with the seat pattern.


Window frames. Note 46 inch legroom

A fluffy pillow and a wool blanket wrapped in plastic foil were placed on each of our seats.

7K. Guess who was seated here?

But hey, where did the smiling EK lady go? Unlike our outbound flight, in flight entertainment screens were put away. I was kind of missing her to greet us.

Luckily, Brazilian flight attendant Emerson was saving grace. He appeared to take drink order of his passengers individually and made us feel personally welcomed this way.


Emerson attending passengers at 6J and 6K

“Good morning, Sir. Can I offer you anything to drink?” Emerson appeared on our side.
“Can I have champagne, please?”
“Certainly. And how about you, Sir?”
“Also champagne, please,”

Our glasses of champagne were soon served with a smile.
“Nice shirt of yours,” Emerson remarked before returning to the galley.
I was gladly surprised, “Oh, thank you,”
Fellows, from that moment, I knew we would have another consecutively great flight with EK.

“Do you want to read some newspapers?” Emerson presented an array of newspapers on a nice silver tray.
I declined his offer, on the contrary to Herman.


Our champagne. Note Herman’s newspaper


Front J cabin view. Only few passengers took newspapers to read

The ray of sunlight up front disappeared as soon as 1L door was closed couple minutes before 08.25.

As scented hot towels were distributed, an announcement came from Captain Slyper, “We are soon ready for departure to Amsterdam. Our flight time will be six hours and fifty three minutes on cruising altitude of 30,000 feet. We are still waiting for twelve connecting passengers who touched down just half an hour ago,”

Half an hour ago? In this case, there would be no activity in the next couple minutes.

‘What to do now?’
‘How about playing guess where?’ My conscious spoke to me.
‘Guess where? How do you do that?’
‘Name a feature of your seat and guess where it is located,’


In-flight entertainment control unit

‘Under your right arm rest?’


Seat control unit

‘On the front of your right arm rest?’

Battery chargers

‘On the front underneath the middle console?’

What do you think of this simple game to kill the time?

It was 08.40 when an announcement was made, “We kindly ask our ground crew to leave the aircraft,”
‘Ah, I had to miss it on our previous flight!’
This however followed by an interesting one. “Due to Amsterdam’s regulations, our cabin crew will be soon spraying the cabin,”
Last time we experienced a similar procedure was last year after landing in Kuala Lumpur. I was rather surprised with the implementation on an Europe bound flight.

Towels and empty glasses were recollected after spraying session.

As pushback commenced at 08.50, in-flight safety demonstration was broadcasted.


Demonstration only visible on the main screen

It became clear that luck was on my side. My window was facing the active runway!


Oman Air B738, dedicated to PlaneHunter and… Sandeep (AI151)


Lufthansa A346, dedicated to Anosh (SR 103)


African Express Airways 5Y-AXN, dedicated to Alex (abrelosojos)




Air India Express VT-AXP

After ten minutes, A6-EBG was still not moving. I did not notice it though as I was merely concentrated on the runway movement.

At 09.05, Captain Slyper came on the microphone, “Unfortunately there are some technical problems to be resolved. We have to return to our parking gate,”

Sighs and moans echoed as A6-EBG re-docked at 09.05. Nevertheless, nobody complained further.


T3 on the background. Can you spot five A380’s?

As soon as the fasten seat belt signs were extinguished, everyone made himself comfortable for the wait. Some got off the chair to stretch like me while others like Herman remained seated, got the chair reclined and reading newspaper.


My seat in fully reclined position

My seat looked comfy for sure, but I preferred to stand for the time being.

How about a visit to the lavatory? Just to see how tidy it was.


Lavatory bowl with a cushion lid

Orchid to cheer up. Note the amenity kits and folded in round mirror


Wash basin with a choice of paper or cosmetic towel to wipe up

The galley area right outside the lavatory became a provisional congregating place.

I soon engaged in conversation with Jim who was traveling from Hongkong to AMS via DXB with EK. Yes, he told me about him being on board of an A380 and made me green of jealousy.

At 09.25, Captain Slyper updated our departure status, “Our technicians are still busy with trouble shootings. The problems apparently go to the engines. We will update you,”

“Can I offer you some dates?” Austrian flight attendant Emily asked Jim and me.
“Oh yes, thank you,”
As we savored our dates, Emily went out to distribute menu’s and wine lists.
Jim’s colleague Tina soon joined us in the galley.
I must say I loved to spend on board delay this way. Socializing with your fellow passengers and getting acquainted with flight attendants or should I say, my friends on duty.

Before I knew, Captain Slyper finally saved the situation at 09.55 by saying, “We are now ready for departure. Technical problems have been attended to,”
I bade farewell to Jim and Tina and returned to my seat.
Ah, look what Emily laid for me.


Menu and wine list

Pushback should be commenced soon. In the meantime, how about going through reading materials?

EK Duty free collection guide, in-flight magazine and ice guide


Safety instructions, similar to the one on our outbound flight

Finally at 10.10, actual pushback happened.


A6-EBG set out for 12R-30L at 10.15 to join morning rush hour. I got the feeling that our delay was a blessing in disguise.


Virgin G-VGOA


Qatar A7-BBB, dedicated to Omar (directorguy)


Flydubai A6-FDF

Look who was lining up on 12R-30L.



And who was waiting for her turn?



DXB turned to be a nice host for its guest.


British Airways G-STBB

Followed by A6-EDE.


Bye, hope to fly you or your sister one day

And a sneaky EK Sky Cargo figure.



Finally, it was our turn.

Take off

Look what I got to see as A6-EBG lined up.


A6-ECU with DXB control tower on the background

GE90 engines started to whine intensively after couple seconds. Slowly and steadily, A6-EBG accelerated along DXB T3.


A6-ERF still resting

A6-EBG rotated at 10.30.


Right after liftoff

A6-EBG banked to the right, revealing some air views of Dubai.


International City


Hazy view of DXB


Business Bay Bridge with D1 and InterContinental Residence Suites on the other side of the water


Dubai World Trade Centre and surrounding skyscrapers

Couple minutes later, A6-EBG was off UAE coastline.

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Friends forever
User currently offlineakhmad From Netherlands, joined Sep 2005, 2533 posts, RR: 52
Reply 3, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 6 days 11 hours ago) and read 23693 times:

In flight

As the fasten seat belt signs were switched off, Sanjay came on the microphone to introduce his colleagues, “We proudly present you the languages spoken by our multinational crew members. Hindi, Sinhalese, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, English and Thai,”

As the curtains between F and J cabin were drawn for the first service, how about waking up our lady friend from her beauty sleep?


Oh hi, yesterday has been exhausting for me, but nevertheless nice to see you again

Another lady friend, Indian flight attendant Lilla appeared on our side.
“May I dress the table?” She asked us with such a lovely smile.
“Oh, sure,” I melted right away.


My table undressed. You got to love the pattern

Look how Lilla transformed each of our tables with a crisp white linen.


My dressed table

I remembered something. ‘Oh, I completely forgot about what we would have for breakfast. Let me have a look again,’

Breakfast menu

‘Is that all of continental breakfast?’ I thought in a flash.
‘Do not be greedy, Suryo!’ My conscious warned me. ‘Enjoy what they have got on offer and then make your judgment,’

At 10.55, Emerson started breakfast service.


Emerson attending Mr. 6F

Each breakfast tray was served individually. It consisted of a water glass, a butter dish, a side plate, a bowl of sliced fresh fruit, a cup of fruit yogurt and cutlery set. The bowl contained two slices of kiwi and one slice each of red orange, pineapple, watermelon and papaya.


Breakfast table set

Richly filled bread basket was presented. I mean, very rich!


Croissants, baked breads, chocolate and raisin pastries, muffin

Followed by an array of preserves.


Fruit jam and honey

I decided on a croissant and a whole meal bread roll.


My choice

“What would you like to drink, Sir?” Emerson asked Herman.
“I would like to have a cup of coffee, please,”
“With milk and sugar?”
“Only milk, please,”
“Certainly. And how about you, Sir?” Emerson turned to me.
“Can I have double espresso, please?”
“Certainly. Can you please wait for a moment? I will ask my colleague to bring it for you,”

Soon enough, Emily appeared, “Your double espresso, Sir?”
“Thank you,”


Nicely strong and piping hot

‘Do you have enough croissant or bread roll?’ My conscious spoke to me.
‘To be honest, I do. The amount was just enough together with yogurt and fruit bowl. I am sure I could ask another round of bread offering. But it will not be necessary! Croissant was nicely buttery and flavorful. Bread roll was moist and tasty. Fruit slices were fresh and juicy. It was just right and filling and you cannot fault Emmi yogurt!’

Breakfast service came to an end around 11.20. Soon enough after Lilla collected our trays, everyone had his seat reclined including Herman.


Cabin view post breakfast

I was about to leave my seat when it suddenly became turbulent. The turbulences were so serious that Captain Slyper had to ask his colleagues to return to their seats. In that case, it was better for me to remain seated.

Waiting for fasten seat belt signs to be extinguished was tough. Despite my cat-nap earlier in the lounge, I still felt drowsy. Eventually, I had to give in. Turbulence or no turbulence.

The turbulences were over as I opened my eyes later on. While activating my limbs, something on our middle console drew my attention.

In-flight survey form

Did you know how delighted I was to see it. It was not only a form for me, but also an invitation for friendship.
“What are you doing?” Herman wondered as he noticed me scribbling enthusiastically when he woke up.
“Just doing my friends a favor,”
“Would you excuse me? I will be right back,” I got off and made my way to the galley.

I was excited to find Emerson, Lilla and Emily at the galley. Indian flight attendant Ranjit was there as well. I did not meet him earlier as he was in charge of F.
After handing the form, I just had to address my friends, “I want to thank you for the great service so far. I am amazed by how well all of you were dealing with our delay in Dubai. You successfully made everyone feel comfortable,”
“Thank you so much. That encourages us,” Lilla gladly said.
With such enthusiasm, I could not help asking a question to Emerson. “Can I ask you a favor?”
“Can I have a picture with you?”
“Of course,”
“I will take the photo of both of you,” Lilla volunteered.
“That is wonderful. I will get my camera,”

As I returned, I warned Herman. “It apparently takes a little longer than I thought. I will be back again soon,”
No further explanation needed for my considerate Herman who just said, “All right. Take your time,”
For this opportunity I got no cap of the captain, but something else which was equally good.


Emerson and me, courtesy of Lilla

Emily seemed busy behind us during our photo session.
“Do you want to join us for a photo?” I asked Emily.
Emily rather hesitated at the beginning.
“Come on, join us,” Emerson encouraged her. “We have got a great photographer here,”


Featuring Emily on my left

“Can I have a photo with you as well?” I asked Lilla.
“I will take the photo for you,” Emerson volunteered.
“Shall I step aside?” Ranjit was about to withdraw.
“Oh no, please stay with us,” I begged Ranjit.


With Lilla and Ranjit, courtesy of Emerson

Ranjit had to excuse himself for duty free run. Luckily, I got Lilla and Emerson to keep me company. Our chit chat was so enjoyable that I did not realize how long I was staying at the galley. I failed to deliver on my promise to Herman to get back soon.

Too bad, duty called for Emerson and Lilla. They had to answer the passenger calls. As the galley ran empty, I could not help murmuring, ‘People, why do you all have to spoil our meeting?’

I had to keep myself occupied somehow and decided to explore the rest of the cabin. One difference I noticed immediately with the aft J cabin was the lack of natural lights.


Aft J cabin

I proceeded to the Y cabin. It was packed. EK was visibly doing good business here.


Backward view of front Y cabin


Front Y cabin from the back right


Backward view of middle Y cabin


Middle Y cabin from the back left


Backward view of aft Y cabin


Aft Y cabin from the back left

Herman was leaving through the menu as I came back.

Bar service

“Shall we order something to drink?”
“That is a great idea. What do you like?”
“I will have campari,”
“It sounds good. I will get myself a Martini cocktail,”
We did not use the call button by the way. Instead, I passed on our order to Emily at the galley.

In the meantime, I decided to indulge myself with EK’s ice. At least, the carefully pre-packed headset for me did not become useless at the end.


My headset still unpacked


My headset ready to use


Number One by Tinchy Stryder

Number One. This happened to be EK for me! Number one experience by number one friends. Look, my friend Emily brought our order.
“Here you are,” Emily smiled.
“Do you want any nuts to go with it or anything else?”
“No, thank you. We are fine,”


Herman’s campari and my Martini cocktail, shaken not stirred

“Actually, I prefer having my campari without ice,” Herman remarked.
“Oh, shall I ask to get you another one,”
“Never mind. I will stick to this,”
“All right,”

Did you know that EK kept me well entertained with extensive selection of the UK No.1 Hits 2009?


My favorites on a summary

Before I knew, Emerson appeared to distribute hot towels.
‘What? Is it 14.05 already? Time really flies!’ I thought. ‘In that case, it will not be surprising if the second round commences shortly,’

Indeed. Some ten minutes later after the towels were recollected, Emerson returned for beverage service. Just in time as our drinks were finished.


Emerson attending Mr. 6F

I made up my mind, but Herman had to observe the wine list.

White wine

“Can I offer you anything to drink, Sir?” Emerson asked Herman.
“I would like to have the chardonnay, please?”
“Certainly,” Emerson poured a glass for Herman. “And how about you?”
“Can I have champagne cocktail, please?”
“Certainly. My colleague will bring it to you,”

After serving canapés which consisted of stuffed capsicum, stuffed green olive, black olives and feta cheese cubes, Emerson proceeded to take our meal order.

Again, I was undecided and had to consult the menu. My bad!

Lunch menu

“I would like to have salmon as starter and lamb as main meal,” Herman said.
“Certainly. And how about you?”
“For me Arabic mezze as starter and chicken as main meal,”
“Certainly. Please wait a moment for your cocktail,”

Soon enough, Lila appeared with my champagne cocktail. “Please enjoy,”
Han jee. Dhanyavād!” I replied.
“Oh, that is so sweet,” Lilla remarked with a big smile.


Canapés accompanied by Herman’s chardonnay and my cocktail

Lilla and Emerson changed assignment as Lila took charge of meal serving while Emerson set tables.


Lilla in action

The lunch setting consisted of a water glass, a butter dish, a pair of pepper and saltcellar, cutlery set, a side plate for your choice of bread, a seasonal salad bowl and your choice of starter. Oh, and to go with your salad, there was a choice of dressing as well.


Yogurt and herbs dressing or oil and balsamic vinegar

Another great filled bread basket was presented.


Choice of rolls, pita, rye and garlic bread

We were ready for the starter. Just look at the presentation!


Herman’s tray


Herman’s honey and ginger salmon


Seasonal salad close and my choice of balsamic vinegar dressing


My Arabic mezze

Herman shared me a bit of his salmon. I took a bite… Oh, dear heaven, what a delicate combination of sweet and savory I never tasted before.

What about my own starter? The mezze was less spiced than the one I was used to with Qatar, but to be honest I liked it better this way.

As we finished, we consulted the wine list for something to accompany our main course.

Red wine

Somehow, Lilla forgot to clear away our plates. She got embarrassed as she appeared with our main meal and found out that our dirty plates were still there.
Lilla quickly put away our main meal at the galley and returned to remove our dirty plates. “I am so sorry for this,”
“That is okay,” Both Herman and I said.
Once we were ready, Lilla fetched our main meal.
“I am sorry for the inconvenience. Can I get you anything to drink?” She really knew how to make it up for us.
“Can I have the French red wine, please?” Herman asked.
“Certainly. And how about you?”
“For me the Spanish wine, please,”


Herman’s roast lamb loin


My chicken teriyaki

Lilla returned with two wine glasses and a bottle of Spanish red wine.

After putting each of the glasses for us, she poured couple drops into mine and holding the bottle in my direction during my tasting. It was lovely, just like on our outbound flight. As I nodded, my glass got topped up.

Then it was Herman’s turn. You know what? I have never seen such satisfied face on his while tasting.
“You just have to smell this!” Herman held his glass under my nose.
“Oh my God!” I shouted as the lovely bouquet overwhelmed my senses. It has been a long time that I got the taste of such lovely wine. Fruity and smooth. Roy (Quokka), did you remember when I mentioned about the right wine choice of your mother?
I regretted my choice of the Spanish one but I could hardly switch. Roger (RogerBCN), please have no hard feeling about it!

How about our main meal itself?

My chicken was a bit dry, but made up by flavorful teriyaki sauce and fresh vegetables. Herman on the other hand could not fault his. A combination of lamb and thyme was a perfect start already. Along with a medley of well spiced vegetables and potato, no doubt he was really enjoying his.

While savoring our main meal, we were treated by a sight of snow-covered mountain chains.


Overflying Czech

Emerson cleared away our trays and proceeded to arrange dessert cutlery.


Dessert table setting

I was undecided. ‘How about leafing through the menu again?’

Dessert menu

As the dessert was mentioned on a separate page, it could mean one thing. Yes, the dessert trolley!


Dessert trolley

Somehow I liked the view from above.


Seasonal fresh fruit, yogurt raspberry terrines, blueberry crumble cakes, cinnamon cream sauce, raspberry coulis, international cheese selection

“What would you like to have, Sir?” Emerson asked Herman.
“Can I have yoghurt raspberry terrine, please?”
“Certainly. Do you want fresh fruit to go with it?”
“Yes, please,”
Emerson attended Herman first.


Herman’s yogurt raspberry terrine with a dash of raspberry coulis and slices of strawberry, orange, pineapple and kiwi

Then, it was my turn.
“How about you?”
“Can I have the blueberry one, please?”
“Sure. With fresh fruit as well?”
“Yes, please,”


My blueberry crumble cake with a dash of cinnamon cream sauce and strawberry slices

The cake was moist and crumbly as it should be . The sauce was not overly sweet and in fact emphasizing the fresh taste of the strawberry slices. I never thought that cinnamon would blend so well with strawberry!

At 16.35, the lunch feast came to an end. After the tables were cleared, everyone made himself comfortable for the little hour before arrival in AMS.

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Friends forever
User currently offlineakhmad From Netherlands, joined Sep 2005, 2533 posts, RR: 52
Reply 4, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 6 days 11 hours ago) and read 23610 times:

Landing (Dutch time)

Captain Slyper came on the microphone to announce our descent to AMS. At that time, A6-EBG was running twenty minutes behind STD from AMS.

I came across Lilla after my visit to the lavatory.
“How was your meal?” Lilla asked me.
“It was lovely. Thank you,”
“Did you get your rest?”
“Well, of course,”
“And how was the cocktail?”
“Lovely! I really enjoyed it,”
I really appreciated Lilla’s caring questions that I just had to express my gratitude with folded arms, “Dhanyavād!”
Fellows, you should have seen the look on her face.

As soon as I got seated, the fasten seat belt signs were illuminated. Hunky Sanjay made his appearance and collected remaining utensils from our cabin. I wished he had showed himself more often earlier, even only for a small talk.

Some five minutes later, another announcement was made, “As we are on our descent to Amsterdam, we kindly asked you to stow your in-flight entertainment screens and put your seat in the upright position. The temperature in Amsterdam is eight Centigrade with overcast weather. We hope you have enjoyed our flight today. Thank you for flying Emirates,”


Everyone at front J cabin prepared for landing

As A6-EBG was soon engulfed by thick cloud base, I somehow got mixed feelings, ‘We are coming closer to Amsterdam. Our roundtrip to India is about to finish,’

Captain Slyper made his last announcement, “Cabin crew, prepared for landing,”

The cloud was so dense that I could not see a thing through my window. Hence, I refocused on the main screen.

Before I knew, A6-EBG touched down at 14.20. Full brakes were applied.


Foggy Polderbaan

A farewell announcement was made as A6-EBG vacated Polderbaan for a fifteen minute trek to AMS terminal building.


Farewell on the main screen


Hoofdvaart, dedicated to Airpearl

Despite the fogs, I could capture some window scenery as A6-EBG got closer to Terminal 3.


KLM PH-BFC, I was on board of this beauty on 17th June 1991




Easyjet G-EZMH

A6-EBG came to a stop at 14.35. With the unbuckling sound of seatbelts, I could not help thinking, ‘Well, this is the end. Our roundtrip has come to an end. It is really time to say goodbye to my friends,’


There were only one air bridge deployed and connected to 2L. I did not mind at all as I could say goodbye personally to Emerson and Lilla. Ranjit and Emily were unfortunately not present.

Obrigado!” I shook Emerson’s hand.
De nada!” He smiled back.

Dhanyavād!” I did the folded arms to Lilla.
Dhanyavād to you too,” Lilla followed my example with a great smile. “We hope to see you again soon,”
I got somewhat emotional by this.

Friends forever
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Reply 5, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 6 days 11 hours ago) and read 23594 times:

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Once inside the air bridge, I just had to look back.


Good bye, my friends!

I was trying to cheer up by looking at my surroundings.


Surinam PZ-TCP


Corendon TC-TJH


Arkefly PH-TFB, dedicated to Eric (Airbuseric)

Somehow, I did not get that enthusiastic to walk through the dingy corridor out of G gate area.


Corridor overview

But the pedestrians at the end of the corridor cheered me up.


Colleagues of my friends

Further up, I just had to face this signage. Soon or later.


Down to Arrival

Believe it or not, we made it through the passport control to the baggage claim area some fifteen minutes after our disembarkation.

Belt screen

We followed the signage to belt 18. Well, what do you know? Our luggage was already there waiting for us.

What next? The custom! As I happened to be the one custom officials wish to speak to privately, I got myself mentally prepared and stuck close to Herman.

Well, guess what? Not a single official was waiting for me.

Before I knew, we were through to Schiphol Plaza! Allow me to share one last shot of an eye-catcher I have never seen previously before concluding my report.

Wooden shoe monument

Friends forever
User currently offlineakhmad From Netherlands, joined Sep 2005, 2533 posts, RR: 52
Reply 6, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 6 days 11 hours ago) and read 23586 times:



In loving memorial of Sandeep, I do not wish to judge on anything. Instead, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone of you who has been supportive and taken the time to post your valuable feedback.

First all to Sandeep. Even you are not with us anymore, I will always cherish our moments together on A.net. Thank you for being a friend.

Then to Ojas. Thank you so much for inspiring me and Herman to visit your home country and the very useful information to travel around.

Roni (ronerone), thank you for inaugurating me in the world of EK where so many people are more than happy to become my friends. Also my deepest gratitude for your mental support for writing this report after Sandeep passed away.

My special thanks to RvXKaz for being my support to finish this report and also for promoting my earlier report. I genuinely invite you to read his wonderful report: Africa Calling: Kenya Airways Vs Ethiopian BKK-HKG (by RvXKaz May 19 2011 in Trip Reports)

My great gratitude for my EK friends who made our roundtrip to India memorable.

In the lounge:
Bharat, Bhatnagar, Blossom, Cristina, Jordan, Mary Jane, Pravin and Rosario.

Captain Meadows,
Ahmed , Bashar, Deborah, Emerson, Emily, Laarnie, Liesel, Lilla, Matthew, Napassarath, Rafat, Ranjit, Sikharin and Yirina.

To my partner, Herman, for a lot of his photographic contributions.

To all my fellows for your well appreciated feedback to my previous reports:

Matthew (767747), 777way, Alex (Abrelosojos), adityashankar, Alexander (aerobus12), aflyingkiwi, Eric (Airbuseric), Kaz (airbusfanyyz), AirIndia, Nate (AirIndia77W), airpearl, Alan (amax1977), anshuk, AT, Mark (ba319-131), buck3y3nut, Burj, concordechild, Martijn (CrimsonNL), Omar (directorguy), Eaa3, Mark (eicvd), FirstAlways, fixfox, Markus (FLIEGER67), flightsimboy, Flying Belgian, P. (FlyingFinn76), gabrielchew, gr8circle, Hannah (infodesk), jayeshrulz, JL418, JOE777, Jonathon (jrfspa320), justbala, Leo (LFutia), Jonas (LH4116), lppr95, Marius (Luftfahrer), TEW (luv2fly), Johannes (luxair747SP), lychemsa, manny, marco, Pieter (MH017), Christian (MIASpotter), Mohit (mk777), n126dl, (Attaphon) nethkt, (Nicholas) NZ107, Philip (oa260), OP3000, Robert (parton87), PlaneHunter, Roy (Quokka), Reggie (RJtraveller), Roger (Rogerbcn), signol, Blaž (SloAir), Vivek (SpdBrdConcorde), Anosh (SR 103), Stiptica, Nils (Sultanils), Lars (The777Man), Tim (vandenheuvel), Vivek (vivekman2006).

And all others for reading my reports. Please feel free to visit my earlier installments:

Love At First Sight: An Emirates Story From AMS (by akhmad Mar 11 2011 in Trip Reports)
Incredible India: Dubai To Delhi And Beyond (by akhmad Apr 1 2011 in Trip Reports)
Along Rajasthan Back To Dubai (by akhmad Apr 30 2011 in Trip Reports)

Thank you for being a friend. Dhanyavād.



Friends forever
User currently offlineAflyingkiwi From New Zealand, joined Nov 2010, 519 posts, RR: 3
Reply 7, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 6 days 10 hours ago) and read 23295 times:

Hi Suryo,

Fantastic report with amazing pics as usual. Shame this series had to come to an end  

EK looks like they treated you very well, from the ground experience at DXB to disembarking at AMS. Meals as always looked very good and the crew/friends were absoulutely sublime.

Just one quick question, do EK have mood lighting on their 77W's?

Quoting akhmad (Thread starter):
I sadly learned that Sandeep (AI151) passed away on 20th May 2011.

Very very sad, let him RIP.

Quoting akhmad (Reply 1):
EK merchandises like shirts, bags, mugs, caps and aircraft models are available for sale. Alternatively, you can order them on-line.

Interesting, never knew they had one. Definitely handy for us a.netters.

Quoting akhmad (Reply 1):
Come along and find out the efforts of EK to stimulate your appetite. What do you think?

Amazing, so much food to choose from in the lounge.

Quoting akhmad (Reply 1):
Apparently, Y passengers were already boarding as premium passengers were requested to wait, just like Swiss%u2019s boarding procedure we experienced in Zurich two years ago.

Interesting, I think I would prefer to board first. Did you notice this on your other EK flights? (sorry my memory's pretty bad)

Quoting akhmad (Reply 3):
Breakfast menu

Interesting that they don't offer a hot breakfast but most people would probably fill themselves up in the lounge before the flight.

Quoting akhmad (Reply 4):
“How was your meal?” Lilla asked me.
“It was lovely. Thank you,”
“Did you get your rest?”
“Well, of course,”
“And how was the cocktail?”
“Lovely! I really enjoyed it,”


Once again, thanks for writing this series and looking forward to reading more trip reports from you  


User currently offlineakhmad From Netherlands, joined Sep 2005, 2533 posts, RR: 52
Reply 8, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 6 days 9 hours ago) and read 23126 times:

Hi aflyingkiwi,

I am so grateful with your reply. Thank you so much for taking your time to post your feedback.

Quoting Aflyingkiwi (Reply 7):
Fantastic report with amazing pics as usual.

It makes me happy to know that.

Quoting Aflyingkiwi (Reply 7):
Shame this series had to come to an end  

I wished it could have lasted longer as well.

Quoting Aflyingkiwi (Reply 7):
EK looks like they treated you very well, from the ground experience at DXB to disembarking at AMS. Meals as always looked very good and the crew/friends were absoulutely sublime.
EK was amazing. My friends have definitely made the difference.

Quoting Aflyingkiwi (Reply 7):
Just one quick question, do EK have mood lighting on their 77W's?

Is this the answer to your question?

Quoting Aflyingkiwi (Reply 7):
Very very sad, let him RIP.

The message really broke my heart.   

Quoting Aflyingkiwi (Reply 7):
Interesting, never knew they had one. Definitely handy for us a.netters.


Quoting Aflyingkiwi (Reply 7):
Amazing, so much food to choose from in the lounge.

Can you imagine that you could have it every day around the clock?

Quoting Aflyingkiwi (Reply 7):
Interesting, I think I would prefer to board first. Did you notice this on your other EK flights? (sorry my memory's pretty bad)
Quoting Aflyingkiwi (Reply 7):
Interesting that they don't offer a hot breakfast but most people would probably fill themselves up in the lounge before the flight.

I could have taken more food from the lounge. Well, that is for next time.

Quoting Aflyingkiwi (Reply 7):
Once again, thanks for writing this series and looking forward to reading more trip reports from you  

Thank you for your support. In the meantime, I am preparing for my exam. Wish me luck!


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Friends forever
User currently offlineMexicana757 From United States of America, joined Apr 2001, 3067 posts, RR: 15
Reply 9, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 6 days 9 hours ago) and read 23094 times:


Thanks for sharing your experience with EK. You have written one of the most detailed TRs I have read on here so far. Lots of great pictures. Great job, keep up the posting of your TRs.

Sorry to hear about your friend.  

Your TR has inspired me to get to writting my TR of my trip to BOS 5 weeks ago. I have been that lazy to put it together.    

[Edited 2011-06-03 15:35:10]

User currently offlineMHTripple7 From United States of America, joined Feb 2008, 1125 posts, RR: 8
Reply 10, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 6 days 7 hours ago) and read 22752 times:

An excellent TR about your flight with EK! I'd say that EK's service has become much more consistent than it was years ago, which is great. Very nice pictures as well.

Thank you for sharing!

User currently offlineRvXKaz From Singapore, joined Apr 2011, 195 posts, RR: 1
Reply 11, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 6 days 5 hours ago) and read 22452 times:

Dear My Friend,

Quoting akhmad (Reply 3):
“We proudly present you the languages spoken by our multinational crew members. Hindi, Sinhalese, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, English and Thai,”

Reading this, I had most anticipated another most wonderful EK experience from you.
And I found it.

Let me congratulate you on finishing your final installment of your fairy-tale journey of a land far-far away and it has really been spectacular from start to end.

Your final installment of your amazing EK journey is a testament that Emirates never fails to meet expectations. The genuine warmth of the friendly and most helpful EK crew from such diverse backgrounds like Brazilian, Austrian, Indian at your service can be seen from your affirmation and great photos! And you look so truely happy in your photos with them! They are most wonderful pictures indeed! The EK crew are definately excellent photographers  

Your words tell me how bittersweet the experience must be, to fly in the comforts in EK Business, after having had the most incredible experience through India, back to home sweet home. As I like to think, every journey is a destination in itself, and every portion of your installment has been a most stunning journey on its own. Thanks for bringing me along through your fascinating journeys through the wonderful and intricate details and most excellent photos! I'm most truely honoured to have seen EK and India through your eyes! From the start to the end, it was truely a love story: of falling in love with EK, of tying your heart strings with India, of deepening the EK affection (kudos to Yirina!) and finally, the celebration of love of friendship. What a breath-taking and enchanting experience!

I'm most glad that you did not let fatigue get to you and have always have a hindsight for noting the exquisite details. Most impressive indeed and you're the professional a.net Trip Reporter! Kudos to you for always conjuring interesting angles to your wonderful stories and making each EK journey an impressive masterpiece on its own. Before I've got my a.net account to comment, I could only read your TRs with admiration in silence but now, I wish to tell you they are truely amazing, as with your EK experiences and I'm sure I speak on behalf of many others who do not have an a.net account but are most impressed by your work.

I am so happy to hear that you've had a fairy-tale ending to your holiday with Emirates! It had been beautiful from start to finish, a happily ever after story indeed.   

I just want to let you know, as I started my holiday job a few weeks back and I haven't had time to read much TRs lately but definately, I had time for yours. After all, what that's what friends are for.  

*Holding a glass of French Red wine    offered by Lilla (Since I'm all the way in Asia, I've got to trouble you to work your brain cells alittle to imagine)*

A toast to you, Suryo!
To many wonderful travels, to celebrating life and to friendship!
Cheers to you, my friend.

Suryo, You're a dear friend indeed.


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User currently offlineQuokka From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 12, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 6 days 4 hours ago) and read 22381 times:

Hi Suryo,
What can I say? Your report is a very enjoyable read with so many different moods: expressions of disappointment; displays of humour; and examples of generosity. It is a very thoughtful touch to dedicate it to Sandeep and to your other friends on A.net.

Quoting akhmad (Reply 1):
Strangely, there was no gate assigned yet for Amsterdam.

First alarm bell - delay can be expected.

Quoting akhmad (Reply 1):
During our layover, the renovation work was still in progress.

These are now finished with a huge, circular floral display and a bronze of horses to reflect the Emir's passion for racing. They also appear to have swapped where the reception desk is to where the Skywrads desk used to be. The desk at the entrance that you used now seems to be where assisted passenger boardings are co-ordinated.

Quoting akhmad (Reply 1):
Hey, where did other passengers go?

Second alarm bell - especially when you then went down steps. Remote stand coming up.

Quoting akhmad (Reply 1):
Apparently, Y passengers were already boarding as premium passengers were requested to wait

Ah, you can't have the premium passengers travel on the same bus as the economy passengers.

Quoting akhmad (Reply 2):
Sighs and moans echoed as A6-EBG re-docked at 09.05. Nevertheless, nobody complained further.

It is frustrating when that happens, but it is good to see that the Captain kept you all informed of the delay and progress.

Quoting akhmad (Reply 3):
With Lilla and Ranjit, courtesy of Emerson

Nice to see Lilla get into the spirit in that photo.

Quoting akhmad (Reply 3):
Another great filled bread basket was presented.

Seeing the rye bread and all the other meals photos forced me to stop and go to make a sandwich!

Quoting akhmad (Reply 3):
Roy (Quokka), did you remember when I mentioned about the right wine choice of your mother?

Yes and we will keep it in mind for next time.

Quoting akhmad (Reply 5):
Allow me to share one last shot of an eye-catcher I have never seen previously before concluding my report.

It is nice to see the "Klompenmakerij" industry recognised.  

Thank you Suryo, once more for bringing a thoroughly enjoyable report.
Best wishes,
Roy, aka Quokka

User currently offlinePlaneHunter From Germany, joined Mar 2006, 7100 posts, RR: 75
Reply 13, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 22229 times:

Hi Suryo,

fantastic last part of your amazing series! I read it straight away after seeing it!

Quoting akhmad (Thread starter):
I did not pay much attention to the man until he said at one point, “…besides it is forbidden to take pictures,”
‘Forbidden? That is not a friendly comment of you!’

Oh, some people should just shut up!

Quoting akhmad (Thread starter):
A possibly fellow A.netter?

Hm...does the agent check one of these dangerous weapons also known as cameras???  

Quoting akhmad (Thread starter):
Oman Air B738, dedicated to PlaneHunter and… Sandeep (AI151)


Quoting akhmad (Thread starter):
T3 on the background. Can you spot five A380’s?

These tails are just huge...

Quoting akhmad (Thread starter):
Virgin G-VGOA

Very nice! Expect a report about the UAE and "Indian Princess" soon...

Quoting akhmad (Thread starter):
Richly filled bread basket was presented. I mean, very rich!

Very impressive!


Nothing's worse than flying the same reg twice!
User currently offlineFLIEGER67 From Germany, joined Sep 2003, 5243 posts, RR: 53
Reply 14, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 6 days 2 hours ago) and read 22077 times:

Hoi, Suryo,

now that´s what I call a nice start for the day.

Breakfast finished, a view to A.net and something new from you´re hand is online.
Well done and really nice pictures, also the aircraft examples form DXB, never been there myself during daylight.

Thats sounds like a perfect recommendable experience on EK, you know the ambassador thing,
you´re for sure the one to push EK.

Have a nice weekend,

User currently offlinemanny From United States of America, joined Sep 2006, 545 posts, RR: 0
Reply 15, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 6 days 2 hours ago) and read 22069 times:

It almost feels like i took the journey after reading this TR. Thanks for your efforts in writing this wonderful report. A 7 star report all the way.

And very classy dedicating it to your departed friend. RIP.

User currently offlineinitious From Singapore, joined Dec 2008, 1079 posts, RR: 6
Reply 16, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 6 days ago) and read 21874 times:

Hey Suryo,

I've been following your India trip report ever since you started on it. It is definitely one to look out for considering I just flown Emirates 2 months ago. Emirates seem to have a very solid product across their network even though the seats are not the best in the industry on some aircraft like the 77W you flew from DXB-AMS.

It's amazing to see that Emirates offers 2 meals for a 6h flight. I'd be glad as I do not want to be paying Business Class price and eating only bread and yoghurt on the plane.The crew handled the delay well and I don't mind being delayed with such attentive crew if I have nothing on at the destination. Besides that, the food in the lounge looks wonderful especially with the Arabic dishes. Reminds me of the daily breakfast I have at the Metropolitan Dubai.

I was deeply touched by how you dedicated the report to your fellow friends including our comrade Sandeep whom has sadly left us. I still find it hard to accept the fact but we shall have to get used to it someday. I'm sure he will be looking after us from up there.  
Quoting akhmad (Reply 4):
Thank you for being a friend.

Thanks for being a friend too, Suryo.   


One way I will fly around the world!
User currently offlineROGERBCN From Andorra, joined Sep 2006, 1211 posts, RR: 19
Reply 17, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 6 days ago) and read 21780 times:

Hola Suryo!

I was looking forward to reading the last part of your wonderful trip to India.

Obviously, it did not disappoint. The amount of detail and photos you put into it make it one of the best of yours... really great! Thank you for sharing it with us.

It is nice to see how kindly the crew of EK treated you on this trip back home. Definitely it had to be sad for you to leave the airplane and get into that dingy G concourse in AMS, what a shock.

Do not worry about wines, I am sure you did the right thing  

Although the seats are not the latest addition to those wonderful EK aircraft we have seen there, they look pretty comfortable, as I do not usually sleep on planes I think I could handle a trip like that, especially looking at the food they offered you on that hop.

Keep the good work and hope to read another one soon.


"At reise er at leve" H.C. Andersen (Travelling is Living)
User currently offlinelh4116 From Sweden, joined Aug 2007, 1737 posts, RR: 17
Reply 18, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 5 days 22 hours ago) and read 21521 times:

Hello Suryo!

What a fantastic report, truly an enjoyable read! Very detailed, well written and of course great pics!

With Emirates being such a large airline, with their premium offerings appearing "mass produced", they've received a lot of criticism regarding the fact that they've basically killed the "Botique feel" of premium air travel. An example of this is of course on the A380 where J and F pax are allowed to board from the lounge. In a sort of sense, I could might agree on Premium appearing to have lost its botique touch.

But after reading your report, my view on EK's premium offerings changed. Despite them transporting premium pax in huge quantities, it seems like there has not been any compromise on the crew's performance.

The food looked great! Also the fact that they offered two full meals on a relatively short flight as DXB-AMS. I'm guessing EK are the only airline to offer that?  

Thanks for sharing! 

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User currently offlineojas From United Arab Emirates, joined Mar 2008, 3162 posts, RR: 25
Reply 19, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 5 days 22 hours ago) and read 21498 times:

Excellent end to an amazing series, a fitting finale.

Quoting akhmad (Thread starter):
While writing this report, I sadly learned that Sandeep (AI151) passed away on 20th May 2011. It broke my heart that I would never have any chance to meet him who significantly co-influenced my decision to visit India

I was floored myself, when I heard this news.

Quoting akhmad (Thread starter):
Rest in peace, my friend


Quoting akhmad (Reply 2):
Our glasses of champagne were soon served with a smile.
“Nice shirt of yours,” Emerson remarked before returning to the galley.
I was gladly surprised, “Oh, thank you,”
Fellows, from that moment, I knew we would have another consecutively great flight with EK.

A nice start!

A middle seat in J on a B777 is something I don't look forward to. And a middle seat in J on a A330 is just unacceptable.

Quoting akhmad (Reply 3):
I proceeded to the Y cabin. It was packed. EK was visibly doing good business here.

Yup a second daily flight to AMS is coming your way by next summer.

Quoting akhmad (Reply 3):
Seasonal fresh fruit, yogurt raspberry terrines, blueberry crumble cakes, cinnamon cream sauce, raspberry coulis, international cheese selection

I just love it!!!

Quoting akhmad (Reply 6):
Then to Ojas. Thank you so much for inspiring me and Herman to visit your home country and the very useful information to travel around.

Let the second season of the series come with a trip to South India   

I must admit from various TRs, the low that EK's service saw in 2007 or so has been rectified and is on track to be there among the top airlines.

Thanks for sharing.

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User currently offlineCrimsonNL From Netherlands, joined Dec 2007, 2151 posts, RR: 26
Reply 20, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 5 days 20 hours ago) and read 21323 times:

Dear Suryo, thanks for sharing! Another well written report with great pictures of all the details. The pictures of the food left me mouth-watering! Great to see you flew on the PH-BFC as well, she's my favorite KLM bird.

Best regards,


Always comparing your flown types list with mine
User currently offline717Flyer From Finland, joined Jun 2011, 303 posts, RR: 6
Reply 21, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 5 days 20 hours ago) and read 21249 times:

Hello Suryo,
This is by the way my first post on Airliners.net...
and thank you for a truly amazing read. You keep me amazed with your detailed trip reports - I always feel like I were on that flight with you.
The service on Emirates looks very nice, I hope I will be able to travel with them sometime in the near future.

Also very nice way you dedicated this unique trip report. Thanks once again and may Sandeep rest in peace.


User currently offlinesignol From United Kingdom, joined Oct 2007, 3094 posts, RR: 7
Reply 22, posted (4 years 11 months 3 weeks 5 days 20 hours ago) and read 21213 times:

Hi Suryo,

Firstly my deepest sympathies and prayers to the family and friends of Sandeep.

And thank you for an impressive final part of your story! Again the perfect combination of photos and text, along with your good humour! You always seem to be lucky with the friendlyness of all the staff and crew you meet - though I'm sure your own good nature helps!


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As usual riveting right until the very end. It brought tears to my eyes, it was that touching. You are the best my friend.

You can cut the irony with a knife
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Beste Suryo,

Wat een echt mooi trip report! I was soooooooo happy to read it. If you come to think about it, the delay wasnt that long and you got to spend some extra time onboard the aircraft! I was also saddened to hear that AI151 had passed away. I loved your last trip report and the photos! I can't wait to read more from you!

Leo/ ORD

Leo/ORD -- Groetjes uit de VS! -- Heeft u laatst nog met KLM gevlogen?
25 Post contains images infodesk : Hi Suryo, You have brought tears to my eyes reading this. What a truly beautiful piece of writing. I'm sure Sandeep will be smiling down at you. Love
26 SXDFC : What a wonderful read, please keep em coming!
27 The777Man : Hi Suryo ! Another amazing report with amaizng pictures from you! Your attention to detail is amazing as well! EK looks good as alwyas both the lounge
28 Post contains images TBloemink : I'd like to fly EK from AMS some day nice report Trust me, she's even better on seat 46K
29 Post contains images akhmad : My dear fellows, Mexicana757, MHTripple7, RvXKaz, Roy, PH, Markus, manny, Daniel, Roger, Jonas, Ojas, Martijn, 717Flyer, signol, TEW, Leo, Hannah, Bob
30 CrimsonNL : Hi Suryo, I first flew her in the Summer of 01, and then again in 07, LAX-AMS and JFK-AMS respectively. She has some interesting history, being the f
31 Post contains images directorguy : Aww, thanks Suryo Glad to see you boarded the EK 77W using stairs-going almost under the belly of that a/c makes you truly realize how big it is. Awe
32 Post contains images OA260 : Hi Suryo, many thanks for this report and also your dedication to Sandeep. I was both shocked and sadened to hear of his passing. He will be missed b
33 sultanils : Hi Suryo, Thanks very much for this terrific piece of literature & pics once again. Your narrative style is so attractive, it just reads like a go
34 fixfox : Dear Suryo, Thanks for the great TR! I can acknowledge that you did not say a word to much about the EK service on this flight since I happened to occ
35 Post contains links and images akhmad : Hello Martijn, Omar, Philip, Nils, Aart, Thank you for dropping by and sharing your feedback. I am very happy to meet you here. @ Martijn: How nice to
36 LFutia : Vrienden voor het leven! Leo/ORD
37 Post contains images ronerone : Suryo, Again, you have outdone yourself with another top-notch report. Not a single element was left uncovered, whether by words or by some great pict
38 Post contains images SloAir : Hi Suryo, another very detailed report with some great photos. I am impressed with the effort from EK crew to make the flight enjoyable for passengers
39 SpdBrdConcorde : Tuan Suryo... A beautiful tribute to Sandeep...He is now enjoying the greatest first class as he look down on us.This report continues to be in the sa
40 LXM83 : Hi Suryo Thanks for your detailed report. I'm not really a buiness class flyer, I'm more into the smaller and more down to earth stuff... but your rep
41 Post contains images akhmad : My friends Leo, Roni, Blaž, Vivek, LXM83, Thank you for dropping by. Your supports mean a lot to me. @ Maatje Leo: Friends forever, Leo! @ SaaHib Ron
42 TR763 : Very nice trip report! With all the details I felt like travelling with you! Wow, time passed really fast... I spent like 2 hours reading, enjoying pi
43 vandenheuvel : Hi Suryo, I really like the last part of your trip report. It was one of your most extensive and detailed reports so far. EK seems to offer a great bu
44 Post contains images akhmad : Hi TR763, Tim, How nice to meet you here. Thank you for dropping by. @ Olá TR763: Muito obrigado! I feel honored that you spent your two hours readin
45 Post contains images Luftfahrer : Hi Suryo, How could I not? It has been a pleasure to follow along you and Herman throughout your trip! Many thanks for sharing the experience from you
46 Post contains images akhmad : Hello Marius, Thank you for dropping by. I am doing my best to make my report as enjoyable as possible. I am so glad you like it. It has been my pleas
47 Post contains links and images Burj : You know everyone has so many nice things to say...but I'm going to start with a complaint!!!! And yet NO PICTURE of said "hunky" Sanjay! Really?! Adm
48 Post contains images akhmad : Hi Burj, Oh, oh… Digging, digging… Burj, you will not believe it. We do not have any picture of Sanjay at all! How on earth could I not have taken
49 Post contains links and images flightsimboy : Another great read and a fantastic final instalment in the quadrilogy of your trip to India with EK!! As usual it came with the "Suryo-Akhmad only" to
50 Post contains images akhmad : Hi flightsimboy, I was looking forward to your reply. I was doing my best to write my reports. You really make me happy with your kind words. Thank yo
51 Post contains images airbuseric : Hi Suryo, finally I got the time to read this detailed report, a final leg of a great India holiday. I was interested about your flight to AMS, how EK
52 FlyingFinn76 : Hi Suryo, Wow, what a fantastic ending to your epic journey to the subcontinent! Tons of details, attitude, gorgeous photos and all kinds of random en
53 Post contains images akhmad : Hi Eric, P., Thank you for dropping by. Eric: For this reason, I was looking forward to your comment. Last time I flew J intercontinental with KL was
54 vieri : Another detailed series of TRs! Very entertaining indeed. It is a shame you ended up with the old J seats on both your AMS sectors. EK actually starte
55 Post contains images op3000 : Hi Suryo, Many thanks for such a complete TR and a well-done tribute. Quite sad to hear about your friend and our fellow a.net contributor. We're all
56 Post contains images parton87 : Hello Suryo! Thanks for the great report! Nice to see the final part of your India trip.! I have to say all parts have been a very enjoyable read! You
57 Post contains images akhmad : Hi Andy, OP3000, Robert, Thank you for dropping by. I am very happy with your comments. Andy: Thank you. It makes me happy to know that you enjoyed my
58 vieri : Yes the 777W is a beast of a machine, gotta love those GE90s on start-ups! I ve to remain myself how fortunate I have been to be able to fly on them o
59 Post contains images akhmad : Hi Andy, Nice to meet another fellow frequent EK traveler. Hey, how about the A380’s? The same for me plus non ER 300s! Agreed. The only thing is if
60 vieri : Thankfully they put them on the DXB-KUL route, so ve flown them quite a few occasions, still the Trents just doesnt make the same inspiring noise as
61 akhmad : Hi Andy, Nice to meet you again. Good to know. Thanks for the information. I should pay better attention to the different noise of the Trents and GE90
62 vieri : Love the GE90s on start-up! They send a loud and low vibration through the aircraft! Of course it is less noticable when you are seated up front in J
63 AirIndia : Akhmad, sorry to know about this. My prayers for his soul to rest in peace. Thanks for another gem. You raise the bar each time. Awaiting your next t
64 Post contains images akhmad : Hi again Andy, Namasté Guru, @ Andy: You make me eager to fly the 777’s again! @ Guru: Sandeep will always be in remembrance. Dhanyavād. I was doi
65 knightsofmalta : Hi Suryo Thanks for the detailed report. Looks like you had a whale of a time on EK. I think I must have been unlucky so far. I've had three flights o
66 abrelosojos : Suryo, Thanks again for a great report. This time it does take a backseat as I had just found out about Sandeep's passing away as well. May he be smil
67 akhmad : Hi William, Alex, How nice to meet you here. Thank you for dropping by. @ William: You are welcome. I am doing my best to share the joy with you. Ouch
68 Post contains images RvXKaz : Hi Suryo! I thought I reread your beautiful TR again before work today and I'd like very much to provide my feedback on your amazing journey! Wow, Wha
69 Post contains images MSS658 : Hey Wonderful trip reports (this is for the whole series). Tough I'm surprised you did not have the lie-flats on the 77W on the AMS-DXB-AMS segments.
70 Palmjet : Hi Suryo I really enjoyed this latest instalment of your EK flights. Wow. So much detail and what a great experience to generate such a lovely rapport
71 Post contains links and images akhmad : Hi again RvXKaz, Hi MSS658, Palmjet, @ My dear friend RvXKaz: I truly feel honored that you have taken your time to reread my report. Thank you so muc
72 Post contains images NZ107 : Hi Suryo, I can't believe it has taken me this long to get around to commenting! It's a shame that this series has to come to an end! But I'm sure the
73 Post contains images akhmad : Hi Nicholas, I was looking forward to your comment. Thank you so much for reading. I really appreciate it. I wished I could have told you more. We wil
74 NZ107 : Haha. I'm sure he'd say other things too like 'Fly Cathay Pacific!' or 'Fly Garuda!' That day will hopefully come! Cheers, Nicholas
75 Post contains images SR 103 : Suryo, an amazing piece of work to conclude your trip to India! Looks it was quite an amazing trip with an equally fantastic Emirates experience. It's
76 Post contains images jayeshrulz : Suryo!! Your my A.net Hero Now I'm enthralled by this trip report. Amazing! Next time you in India, do buzz Cheers from India! -J!
77 Post contains images akhmad : Hi again Nicholas, Namasté Anosh, J., How nice to meet you here. @ Nicholas: Haha, Roni has always been my inspiration! It would be great to read abo
78 amax1977 : Hi Suryo, Another amazing and wonderful TR from you! Thanks for sharing. I am deeply sorry about Sandeep. It was a heartbreaking news. My thoughts and
79 akhmad : Hi Alan, Thank you for dropping by. I am very happy to meet you here. You are welcome. I was doing my best to write my TR. May he rest in peace and li
80 knightsofmalta : Hi Suryo Thanks for the lovely report. So far I have to say I have only had bad experiences with EK. But reading your report I may perhaps give them a
81 akhmad : Hi William, Thanks a lot for dropping by. You are welcome. I am doing my best. Too bad about your previous experiences. Nevertheless, I encourage you
82 acws777 : FANTASTIC trip report. EK is an awesome airline. Sandeep has a very good friend.
83 Post contains images tk747 : Hi Suryo. I finally got around to reading your reports and each one is truly amazing . This one should be an advertisement for EK. I'm a bit shocked t
84 Post contains images mk777 : Hi suryo, I finally got to reading your TR...an amazing ending to a wonderful india trip and a pleasure to read. Also, this is a great tribute for san
85 Post contains images akhmad : Namasté acws777, tk747, Mohit, Thanks a lot for dropping by. @ acws777: Thank you. I am doing my best. Thanks to my friends who made our flights memo
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