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Europe IN A DAY On LX/SN ZRH-BRU-LIS Part 1  
User currently offlineamandeuce From Switzerland, joined May 2011, 13 posts, RR: 1
Posted (4 years 3 months 2 weeks 5 days 16 hours ago) and read 8200 times:

Hello A.netters!

Time form y 3rd trip report here on A.net. I had collected some 70‘000 miles over the past years and was now thinking about spending them for some free flights. I adore flying, so for those who think it makes no sense, for me it does make sense. I started looking for an ideal destination. It should be far away and be done in one day. Nice would have been a stop between. After some time, I found out Lisbon could be a perfect destination. SWISS flies direct to Lisbon, so I chose to fly via Brussels with LX/SN. My flight back would be via Munich with LH and LX. But that flight is going to be in part 2. Sunday, 15th of January would be my day. All four flights would have made 30‘000 miles, so I checked if there was a business class offer as well. For 45‘000 miles I could do the same in business. I didn’t hesitate a second, and the flights were booked. I had now the possibility to check out some lounges as well.

For those who know me a little better, I do video trip reports as well. If you prefer video reports, check it out:

I present to you part 1 now, what means the ZRH-BRU-LIS leg. First flight was LX 786 from Zurich to Brussels. Carrier was SWISS Intl. and our plane today was a Airbus A320, I later found out that it was an ex SWISS SUN plane, with the old charter seats in it. But that doesn’t mean they are less comfortable. Departure time was 7.20 in the morning! I wanted to check out new terminal B and the LX lounge, so I wanted to be at the airport at around 6.00. Well, after driving 1 hour from home I made it tot he airport on time. Tired but happy I arrived at the check-in counters, I tried to change my web check-in paper into the good old boarding passes, because I started to collect those.

Check out the early morning departures:
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

I then quickly walked towards terminal B, which opened its doors 1st of december 2011, this would be my first time inside it. I was curious how it would be, and they did a really nice job there. But have a look yourself:
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

This time in the morning, most of the airport shops were still closed or half opened:
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

For those of you who don’t know Zurich Airport that well, here is another pic from my favorite airport area. The airside center! You have a great overview on the apron and the parked planes. There is also a lounge&bar, which, if I’m not wrong, was rated „airport bar with the best view“. But I’m not sure about that.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

After walking around some 20 minutes at the airport, I decided to have a look into the LX lounge. It would be my second time inside that, in my opinion, good looking and comfortable lounge. I was greeted kindly at the lounge entry, they checked my boarding pass and than the lounge was all mine!
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

Yes, I miss the cube!
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

The really comfy armchairs. You feel like in your own living room, and at this time, the lounge was mostly empty.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

Plane leaves at 7.20!
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

Some lounge shots:
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

First of three breakfasts.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

Breakfast buffet
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

Worlds longest lounge bar:
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

After I spent about 40 minutes inside the lounge, I packed my stuff and walked towards gate A62. I passed the airside center again and made some apron pics.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

Arrived at A62:
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

And this was my plane taking me to BRU:
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

The old-style seats:
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

And this is what you get for pre-departure drink/snack in LX european business class. Nothing against that, but I prefer a glass of OJ or champagne.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

A random cabin shot. There weren’t a lot of pax, about 70% in the far back eco section and 7 pax in business today.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

Winter in Europe also means getting de-iced before flight. This caused a delay of about 30 mins, as each single plane had to be de-iced. I didn’t mind, since I did this flight for fun and hadn’t any time pressure etc.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

Here is some inflight information about our route etc.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

After de-iceing we headed towards RWY 28, you can see the take off in the video trip report.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

We took of at about 7.50, with a delay of 30 minutes. This allowed us to enjoy the awesome sunrise over switzerland.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

I made the right decision when I booked my seat online, I had such nice views on the right side. When I chose the seat I didn’t think about it, but was really happy when I saw I had chosen the right side!
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

Soon after take off a very kind FA came and served my second breakfast, which consisted of „gipfeli“, fruit, yoghurt etc. She furthermore asked what I would like to drink and I opted for OJ and tea!
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

After some minutes she came back with a basket full of bread and „gipfeli“ and asked for more, I didn’t refuse.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

I never had breakfast with such a nice view!
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

Toilet amenities:
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

Flight duration was about 1 hour, so after a quick cruise we started our descent.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

Landing could be seen as well on my video trip report. After landing we taxied to our parking position, we arrived between other star alliance carriers like SN/LH etc. and...vueling  http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/3614/dsc05902nw.jpg
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

This bird brought me from ZRH.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

So I was there in Brussels now, I’ve been here before once so I knew the airport a little bit. What I didn’t know was how the lounge was. My time in BRU was limited so I straight headed to the SN lounge, which was situated at the beginning of the pier.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

A disadvantage of the whole airline alliance thing is, that they put all their business passengers into one lounge, what really doesn’t work out during rush hour. Even at 9am the lounge was pretty full. And the Brussels airlines lounge isn’t that big! After looking around the lounge I found a seat in the back of the lounge at the window.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

A good thing about this lounge was the stunning view:
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

The very first plane, a B737-400, will take me to Lisbon. After having my third breakfast and some munchies, I left the crowded, not very impressive lounge again. It was a bit of a disappointment and the food options weren’t wide as well.
I then proceeded to my gate, where boarding already had started. When I checked in online, I saw that only row 1 was available for business class pax, I was afraid beeing the only in business class today.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

After boarding was completed, I found out that I really was the only one in business class! However, I tried to enjoy the most of it and I started to stretch my legs into that awesome legroom of row 1:
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

There were only male FA’s on board, something I’ve never seen before. They were really friendly and one was responsible for me(the business class passenger) and economy plus, about 10 pax. He asked me what he can get me for pre departure drink and I just ordered a glass of sparkling water. Better than LX’s bottle of water... I had a choice. Service seemed really nice on SN, they tried to pamper me even with small things, like what they did to my glass of water. They put sugar on the edge of the glass and a lemon, like on a cocktail. This was really nice! Small details make the good service.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

After pushback we taxied along some SN long haulers, like this A330. I found out that they only serve long haul flights to africa. But they gonna introduce a new service to NYC.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

The runways at BRU look pretty new, does anyone know how old that airport is?
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

The cabin of our B737. Right behind me started economy plus.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

A whole row for myself.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

Then the really friendly FA brought me my Brunch, it was half breakfast half lunch. It was some kind of veggie-cheese tart, fruit, bread and munchies. To drink I stayed with water and later ordered a coke.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

The airline magazine.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

Nice wingview:
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

After about 2 hours in flight I ordered a coffee and what a coffee it was. It really looked tasty and it was! It looks a bit strange on the pic but in real it looked delicious. Looked freshly brewed  http://img832.imageshack.us/img832/748/dsc06003dh.jpg
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

Here you can see that the plane must be old. Worn seats everywhere and I even got a scratch from my seat. I heard they are going to replace their B737 fleet with Airbus A320’s.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

After being airborn for about 2hours 40 minutes, we started our descent towards lisbon. It was a nice flight, however I somehow missed some entertainment. I saw that there were overhead TV’s installed but the crew somehow didn’t show anything on them, they stayed stored all the time. Was a bit of a disappointment but I had my inflight magazines to read and a stunning view.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

Landing could be seen as well on my video report:
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

We’re in portugal now.
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

Another nice gesture of the crew was during deboarding. When we waited for the air bridge to connect to our plane, the friendly FA stood between me and the other pax, so they couldn’t bother me. This is what I call nice service! I really appreciated it, because I had some time packing my stuff and it would have sucked if other pax ran over me... Nice done SN crew!
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

So here I am in Lisbon now, a last shot from my SN plane and off we go to part 2, which is coming soon!
By zrhflyer at 2012-02-10

Even tough the business seats(continental) on european carriers aren’t compareable to US carriers, I had two very nice flights. Both, LX and SN crews try to do their best to pamper their pax and make them feel comfortable. I was a bit disappointed of the SN Lounge in Brussels, which was crowded and small, without a wide food choice. Compared to their beer choice   The lounge view in BRU was awesome!
I ate enough during the flights, so the amount of food provided was good too. That veggie-cheese tart didn’t really appeal to me, so I just ate a bit and the potatos. SWISS breakfast was nice and very fresh. So what to say more, you saw the pics and you can imagine a bit what my experience was.

The return flight, LIS-MUC-ZRH, will be posted soon. But first I’m going on my next vacation, to California. I’m sure gonna take a lot of pics of that trip, it will be ZRH-LHR-LAX with BA 747 and AA 777.

I hope you had fun reading my report!

Here again the link to the video trip report:


So that’s it for now, enjoy your weekend!

Please don't hesitate to write a comment with tips, critics etc. Really appreciate it!


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User currently offlineTomskii From Belgium, joined May 2011, 467 posts, RR: 0
Reply 1, posted (4 years 3 months 2 weeks 5 days 15 hours ago) and read 8181 times:

Cheers for the awesome trip report.

Quoting amandeuce (Thread starter):
The runways at BRU look pretty new, does anyone know how old that airport is?

The airport itself is already quite old and was used by the military in WW 2, then it became a commercial airport. The glass terminal you were in is from 2001 if I'm right. The B terminal (white one) where most long haul arrives/departs is a few years older.

The runways themselves have been renovated a few years ago with a new layer of asphalt. I remember the airport always closed one runway and then renovated it while the other runways were fully in use. Resulted in some nice crosswind landings!

Quoting amandeuce (Thread starter):
Here you can see that the plane must be old. Worn seats everywhere and I even got a scratch from my seat. I heard they are going to replace their B737 fleet with Airbus A320’s.

The planes are ex-virgin express planes that were used by Sabena as well back in the days. First 10 rows had a large pitch as sabena sold bizz class on there. The other rows had a smaller pitch and I can tell you those are not comfortable to sit in. You basically have your legs almost pressed against the seat in front.

All 737's are indeed being phased-out gradually in combination with the RJ fleet. SN will become a mostly all Airbus airline in the coming years.

[Edited 2012-02-11 03:56:19]

[Edited 2012-02-11 03:56:59]

Nikon D90 + Nikkor f4.5-5.6 18-105mm + Tamron f4-5.6 70-300mm
User currently offlineMSS658 From Belgium, joined Oct 2010, 2474 posts, RR: 14
Reply 2, posted (4 years 3 months 2 weeks 4 days 13 hours ago) and read 7569 times:


Nice video/photo report! Seems like my hometown carrier impressed you. C-class does look good indeed!
Nice loungeview as well!


Next trip report: Well worn A330s and Hassle free MUC transfer
User currently offlinesignol From United Kingdom, joined Oct 2007, 3094 posts, RR: 7
Reply 3, posted (4 years 3 months 2 weeks 4 days 11 hours ago) and read 7509 times:

Hi amandeuce,

nice report. Sure is a good way to spend some mile, especially if they will expire soon! Good flights on LX and SN, you must have felt stuffed after all that food!

Did you get a chance to visit Lisbon city? Eagerly awaiting the answer, and return report!

Thanks again


Flights booked: NWI-AMS-JNB-DUR, JNB-AMS-NWI
User currently offlinereifel From Germany, joined Feb 2005, 1563 posts, RR: 1
Reply 4, posted (4 years 3 months 2 weeks 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 7342 times:

Thanks for sharing. Just came back from a weekend in LIS and enjoyed it a lot. found the airport to be very strange though... Such a layout, really narrow and long... However I really enjoyed the TAP lounge, it has no views, but I like the style and the food there was just delicious... looking forward to read the next part.

User currently offlineamandeuce From Switzerland, joined May 2011, 13 posts, RR: 1
Reply 5, posted (4 years 3 months 4 days 21 hours ago) and read 6628 times:

Quoting Tomskii (Reply 1):
Cheers for the awesome trip report.

Thanks a lot for the kind words and the information! Really appreciate it. Sorry for the late response, I'm currently on vacation  
Quoting signol (Reply 3):
Did you get a chance to visit Lisbon city? Eagerly awaiting the answer, and return report!

Sorry for the late response. And no, since I was only there for about 3 hours, I didn't get the chance to visit Lisbon city. Only been at the airport   Nothing special about that airport though. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Quoting reifel (Reply 4):
However I really enjoyed the TAP lounge

yaaahp, TAP lounge is quite nice, but it was really crowded when I visited her. One disappointing thing about a very nice lounge!

User currently offlinejwhite9185 From United Kingdom, joined May 2007, 1586 posts, RR: 4
Reply 6, posted (4 years 3 months 4 days 15 hours ago) and read 6529 times:

Like the video part, as well as the written!

Doing a similar thing in a few weeks actually - going from LGW to BRU via FRA and back from BRU to LHR, so i can try 3 different types on 2 airlines. And it actually worked out cheaper to do it that way too.

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