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Of LCCs & Lufthansas: SIN-CGK-SIN In VF Y & LH J  
User currently offlineairbusmango From Singapore, joined Apr 2012, 156 posts, RR: 0
Posted (3 years 8 months 1 week 3 days 20 hours ago) and read 17608 times:


Not long after our adventures in Hong Kong earlier in May 2012, it was time to get cracking for ideas on our next trip. The Japan and Hong Kong trips ravaged my entire stock of vacation leaves, which meant that I could only afford to go on weekend trips. We had a couple of Jetstar travel vouchers in our possession and made sure to use it during the booking. After much deliberation, the country we decided to travel to next is..

.. Indonesia!

To be more specific, we decided on Jakarta. This would be my second time to the capital city of Indonesia, having been there the first time back in 1997 where I flew on a KLM Boeing 747-400. We decided to fly one-way to CGK on Valuair, and give ourselves a treat by flying Lufthansa on the way back to SIN. What’s more interesting is that this would be my first time flying on an Airbus A340-300.

And then some time after booking the tickets in June, news broke out that Lufthansa was pulling the plug on the route we were flying on. Such a shame to see it go, really!



Changi International Airport (SIN/WSSS)
Carrier: Valuair
Flight: VF 205
Aircraft: Airbus Industrie A320-232 (9V-VLE)
Class: Economy Plus
Seat: 2A
Terminal: 1
Gate: D30
Estimated Departure: 2005hrs
Actual Departure: 1957hrs


Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK/WIII)
Terminal: 2D
Gate: D1
Estimated Arrival: 2055hrs
Actual Arrival: 2039hrs

The Jetstar counters are empty on this side

We’re next in line

The bustle of activity behind us

Checking-in was not a hassle at all as we only had carry-ons to deal with. After a short while, the counter girl issued us our boarding passes. We then walked over to the other side of the Terminal to meet up with one of Aaron’s colleagues from his conscript days. He was due to fly to LAX via HKG that same night on Cathay Pacific.

Cathay Pacific counters

Departures for that evening

As we had some time to burn, we decided to have a meal at KFC up at Level 2 of Terminal 1. I do have to admit that I really miss the old interiors of Terminal 1 before the revamp. Oh well..


Passport + Boarding Pass

After the quick bite, we headed over to the revamped Viewing Gallery. We bumped a familiar face in the local aviation enthusiast community, who was there with two of his friends for some evening spotting. Of course, we had spotting of our own to do too!

Qantas Airbus A330-203 VH-EBL “Whitsundays” – formerly in Oneworld livery

More parked planes

Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-342 B-HLK

The awful playground in the middle of the Viewing Gallery

We then went back down to the Departure Hall to change some Singapore Dollars to Indonesia Rupiahs at the RHB Bank counter. I obtained IDR 750000 from the exchange. Now if only IDR 750000 was of equal value to SGD 750000..

After bidding goodbye to Aaron’s friend and one of our close pal who came to see us off, we went through Immigration and emerged out to the other side. As expected, airside was bustling with activity at that hour.

Terminal 1, airside!

We got to our Gate pretty quick, as it was not that far away. There were a few people being screened by the security officers. Only one guy had his bag frisked, where the officers found a metal butter knife within the depths of the bag. Clearly, someone failed to pay attention to the displayed list of prohibited items out at the Departure Hall. Needless to say, the two of us got screened and sped past him.

Our plane – Valuair VF 205 Airbus A320-232 9V-VLE parked at D30

We proceeded to the jet bridge and into the inviting interiors of 9V-VLE. The friendly Filipino FA at the door greeted and directed us to our seats, which was really not far away as we sat at 2A and 2B.

B-HLK parked next to us

One of the FAs, appeared next to 9C and greeted us with a smile. He then notified that we had purchased the Value Bundle and was there to note down what would we like for the refreshments to be served later on. The friendly chap did not look like a Singaporean Chinese to me. True enough, I caught sight of his name tag – Kazuya. What a pleasant surprise! We later got to know that the First Officer is a Japanese as well.

Everyone had boarded and the doors soon close, followed by pushback. The flight was somewhat full, save for the empty seats at the entire of row 1. We then taxiied to the active runway for the evening. Fortunately, it was my favorite runway – 20C!


Don’t you just love the sound of those engines at takeoff? When the seatbelt signs went out, the cabin lights was turned back on and the FAs swung into action.

Seat back check.. pass!

Tray table check.. pass!

Seat pocket contents.. adequate!

Whoops, the model on the Jetstar magazine looks a little torn

Knee room

Feet room

Kazuya soon appeared once again with our requested beverages and left for the galley. He returned about three minutes later with our meal for the flight. He did so with a smile, which reminded me of the outstanding Shinkansen refreshments trolley crew back in Japan. I really love the fact that the Japanese people take hospitality really seriously and their ability to connect with the people they meet. Aaron struck up a conversation with Kazuya in Japanese, good knows what they were talking about!

You can’t go wrong with Root Beer

Beef Lasagna with drinks

Oh dear..

Aaron calls it the “Scoot problem” because apparently the heated meals on Scoot comes in the same packaging, where the plastic edges simply tear.

How now?

Exactly WHAT is that wrapping made of?

Even a fork didn’t manage to get it done

Persevere, and you shall be rewarded with Beef Lasagna

Sweetcorn Bun

Kazuya later returned with our second round of complimentary beverage.


Everyone had finished their meals and the FAs started their in-flight sales trolley run. While that was going on, a female FA was going round politely asking for any rubbish that we passengers would like to give up. Upon noticing her nametag, I found out that she is Japanese too. Now this flight seems like a Jetstar Japan one instead!

About ten or fifteen minutes later, descent started and the FAs went down the aisle for the last time to collect any remaining rubbish. They then prepared the cabin for landing at the Pilot’s direction over the PA.


We had quite a lengthy taxi as we landed at the other side of where we were supposed to be parking. However, I am more than happy to welcome this because we taxiied along the Western Cross, which reminds me of the Southern Cross back home at SIN. We eventually reached our Gate and halted to a stop. As usual, people sprang up when the seatbelt signs pinged off.

The doors soon opened and passengers began disembarking. We decided to let majority of the passengers go first before we did. Kazuya, unfortunately, was nowhere in sight so we couldn’t say thanks to him. The other Japanese FA, Ruika, was at the door with the Filipino FA and bade goodbye to the passengers. We decided that it is our turn to leave and did so. We both couldn’t help it, smiled to Ruika and said “ありがとうございます”. She replied “ありがとうございました!” and bowed with a smile. You really got to love the Japanese!

Goodbye, 9V-VLE!

Welcome to Jakarta!

After walking through the somewhat quiet and dimly lit terminal, we somehow ended up in the immigration counters for Indonesian citizens. One of the uniformed staff there motioned at us to go back where we came from and to the right. We found the correct immigration counters and began to queue up for our turn.

Now this is the part where it starts to get annoying. It was my turn and I headed over to one of the counters to get my passport processed. Miss Theresia was the officer tending to me. After stamping on one of my passport’s pages, she asked in a irritated tone “Immigration card?”. This caught me by surprise and I said that I didn’t have one. She then exclaimed “AHHH” loudly, threw my passport onto the countertop and rudely pointed to the right. Jeez woman, what is your problem?

Aaron then came over, saying that he too has been told to get an immigration card over at another counter to the left of where we were. We headed over to the concerned counter, only to find out that they did not have any immigration cards. The man at this counter then pointed to the another counter across the hall. It’s like playing treasure hunting, no?

We approached the counter across the hall, where seven or eight Airport staff were busy gossiping (I understood what they said) or fiddling with their phones and didn’t seem to notice that me and Aaron were standing in front of them. Thankfully, one finally noticed us and handed over two immigration forms. She even gave Aaron a pen as he didn’t have one to fill the form up with. Having completing that, we returned to the immigration counters and was finally granted access into Indonesia.

After going to the end of the hall and turning left into the baggage claim area, we noticed a man in a yellow jacket held up a sign that said “AARON THESEIRA”. This was really a pleasant surprise because we did not arrange with the hotel that we were staying at that we would like a pick-up service. We identified ourselves and apologized to the man that we got stuck at immigration. He laughed it off and said that he thought we weren’t coming. He led us out to where our transport was waiting.

Just outside of the Arrival Hall

The air was VERY hazy!

While walking over to the hotel’s minibus

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User currently offlineairbusmango From Singapore, joined Apr 2012, 156 posts, RR: 0
Reply 1, posted (3 years 8 months 1 week 3 days 14 hours ago) and read 16811 times:


The lobby of FM7 Resort Hotel in Tangerang.

Our room, really value for money.

Normally, hotels wants you to feedback or compliment. FM7 wants you to complain!

The next day, we decided to go to Senayan City for late lunch at MOS Café in Plaza Senayan. Before leaving Singapore, we were told by friends to take the Blue Bird taxis as they are the most reputable and reliable and so we did just that. The hotel concierge got us a taxi with a friendly driver. After going in, we plodded along the narrow street out to the main road while Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain” was playing through the taxi’s speakers.

It was quite an eye opening ride because of several things. Firstly, traffic was perpetually in a massive ja which the locals call it ‘macet’. Secondly, as we were driving past a certain area, our driver pointed out to a row of buildings along a river where he said that’s the area for whorehouses and vice activities. Thirdly, homeless kids (some seem disabled and malnourished) knocked on windows of cars at red light junctions to beg for money – I couldn’t bring myself to look at them as they knocked on ours. And yet, at the next traffic light, huge glitzy shopping malls with designer labels’ advertisements were in sight. It really made me realize the world of difference between the rich and the poor there.

Aaron had the MOS Burger

I had the Cream Doria

I had the Strawberry Waffle too

http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q564/airbusmango/Indonesia%20Trip%202012/IMG_8652.jpg http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q564/airbusmango/Indonesia%20Trip%202012/IMG_8653.jpg
The sun had begun to set

A community cat

Dusk along the highway back to our hotel

User currently offlineairbusmango From Singapore, joined Apr 2012, 156 posts, RR: 0
Reply 2, posted (3 years 8 months 1 week 3 days 14 hours ago) and read 16797 times:



The weekend getaway was coming to an end. We cashed in on the hotel’s free breakfast offer to get our stomach’s filled before heading to the Airport.

Pancakes with syrup and butter!

And Honey Stars!

After breakfast, we waited for about an hour or so until it was time to check-out. The polite counter staff thanked us for staying at FM7 Resort Hotel and said that the Airport Shuttle would arrive shortly. True enough, it did arrive about five minutes later. We got in and soon left the hotel compound as a Lion Air Boeing 737-900/ER flew above us as it came in for a landing at CGK.

Eye-opening sights just outside of the hotel. The difference..

Taking off helmets while in motion

At the rounadabout of CGK

Hedges in the shape of TERMINAL 3



Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK/WIII)
Carrier: Lufthansa
Flight: LH 791
Aircraft: Airbus Industrie A340-343X (D-AIFC “Gander/Halifax”)
Class: Business (Z)
Seat: 4A
Terminal: 2D
Gate: D5
Estimated Departure: 1905hrs
Actual Departure: 1903hrs


Changi International Airport (SIN/WSSS)
Terminal: 2
Gate: E5
Estimated Arrival: 2200hrs
Actual Arrival: 2144hrs

An unfortunate Bakso

The ‘landside’ of CGK

As we arrived CGK about three hours early, we started off the wait by having some lunch at Hoka-Hoka Bento just outside of the doors.

I had Bento Set #4.

Airlines serving Terminal 2

More ‘landside’ views

TEAM COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF! Malibu D’light with Whipped Cream~

As there was nothing left to do outside, we decided to go through security early and try our luck at checking-in. Things at CGK were quite interesting because when you enter the doors, you only have about three meters of general public space before you reach the secure check and scanning area. Obviously, you need to have your passport and boarding pass/e-Ticket with you before you can clear this stage, emerge to the other side where the check in counters are located.

We got through to the other side

Departures for that day

We approached the JAS Priority Check in counter to ask about our flight. The counter lady said that we can begin to check in for LH 791 from 1600hrs onwards. That’s fine with us, except that it means we have to wait around for two hours.


This contraption spins round and round, wrapping your luggage in cling film

Over at the MH counters

A huge crowd mushroomed


For First & Business passengers only!

Singapore Girl

SQ counter

Two hours whizzed past with animated conversations of our past travels, plans for upcoming travels in US and Japan as well as trawling my Facebook account for the latest news and such. We got up from our seats and headed over to the JAS Priority Check in at 1600hrs on the dot. After checking our passport and ticking our names on the list of Premium passengers for LH 791, the front desk waved us through.

Note the luggage tags

Private means of immigration checks.. without the notorious lines/queues!

The counter guy checked us in with a warm smile throughout the process. After confirming that we have no luggage to check in, he handed us our passports, boarding passes and an invitation card to the Premier First & Business Lounge. It was a new experience for me because it’s my first time flying Business Class. And hence the dedicated immigration was quite an eye-opener because we had no queues to deal with!

First views of the Lounge

Passport + Boarding Pass shot


Food & Beverage offerings of the Lounge

Seating areas

Fruits and natural yogurt complements each other!

We decided that we had rested enough in the Lounge, and opted to leave to go back to the duty free area for some last minute shopping for items. Earlier on, Aaron had scouted the area and found that the terminal was not that good for spotting.

Goodbye, Lounge!

Garuda’s A330 out there


As we were strolling through the Terminal, an announcement was made for passengers of LH 791 to proceed to the Gate for boarding. As I didn’t want history to repeat itself (missing my D7 flight KIX-SIN in February 2012), we decided to heed the announcer lady’s call and made for our Gate. Not before going through a second round of scanning of carry-ons.

After secondary checks, there were less people at this end of the Terminal

This way, please

When we got to the Gate, there were only a handful of passengers sitting around. Apparently, boarding has yet to start. Nevertheless, it does not hurt to be early, yes? More waiting ensued.

Our plane – Airbus A340-343X D-AIFC “Gander/Halifax”

Its Boeing neighbor from Malaysia

After about 20 minutes of waiting, staff opened the glass doors leading to the jet bridge. An announcement was made, calling for First and Business Class passengers to board first. That’s us!

We walked down the jet bridge where it branched off into two. We were directed to the left, where we boarded through Door L1. A friendly female FA stood at the door to welcome us with a “Guten Abend!”, followed by the Purser some distance away. We walked past the First Class section and the seats were WOW!

Our seats – 4A & 4C

It was a nice experience to start off as our section of Business Class was located in the ‘mini cabin’, behind the First Class section and in front of Door L2. As a result, it had that private and intimate feeling as it consisted only of Rows 3 and 4.

The IFE screen right in front of us

After we settled into our seats, one of the FAs emerged from the galley with a tray of beverages. She went from passenger to passenger asking what would we like for our pre-departure beverage. As always, I picked Orange Juice. You can NEVER go wrong with good ol’ OJ!

The OJs in question

Our mini cabin

Beside us, a Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-343X TC-JNH “Topkapi” also flying to SIN that night

As it was going to be a relatively short flight, I decided to do my usual ‘seat checks’ while we were still parked in order to maximize my time in the air later on.

The pop-out and swing-out tray table

Magazines and such

Leg room was huge by my standards!

The hairdryers

The doors closed and the plane began its pushback phase promptly after that. The safety video began to play on the IFE screens when the plane began to taxi. The German annoucements was made first, followed by a repeat in English. I find it really interesting that the video was started with a whole bunch of FAs greeting in a different language each.

It was quite a busy night out there as we had to wait twice for about four planes to either take off or land. After that was done, it was our turn to turn on the runway. Time to finally experience the power of the hairdryers!



True enough to its reputation; D-AIFC took quite a long time to climb into the inky black sky. After quite some time, the seatbelt sign was finally extinguished. Time for the lavatory visit!

Toilet shots

On the way back, I passed by the Galley behind our mini cabin. The lovely Lufthansa ladies were busy preparing the meal run, something sure smells good!

The armrests contained the concealed tray table and this.. the seat controls handset

Flight map

The curly-haired FA came around and laid down the white table cloth for us, before leaving and coming back again with our meals. I was the first one in the mini cabin to receive my meal as I had requested a MOML. “Did you request for a special meal?” she asked with a smile before asking me to be careful as the dish is hot. Later on, she and another FA tending the other side gave out the meals to the other passengers. Not long after that, she returned with a basket full of bread rolls, asking which would would we like to have.

MOML with the aluminium foil on

With swiftness, the FAs returned with the beverage trolley, asking what we would like. I asked for Apple Juice this time. You really really can make no mistake with Orange, Apple Juice or both!

MOML with the aluminium foil off!


Main Course.. curry again!

MOML Dessert

I chose this Bread Roll

Apple Juice


Finally, I get to use metal cutlery once again on planes!

As expected, the MOML was something involving curry. To be frank, it tasted quite good. The fish was tender and the curry was flavorful without being too spicy. I’d say it could give the curry I had onboard SQ 856 SIN-HKG a run for its money!

Aaron did not want his dessert, so he gave it to me!

As it was a short flight, I felt a sudden rush to finish up my food quickly. If there was any regret to be had, this would be it because I felt that I did not have enough time to fully soak in the Business Class seat experience onboard D-AIFC! However, the FAs made several beverage runs to ensure that everybody was ‘well-watered’.

Not long after I had finished my meal, it was announced that the plane was about to start its descent towards SIN. That definitely did not sound good to me because it meant that this wonderful flight was going to end really soon. As it was pitch black outside the window, I did not bother taking any photographs.

Initially, I thought that we would be landing in from the South. It was to my pleasant surprise that the plane made turns and it became clear that we would be coming in from the North. That would possibly mean we would be landing on 20C. And surprise surprise.. we really did! As we neared Singapore, tiny lights from below appeared as we drifted lower and lower.


Clearly, there was some sort of a streak going on. That is to say, a lengthy taxi streak! Like the outbound flight, we taxiied to the South Cross and crossed over to the other side where Terminal 2 was located.

Scoot Boeing 777-212/ER 9V-OTA “Barry”

We taxiied past Barry and joined a company A380 at the Gates. The engines began to quieten down as we parked at Gate E5.

Waiting for the jet bridge to make contact


Like before, we waited for most of the passengers to leave the plane first before we did. The reason was because we’d like to take a few photographs of this significant flight before we step off of it.

Our mini cabin

Our mini cabin again

This golden bird (shoo, SQ!) at the wall makes the cabin look really classy

Again on the wall, a reminder of where we were for the flight

After getting our fill, it was finally time to make our way out. As we passed by the First Class, I couldn't help but to let out a “WOW!”. There was an FA standing near us, she heard my exclamation and smiled at me. There was another FA standing at the door to bid goodbye to us passengers.

And then it was finally back to Singapore.

Terminal 2 has never impressed me

We decided to hang around the airside for a while. Time for the last few shots before we pass through immigration!


Two Germans guarding an Indian Airline

Thank goodness for the automated clearance. But come to think of it, not that it was any faster because there were hardly any queues at the normal immigration counters.

The luggage collection carousels

Indeed we have landed


It is really an awesome experience to be flying with a new Airline. This time, it was Lufthansa. What made the flight doubly special was the fact that it was my first time flying on an Airbus A340, and also the first and last time I’ll ever fly Lufthansa for the CGK-SIN route before they axe it within the upcoming weeks. Sure the price tag for LH Business Class CGK-SIN was in the USD300+ range but I really did not mind. The crew on both VF and LH flights were really friendly and made passengers feel at ease throughout the entire time. My only regret is that there just wasn’t enough time to fully immerse in the seat experience Lufthansa Business Class had to offer. Now if only my ticket that night was CGK-SIN-MUC instead..



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User currently offlineMSS658 From Belgium, joined Oct 2010, 2474 posts, RR: 14
Reply 3, posted (3 years 8 months 1 week 3 days 4 hours ago) and read 16252 times:


Interesting report, Thanks for sharing!
Great to see you got to fly on a long-haul J product on a short haul flight!
LH seems to give good service on that flight!
The mini-cabin looks a bit cramped on the other side


Next trip report: Well worn A330s and Hassle free MUC transfer
User currently offlinedirktraveller From Singapore, joined Jan 2011, 704 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (3 years 8 months 1 week 2 days 23 hours ago) and read 15908 times:

Hello Hafiz

Nice trip report on both VF and LH! Thanks for sharing  
Seems you really enjoyed LH Business experience. The LH service was wonderful indeed.
Sadly they had to stop flying to CGK soon, I will really missed them on the short SIN-CGK-SIN route.

Quoting airbusmango (Thread starter):
I picked Orange Juice. You can NEVER go wrong with good ol’ OJ!

Agreed, OJ is always my choice of welcome drink.

Quoting airbusmango (Thread starter):
Thank goodness for the automated clearance. But come to think of it, not that it was any faster because there were hardly any queues at the normal immigration counters.

This is one of many reasons why I love Changi Airport, their immigration services always been so efficient, puts some other developed countries' airport immigration services to shame.

Quoting airbusmango (Thread starter):
My only regret is that there just wasn’t enough time to fully immerse in the seat experience Lufthansa Business Class had to offer. Now if only my ticket that night was CGK-SIN-MUC instead..

Well apparently I shared the same feeling as you everytime I flew LH J on this route.  

Hopefully you enjoyed your time in Jakarta over the weekends.
Will be looking forward for your next trip report.


User currently offlinePlaneHunter From Germany, joined Mar 2006, 7100 posts, RR: 75
Reply 5, posted (3 years 8 months 1 week 2 days 18 hours ago) and read 15517 times:

Hi Hafiz,

nice report, good to see you enjoyed your LH J Class experience. The meal looks okay, but I have seen bigger and better presented Y Class meals.

Quoting airbusmango (Thread starter):
You can’t go wrong with Root Beer

Well, I cannot agree...  

Quoting airbusmango (Thread starter):
Even a fork didn’t manage to get it done


Quoting airbusmango (Thread starter):
Persevere, and you shall be rewarded with Beef Lasagna

Well, that doesn't look tasty at all...

Quoting airbusmango (Thread starter):
Our plane – Airbus A340-343X D-AIFC “Gander/Halifax”

Good one!


Nothing's worse than flying the same reg twice!
User currently offlineairbusmango From Singapore, joined Apr 2012, 156 posts, RR: 0
Reply 6, posted (3 years 8 months 1 week 2 days 10 hours ago) and read 15376 times:

Quoting MSS658 (Reply 3):
Interesting report, Thanks for sharing!
Great to see you got to fly on a long-haul J product on a short haul flight!
LH seems to give good service on that flight!
The mini-cabin looks a bit cramped on the other side

Hi Marc! Yes, I did enjoy the LH service. I would so love to fly with them again some day! Although I have to say that the 2-2-2 seating makes the A343 cabin look small.. but we know that it isn't!

Quoting dirktraveller (Reply 4):
Nice trip report on both VF and LH! Thanks for sharing
Seems you really enjoyed LH Business experience. The LH service was wonderful indeed.
Sadly they had to stop flying to CGK soon, I will really missed them on the short SIN-CGK-SIN route.

And thank you for reading! If they kept this route, I would gladly fly LH 790/791 again from time to time. It's a shame to see it go!

Quoting dirktraveller (Reply 4):
This is one of many reasons why I love Changi Airport, their immigration services always been so efficient, puts some other developed countries' airport immigration services to shame.

Haha! And to think some friends of mine have warned me before going to JFK and LHR where their immigration sections are concerned!

Quoting PlaneHunter (Reply 5):
nice report, good to see you enjoyed your LH J Class experience. The meal looks okay, but I have seen bigger and better presented Y Class meals.

Hi PH! This I have to agree as I prefer the meal presentation (MOML) from back when I flew SQ 856 SIN-HKG in Y. In addition, both dishes were curries and I prefer SQ's.

Quoting PlaneHunter (Reply 5):
Well, that doesn't look tasty at all...

I know it looks like a pile of mush, but it tastes better than it looks!

Quoting PlaneHunter (Reply 5):
Good one!

I was kind of hoping for D-AIGU though.


User currently offlinewin1290 From Thailand, joined Jan 2012, 280 posts, RR: 2
Reply 7, posted (3 years 8 months 6 days 18 hours ago) and read 14799 times:

Hi Hafiz,

Very nice trip report with great pictures! a very nice read, thanks.

The priority check-in in Jakarta looks very nice. I am quite impressed by the lounge. Looks like they have quite a lot of hot food offering. Was there a separated Business and FIrst zones?

I think its always a treat to get a long haul products on a short regional flight, especially in J. The main dish looks quite tasty.



User currently offlineabrelosojos From Venezuela, joined May 2005, 5156 posts, RR: 54
Reply 8, posted (3 years 8 months 5 days 18 hours ago) and read 14553 times:

Awesome report. Thanks for sharing. It seems you had a great experience on both LH and JQ. JQ Japanese crew are the highlight and I LOVE them  . Your meal on LH is better than most general LH JCL meals and I am very tempted to try doing a MOML in my future flight and seeing what ends up.

I am glad you got to enjoy this iconic 5FR (TM) before it expires ...


Live, and let live.
User currently offlinePlaneHunter From Germany, joined Mar 2006, 7100 posts, RR: 75
Reply 9, posted (3 years 8 months 5 days 18 hours ago) and read 14531 times:

Quoting airbusmango (Reply 6):
I was kind of hoping for D-AIGU though.

What's so special about this one?


Nothing's worse than flying the same reg twice!
User currently offlineairbusmango From Singapore, joined Apr 2012, 156 posts, RR: 0
Reply 10, posted (3 years 8 months 5 days 12 hours ago) and read 14410 times:

Quoting win1290 (Reply 7):
The priority check-in in Jakarta looks very nice. I am quite impressed by the lounge. Looks like they have quite a lot of hot food offering. Was there a separated Business and FIrst zones?

From my observation, the only instance of separation between Business and First was at the point of checking in. After that, it converges to the same sole immigration counter. And onwards to Premier First & Business Lounge.

Quoting win1290 (Reply 7):
I think its always a treat to get a long haul products on a short regional flight, especially in J. The main dish looks quite tasty.

Haha by now it would be quite a treat I don't get some sort of curry dish for MOML. Yes, the fish curry on LH 791 was nicer than most of the MOMLs I had so far.

Quoting abrelosojos (Reply 8):
Awesome report. Thanks for sharing. It seems you had a great experience on both LH and JQ. JQ Japanese crew are the highlight and I LOVE them.

More like VF with Japanese crew! It's not just on VF, but I love almost all of the Japanese crew that I've encountered on NH and D7 as well. They are such lovely and happy people to meet onboard. The only one that stuck out like a sore thumb was on SQ 619 KIX-SIN.

Quoting abrelosojos (Reply 8):
Your meal on LH is better than most general LH JCL meals and I am very tempted to try doing a MOML in my future flight and seeing what ends up.

CURRIES! Maybe you would strike it lucky and get mashed potatoes like I got on SQ 856 SIN-HKG  
Quoting abrelosojos (Reply 8):
I am glad you got to enjoy this iconic 5FR (TM) before it expires ...

But it's a shame to see it go too. I would so do it again if it did not expire!

Quoting PlaneHunter (Reply 9):
What's so special about this one?

Because I was acquiring a 1:400 scale model of D-AIGU that week  


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