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Frankfurt - Singapore - HKG - DPS RT On SQ (long)  
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Posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 2 days ago) and read 9296 times:

Hello all,

Here’s a rather long trip report of my journey to Asia this August. All flights were on Singapore Airlines in economy class. If you don’t want to read all of it you can also just pick out a flight from the list here. I also included some pictures that I took on my trip and got accepted here. So you also may wanna look at the pictures to get a better idea.

(1) FRA – SIN
(2) SIN – HKG
(3) HKG – SIN
(4) SIN – DPS
(5) DPS – SIN
(6) SIN – FRA

August 2nd 2002
Frankfurt – Singapore
Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 325
Boeing 747-400 9V-SMK
20.45 h – 14.45 h+1

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Photo © D. Guentner
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Photo © D. Guentner

Finally it was the day of my long awaited first Singapore Airlines experience. Having heard a lot of good things about them I was really looking forward to flying on them. I arrived at Frankfurt airport by train at around 16.45 h in the afternoon and went to the SIA check in counters. A few people were already checking in. After maybe two minutes I was allowed to check in at the first class counter. Got seat 50A as I had requested a window seat.

Afterwards I went to the observation deck on top of Terminal 1 (T2 is still closed as I was told) and did some spotting.

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Photo © D. Guentner
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Photo © D. Guentner

The weather was very nice and shortly before 19.00 h the SIA B747-400 (9V-SMK) arrived on runway 25L and taxied to the gate. It’s a cool feeling to see such a large bird arrive and know that you’ll be travelling on it in a short while. Took a few pictures of it and then went through passport control to the gate where the beautiful MEGATOP was already waiting for it’s return flight to S’pore.
The gate area was pretty full which was no surprise as the flight was fully booked in coach. Not sure about First and Raffles, though.

Soon boarding started by rows which means that First and Raffles passengers as well as families travelling with young children boarded first and then by seatrows from the back of the aircraft. Was greeted by a friendly flight attendant. The cabin looked very nice and I was looking forward to the flight.

Push back was at ~21.00 h and we taxied to runway 18. While taxiing the fa’s handed out headsets and hot towles. Then the safety video was shown. As soon as we reached runway 18 the pilots applied full power and at 21.14 h the 744 was chasing down the runway. It was an extremely long departure roll (heavy load) before we climbed out of Frankfurt airport to the south. The climb was very slow as we were a real heavy jet that day. It was already getting dark by now.
A few left turns towards the Czech Republic followed and we were enroute to Singapore. Amenity kits were handed out by the crew (who looked great in the beautiful dresses !) and soon a first round of drinks and nuts was served. They also handed out the menues.
Unfortunately the 747s don’t have cupholders so that you have to have your table down but other than that it felt very comfortable.

Then Krisworld started and I tried some of the games and looked what else it had to offer. A whole lot of Nintendo games are available and most of the time I played the Tennis or soccer game. Mr. Bean was also very enjoyable and of course the good old airshow as the most important tool.

Then our dinner was served. It consisted of the following.

Pasta salad
Baked chicken breast with herb gravy and vegetables + potatoes
Fish fillet in Thai yellow curry with rice and vegetables

Cheese and crackers
Ice cream
Roll and butter
Coffee – tea

I chose the chicken breast which was pretty good. Best part was the strawberry ice cream. We also got real knifes on this flight.
Cabin lights were dimmed afterwards and they asked us to put down the window shades. As I hardly slept throughout the flight I was playing some games on the PTV or watched the airshow and read their inflight magazine.
About 6 hours into the flight the sun started to rise. That was somewhere over Pakistan. Unfortunately the window shades had to be down very long and so it was acctually impossible to read or do some crosswords …
So to all the PTV haters, that is why a PTV is absolutely necessary today !

Cruising speed averaged around 950 km/h and we were flying at 10100m – 11300m.
Speed was different all the time though as the winds changed from a headwind of 60 km/h to a tailwind of 80 km/h.

Our routing took us from Frankfurt over the Czech Republic, the Black sea, Samsun in Turkey, south of Teheran, Karachi, Ahmadabad, Nagpur, Gulf of Bengal, Phuket and Penang to Singapore Changi airport.

Over Karachi it was all cloudy so I couldn’t see the city below. From there it was “only” 5000 more kilometers to go.
During the flight the seatbelt signs came on a couple of times due to turbulences. Nothing bad (that’s to come later).

The cabin service was outstanding and by far the best I’ve ever had. During night the fa’s came around offering water and juice as well as snacks. As I was sitting close to the galley and also got myself some more ice cream.
A cockpit visit was denied as their policy has changed since September 11th.

As a sidenote for those who are interested : I went to the bathroom over the following places. Black sea, Iran, India, Gulf of Bengal  Big thumbs up  Big thumbs up

Two hours out of Changi lunch was served. By this time I was already pretty worn out and it was time for me to get to Changi asap.

Fruit appetiser
Braised egg noodles with bbq pork
Crepe with scambled egg on salad of peas, tomato and potatoes
Breakfast rolls – butter
Coffee – tea

The egg noodles were really good. Didn’t see too much here as there were so many clouds in the area and also S’pore was all cloudy. Quite often you are flying in the clouds although you are cruising at 11300m !
As a flight attendant had asked me to fill out a form on how I was satisfied with the service provided I did so and gave them very good comments and to keep up the good work.

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Photo © D. Guentner
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Photo © D. Guentner

We started our approach from the north east and finally landed at 15.07 h on runway 20R. Behind us a KLM 747-400 was coming in. Taxied to the gate, said goodbyes to the great crew and went into the city after immigration and baggage claim. Singapore is really a very nice and clean city !

August 6th 2002
Singapore – Hong Kong
Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 862
Boeing 777-200 9V-SQB
11.00 h – 14.45 h

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Photo © D. Guentner
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Photo © Bailey

Check in a Changi was quick and I got a window seat again. Row 43, seat A. I wandered a bit around the airport and took some pictures of airplanes I saw. Spotting is rather good there as they have some large windows inside the terminal. And the airport is soo nice. All carpet everywhere and very frienldy looking.
I was looking for the observation deck but couldn’t find it and as I lacked time I didn’t go all the way to Terminal 1 for that matter.
Then proceeded to gate F56 and to my surprise saw a B777 ! I actually expected a 744 but was very pleased to ride on the 777. Again we boarded by rows and I settled into my seat. SIA’s 777s are a whole lot better than their 744s.
The cabin was spottless and looks really good. An impressive legroom was offered and there were also cupholders ! The flight attendants distributed hot towels and the menues.

We taxied to runway 20L and took off at 11.10 h. Again there were a lot of clouds in the S’pore area. The take-off aboard a 777 is just amazing. It really goes up like a rocket.
Soon we reached our cruising altitude of 12192 m which seemed very, very high to me !
Most of the flight it was overcast and we were flying through clouds or were shaken by turbulences at times. As there were strong headwinds of up to 100 km/h our cruising speed was only about 830 km/h.

For lunch you could choose from an international meal (Roasted chicken with vegetables and mashed potatoes along with smoked fish as appetiser) or the oriental selection (Turkey as appetiser and Braised fish with oyster sauce, rice and vegetables). Moevenpick icecream came along with both choices. Here we only got plastic knifes.

During the flight I played some games on my PTV again, took pictures and just enjoyed the great legroom and service from the Singapore flight attendants.
Since row 43 was the last row in the compartment nobody was sitting behind us which made it feel even more spacious.

We flew over Tioman and then straight over the Chinese sea into Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok. On approach to HKG I got an occassional glance over the skyscrapers but then again it was rather cloudy.
The pilot informed us that we would be in HKG on time but had a long taxi to our gate position. At 14.46 our 777 touched down on Lantau Island (HKG). Here we were in the heart of Cathay Pacific’s home. I saw many CX 330s as well as all kinds of other Cathay aircrafts, JL 744, KE 744, LX Asia MD11, … .

This flight was really, really cool and I honestly think it was the best flight I have ever had so far. The 777 is much better than the 747.
When we drove to the city I saw the CO B777 “Peter Max” arrive at about 16.10 h.

August 9th 2002
Hong Kong – Singapore
Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 857
Boeing 747-400 9V-SMF
10.30 h – 14.05 h

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Photo © D. Guentner
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Photo © D. Guentner

After a few interesting but sometimes rainy days (it was hot, though) in Hong Kong it was time to head to Chek Lap Kok airport again.
Check in was quick again and I got myself a breakfast burger from McDonald’s. In the city McD is very cheap but at the airport they charge you a lot more.

At Gate 24 our 747-400 was waiting for us. Too bad it was raining very hard that morning. I think you can take great pictures at HKG from inside the terminal but as they were all wet with raindrops I could really take any that are of average or good quality. I even saw a Vietnam Airlines A320 there.
The gate area is very nice and not too many passengers were there.

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Photo © D. Guentner

Boarding started and soon the 747 was ready to go. I was even lead to my seat by a flight attendant. Next to us a Continental B777 which was to operate a flight to Newark was parked and I saw the captain doing the outside check in the pouring rain.

My initial seat was 57K but I changed to 64A, the last window row of the aircraft where only 2 seats are next to each other. Many middle seats where empty in the cabin and also this one next to mine stayed emty. Had a good view from there. I fI had to guess I’d say there were not more than 220 passengers on board.

There was a large variety of aircrafts and airlines parked at CLK. Two United 747s were parked next to each other and an Air Canada A340 was also getting ready for a flight back home.
Hot towels and the menues were handed out. We then had a long taxi to runway 25Land took off at 10.45 h. The 747 climbed slowely into the Hong Kong skys where some turbulences awaited us.
For lunch there was the international selection (Sauteed seafood in garlic sauce with potatoes and smoked chicken salad) or the oriental selection (Stir fried pork with rice and vegetables + prawn and mango salad). Again plastic knifes I think.
Afterwards we had some icecream again. This is a very nice touch. I really enjoy eating icecream in the air.

Our cruising altitude was 12200 m at a speed of 960 km/h. Cockpit visit even after landing was again denied. This time we flew along the coast of Vietnam and it was interesting to see the landscape below. Also some small islands with all white beaches and greenish water were in sight.
The flight attendants were very nice and I chated a bit with one of them. I also got some SIA playing cards which is cool.

Came in over the island of Tioman and flew along the coastline of Malaysia.
We landed at Changi airport at about 13.45 h on Singapores National day. Since I had a connection the same day I walked around Changi again and took some pictures. Also grabbed a burger at A&W @ T2.
Then I saw a “Antonov design bureau” Antonov aircraft speeding by. Never heard of that before but it was kinda cool to see such a bird.

August 9th 2002
Singapore - Denpasar
Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 148
Boeing 777-200 9V-SVE
16.40 h – 19.10 h

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Photo © Egon Johansen
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Photo © D. Guentner

An hour before the scheduled departure time I went to gate F34 where the 777 awaited it’s (mostly German) passengers.
I got seat 36A and was surprised when I boarded the plane. This 777 had a different layout than the one I had been on before. Also the legroom seemed less than on the other one. I guess this one is a tourist layout 777 with less Raffles seats and more Economy seats. Wasn’t too bad, though. Just not as good as the 777 on the SIN-HKG sector.

Therefore this 777 had the new entertainment sytem. PTV’s with video on demand and new gameboy games. This was very fun.
My seat was just over the wing and I could see parts of the huge 777 engine.
We taxied pretty fast (38 km/h) to runway 02R at 16.50h and took off at 16.55 h. We reached our cruising altitude of 11200 m and cruised at a speed of 920 km/h.
As no menues were passed out I don’t remember what we got for dinner. But on both DPS flights we got some old plates which looked not as nice as the ones on the other flights. So it seems like they really provide just some “charter service” on this route.
Plastic knifes here again.

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Photo © D. Guentner

We flew along the indonesian islands over the Equator but since I was sitting on the left side of the aircraft I couldn’t see the islands or the volcanoes from the air.
A few minutes out of Bali the sun set and by the time we were landing it was completely dark already. Landed at 19.00 h on runway 09 and taxied to our gate. I was quite surprised to see that many widebodies at DPS.
TG A300, GA 747s, JL DC10 … Later from my hotel I also saw CX 330s, SQ 777s, QF 767s and 747s taking off or arriving.

The airport terminal itself is small and not too nice. After some days in Bali it was time to head home to Europe.

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Photo © D. Guentner

A long flight awaited me with a tight connecting in S’pore. Such a routing is really exhausting if you are less than 30 minutes in the terminal to connect. It’s all a rush and you are basically only flying. Don’t know why they make the connections to the LHR and FRA flights so tight when so many tourists from DPS connect onto these flights.

August 17th 2002
Denpasar – Singapore
Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 141
Airbus A310-300 9V-STF
09.15 h – 11.45 h

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Photo © D. Guentner
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Photo © D. Guentner

Today was the National day of Indonesia and there was not much action at DPS airport. Besides our flight to SIN there was only one more to CGK that morning.
I was very glad to get out of Indonesia that day as I really had enough of it. At the baggage control I had to take my belt off which kind of annoyed me. Never before has this happened at any airport of any size in the world but at little DPS !

More and more people people gathered at the gate area and soon the Airbus was ready for boarding. While entering the aircraft I saw the spacious Raffles cabin which looked very nice. Settled into my seat which was ok. Hot towels were distributed and we taxied to the runway which was surrounded by the sea. Some impressive waves were crashing against the shore here. Also saw that there’s a little beach just besides the runway where sombody was watching us. That must be a cool spot for spotting, though as I said before, there’s not too much action going on here. But maybe you could combine it with fishing.

We were number one for take-off and left the ground at 09.27 h to the East. There were only a few clouds in the sky and so I saw some of the beaches and resort hotels from the air.

There were no PTV’s aboard this aircraft which made the flight a bit boring as there was also not much to see. When I went to the bathroom I noticed that the bathrooms are extremely small. I guess you don’t want to join the MHC in there J.
For breakfast we got a choice of pancakes or omelette. I chose the pancakes which were alright. Finally we were back to real knifes.
On the mainscreen they showed some short features but at no time the airshow.
The cabin layout in the economy cabin is 2-4-2. I really like it when there are only 2 seats next to each other. It feels so much better than when there are 3.

BTW: How come SIA does only have Asian flight attendants ? I’ve never seen a European looking fa on board, though quite some non-Asian looking pilots.

At 11.06 we already started our initial descent into Singapore. They were also announcing the gate numbers for connecting passengers to London and Frankfurt.
As usual it was very cloudy in the Singapore area. I saw parts of the Malaysian coastline and then Singapore Island.
We landed at 11.36 h on runway 20R. Had a long taxi to gate E3 but already saw the 747-400 for my flight to Frankfurt as it was parked at gate E5.
Hurried to get a T-shirt at Changi airport and went to the bathroom before going to gate E5. It’s always a nice sight at Changi to see so many Singapore girls in their pretty dresses. SIN spotters, admit it. You do live in heaven, right ?

August 17th 2002
Singapore – Frankfurt
Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 326
Boeing 747-400 9V-SMY
12.30 h – 19.10 h

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Photo © Glenn Alderton
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Photo © D. Guentner

There was a long queue at gate E3. Once my hand luggage and stuff was screened I proceeded right into their aircraft as they were already calling the rows.
It was sad to leave S’pore and Changi airport now that I was finally back in a nice civilized place.
I tried to get a window seat in row 49 (exit row) but couldn’t get it. So I had seat 59K. This aircraft somehow felt more cramped than the other 747s I had been on before. Anyone knows if there are different layouts with different legroom, etc ?
It also looked a bit old and had a poor armrest on the right hand side. Maybe I was also just spoiled from the 777s. But the 747 from FRA to SIN seemed a bit better to me.
There were also many, many scratches in the window so that it was almost impossible to take a picture.

Saw the London bound 747 taxiing past as we were slightly delayed. Other widebodies such as Sri Lankan, Thai, Garuda or Malaysian where also present.
Hot towels and the menues were handed out at this time ad the safety video was shown.
We taxied to runway 20L and at 13.04 h we started our take-off run. After a take-off run of about 60 seconds which seemed forever we thundered out of S’pore and flew over a golf course just behind the runway. Must be cool to play golf there. Any S’pore residents do so ????

The pilot announced our routing which was a more southernly than on the way to S’pore.
Soon a first and second round of drinks and snacks was served by the crew. We flew along the Malaysian coastline before making a slight left turn over the Gulf of Bengal.
During the 747 was hit by turbulences very often again until we left India. Over the Gulf of Bengal we even hit severe turbulences !
The seatbelt signs were on before and a hysteric woman was already crying so that a flight attendant had to comfort her. Then there was a little “air pocket” and the aircraft dropped down immediately. Just to give you an idea of what it was like, I’ve never heard the entire cabin screaming before inflight. I guess the plane dropped down something between maybe 50 m but of course it could have been any other number, either.
If the seatbelt signs hadn’t been on people would most likely have gone upwards to the ceiling. When we were out of these turbulences the flight attendants came around and started to tidy up the cabin since drinks have gone upwards to the ceiling. I mean it was only this one huge drop of one second and nothing really happened but it was quite amazing of what can happen to a 400 ton Boeing 747 aircraft in the air.
Afterwards there were again only slight turbulences.
To my surprise we were only flying at 9400 m the whole way over the gulf of Bengal. I think it might have been a good idea to climb higher in order to avoid bad turbulences.
Any specific reason for this ? Maybe no ATC there ?
Only when we reached India we gradually climbed to 10700 m and later even to 11600 m. Cruised at around 980 km/h, though at times only at 870 km/h.

For lunch we had the following :

Salad with smoked ham
Grilled chicken with herb roast gravy, vegetables and potatoes
Wok fried fillet of beef in black bean sauce and egg noodles
Cheese and crackers
Ice cream
Roll and butter
Coffee – tea

I had the Wok fried fillet of beef which was ok. The ice cream was delicious again. Yet another kind of icecream this kind. Another brand and also chocoloate ice cream.
Later I ordered another bowl. And some hours later they even came around offering more icecream, so I had to have one more J. On this flight we had real knifes again.

The window shades were down again but they didn’t mind if you had yours open at times.
We flew over Madras and then headed towards Mumbai which we passed about 100km to the south. The weather over the Arabian sea was bad but as soon as we reached Oman it was clear. The mountains below looked fantastic. A really cool sight. Flew over Abu Dhabi and then over the reddish sand of Saudi Arabia. Passed Iraq to the south and went towards Jordan, Syria, the Mediteranian sea, Central Turkey to Istanbul which I saw from the air, Lake Balaton, Linz into Frankfurt.
Over Saudi Arabai I saw a Kuwait Airbus pass by below but it was too far away and also way too fast to make out the exact model. Guess it was an A320, though.
Also over Turkey there was a reddish airplane which could have been a 737 of Air Malta or a Fokker 70 of Austrian.

An hour and a half out of Frankfurt we were served dinner.

Ceasar’s salad
Roast duck Cantonese style with rice
Grilled fish fillet with tomato sauce, vegetables and potatoes
Coconut cake
Roll and butter
Coffee – tea

The roast duck was very good. The best meal so far on the flights and also the coconut cake was extremely delicious.
During the flight the crew offered all kinds of snacks and drinks very often which is a very nice touch. My favorite were the “Cheddar cheese pretzel pieces”.
I’m always amazed how the cabin crew can look that “fresh” after such long flights. It’s simply amazing. What’s their secret ??

I was not feeling very well though and wanted to reach Frankfurt now. The weather over Austria and Germany was fine, though a bit hazy at times. Still you could see the little villages below.
We passed by the airport on a long downwind but I didn’t see many airplanes in the air. Finally we turned onto final and soon thereafter touched down very smoothly on runway 07R at FRA at 19.10 after a flying time of 12 hours and 6 minutes. SQ 326 had reached it’s destination before returning back home to Singapore less than two hours later.

Since our gate was still occuppied by a Turkmenistan B757 we had to wait for about 10 minutes on the taxiway. Of course some people were already getting up when we stopped there but the crew kindly asked them to sit down again as we had not yet finished our taxi.

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Photo © D. Guentner

A Tukish Airlines A340 taxied by and other aircraft on the ground that I saw included a JAL 747, TG 747, RG 767, RG MD11, LA 340 and NH 747.
Again a very nice flight provided by Singapore Airlines. Their service is trully outstanding and much, much better than anything I know in Europe or the Americas.
I’d like to show you some pictures of the meals I got but I haven’t uploaded them yet and don’t know if I will. But they’re nice.
Singapore Airlines is a great way to fly !

Baggage claim at FRA was slow and so it took quite a while until I had my baggage. Here in the arrivals hall you could really see that FRA is an older airport already.

Well, if you managed to read all of it (or parts of it) I hope you liked it. I would appreciate your feedback very much and please feel free to ask questions or feel free to answer my questions that can be found in there as well.

Thanks, B737-700 (who now is a SQ fan  Love)

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User currently offlineSingapore_Air From United Kingdom, joined Nov 2000, 13756 posts, RR: 18
Reply 1, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 23 hours ago) and read 9093 times:

It was a joy to read B737-700. Excellent trip report.

I'm not surprised that you found the Jubilee more comfortable than the Megatop. I was just waiting for that comment Big grin


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User currently offlineCathay Pacific From Australia, joined exactly 16 years ago today! , 1864 posts, RR: 1
Reply 2, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 23 hours ago) and read 9090 times:

Excellent report!  Big thumbs up

On your SIN-FRA flight, they even had one of my fav food----roast duck Cantonese style!!!  Wow!

cathay pacific, now you're really flying
User currently offline9V-SPF From Germany, joined Sep 2001, 1375 posts, RR: 3
Reply 3, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 22 hours ago) and read 9081 times:

Indeed a fantastic trip report, interesting and not boring at all.
I´ve also had the impression that legroom on the Megatops varies (I think I had more room on 9V-SMM and 9V-SPF than on 9V-SMZ) but I´m not sure about it.

Looking forward to your next report and congratulations for the great photos (by the way, your first photo of the Jubilee seems to be -VE, not -QB as written in your comment).


User currently offlineKrisworldB777 From Australia, joined Nov 2000, 571 posts, RR: 3
Reply 4, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 22 hours ago) and read 9067 times:

Agreed.....Excellent report mate! Yes, I too echo your comments on the Singapore girls - no, there is no comparison really to that tight tight kebaya uniform with the padded boobs and bum...yummy yummy  Big thumbs up and yes, how the hell do they remain so gorgeously fresh??  Wow!

In regards to the 744 seats, they're all the same "theoretically" and the seat itself is exceedingly comfy - more so than the 777 for me because I find it so much softer meaning you sit in it and not on it like the 777. Add another 2 cm of pitch, the AVOD and those little drink holders and I'll be aboard like a shot. Sad to hear you didn't like Bali coz I love it. Any reasons why?

We'll look forward to your next report so keep up the good work!

User currently offline9V-SVE From Singapore, joined Nov 2001, 2066 posts, RR: 1
Reply 5, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 21 hours ago) and read 9051 times:

I'd take a SIA 747 or A340 over a 777 anyday, been tired of the 777s, except the ERs. But on the other hand, id take a CX 777 or A340 over a 747 or A330 anyday, been tired of the latter two...  Big thumbs up

User currently offlineRyanair!!! From Australia, joined Mar 2002, 4785 posts, RR: 24
Reply 6, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 20 hours ago) and read 9035 times:

A very interesting and thorough report!

Well, the "SVE" aircraft is a 2 class 777ER, so the layout was definite different from the 3 class "SQB". SV series are used to fly long and thin routes which doesn't justify to be served by a 747. Traditionally, the pitch on an SQ 777 is more than the 744. Bear in mind that some of the 744s are more that 10yrs old!

I also noticed that the picture of the A310 has beige coloured bulkheads. The A310 that I was on in Jan had brown coloured bulkheads. Not many people like the SQ A310 because the seats are rather crummy. Even F Class (which I was in), very basic seats that are non-automated, and no ptvs as well.


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User currently offlineSQ772 From Singapore, joined Nov 2001, 1827 posts, RR: 5
Reply 7, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 20 hours ago) and read 9028 times:

Excellent report, I read the whole report at one go.

I am a little surprised that 9VSQB had better seat pitch than 9VSVE. It should be the other way round since the SV series 777s are supposed to have 33inch pitch compared to the SQ series 777s (32inch). I guess you must have grown a few inches during your trip  Laugh out loud I couldn't find your cabin pictures of 9VSVE in the database, perhaps not uploaded yet?

I am also surprised that they did not hand out menus for your DPS flights. I flew this sector some time back and they gave out menus. Cost cutting perhaps.

Please post the inflight catering pictures on the net. I would love to have a look at what you ate! There isn't a category for food on a.net, but you can post them in www.airlinemeals.net. Please do. As for the old plates that you mentioned on your DPS flights, well, those are the old service ware that SQ is gradually replacing. Flights over the Atlantic, Europe and some North Asian destinations have already cut over to the new serviceware (light blue tray with round saucers). Flights within southeast Asia are still using the old red dimpled tray serviceware (very ugly, I agree). The new serviceware should be available on all flights by the end of the year.

Lastly, those Singapore girls spent many hours during their training learning how to apply make-up, how to "preserve" themselves inflight etc. It's expected of them to look fresh even after their rest period.

You mentioned that you were asked to fill in a form on your FRA-SIN flight. SQ conducts surveys on selected flights. This is to gather feedback on their service, and also for them to identify areas which they can improve. The airline takes such surveys quite seriously. You can also be assured that inflight service on surveyed flights are always a notch better than on non-survey flights...  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

You made an interesting comparison between cabin crew service on SQ and other US and European carriers. IMO, that's not a very fair comparison. You should compare SQ service with other Asian carriers such as CX, MH or TG etc who are traditionally renowned for their inflight service.

Yes, SQ only employs Asian crew.

Once again, a gentle reminder to post your food pictures in www.airlinemeals.net.

Looking forward to more reports from you. btw, thanks for your prompt respose to my email.


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User currently offlineSQ772 From Singapore, joined Nov 2001, 1827 posts, RR: 5
Reply 8, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 20 hours ago) and read 9025 times:


SQ refurbished all their A310s in Yr2000. They basically changed the seat covers to match those found in the rest of their fleet. They were supposed to change the bulkheads as well, but in the end, only a few aircrafts received complete refurbishment including having the bulkheads changed to the light blue ones. I guess that was because they realised that the A310s were leaving the fleet anyway. As a result, some A310s have the old brown bulkhead while some have the new blue bulkheads. Although the A310s lack PTVs, electrically controlled P/J seats, they are still quite comfortable for the medium to short haul sectors.

There's always a better way to fly...
User currently offlineCmk10 From United States of America, joined Feb 2004, 513 posts, RR: 3
Reply 9, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 19 hours ago) and read 9004 times:

Absolutely brillaint report in every aspect. Do you think my MD-80 today from LGA-ORD-DEN will compare?  Big grin. Any idea where the DC-10 was going? Also, what did you do over in Asia?
DC-10's Forever

"Traveling light is the only way to fly" - Eric Clapton
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Reply 10, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 19 hours ago) and read 8994 times:

Great Report , glad you enjoyed flying SQ .

Gee , I havent flown on SQ since early 1990s and i must fly on SQ one day .


Airliners is the wings of my life.
User currently offlineTeahan From Ireland, joined Nov 1999, 5446 posts, RR: 58
Reply 11, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 18 hours ago) and read 8979 times:


Nice and interesting trip report.

Just wondering why you were sick of Bali. Went there last summer (flying Swissair and Cathay via Hong Kong). While I can’t see Bali was brilliant as a beach destination (tried 3 different beaches, all pretty poor), I nevertheless found the place as a whole greatly enjoyable and wouldn’t mind going back.


Goodbye SR-LX MD-11 / 6th of March 1991 to the 31st of October 2004
User currently offlineB737-700 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 12, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 18 hours ago) and read 8979 times:

Hello and thank you everyone for your feedback. Glad you liked the report (I tried hard Big grin).

@Cathay Pacific : Yes Cantonese style duck is indeed great.

@9V-SPF : Thanks, I've submitted the registration change.

@Krisworld777 : I forgot to say that, you are right when saying that the 777 seat does feel harder. But still I like the 777 a lot more than the 747 ! The cabin picture speaks for itself imho.

@Ryanair!!! : The A310 was not bad, just the PTVs are missing.

@SQ772 : I see what I can do about the airline meal pictures. I couldn't compare the service to other Asian carriers as I have not flown on any others so far. This was just to illustrate how much better service is in Asia.
I posted a cabin pic of 9V-SVE, I just got the wrong registration there too. Sorry. Weird that they only employ Asians.

@CMK10 :  Smile/happy/getting dizzy I assume you are talking about the GA DC10 in the picture. It was performing a flight to Jakarta that morning. It took off ~5 minutes ahead of us.

User currently offlineEx_SQer From United States of America, joined Apr 2002, 1436 posts, RR: 5
Reply 13, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 17 hours ago) and read 8945 times:

Nice report. I have a couple of comments:

To echo SQ772, SQ only hires Asian flight attendants. For better or for worse, it is not illegal for Singaporean companies to hire on the basis of race or gender. There are a few Eurasian flight attendants that look vaguely Caucasian, but in general non-Asians don't fit well into the kebaya.

Just out of curiosity, were announcements on the FRA flights made in German by a crew member, or were they recorded announcements? There was a program a few years ago to train selected crew in conversational French and German. My SVP in Europe tried to suggest hiring Asian females from Germany and France for their language skills but that suggestion was shot down, and the company resorted to this program. I'm very curious to find out what became of it. SQ772 - do you know?

Ryanair!!! and SQ772:
The company I am doing the project work with has given me a permanent office space and phone line, etc, as there will be more project work coming my way soon! I am hoping I'll get a job offer as this firms expands (they currently have four people). I'm on the 21st floor, and I have a panoramic view of one of HNL airport's runways (the one that juts out into the sea)! It can be distracting, though, because I stare whenever an aircraft takes off.

User currently offlineJ-bird From Canada, joined Feb 2001, 111 posts, RR: 0
Reply 14, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 16 hours ago) and read 8944 times:

Great and thorough report. You've wet my appetite for flying Singapore next time I go to Asia (or at least, Southeast Asia).

As a note of concurrence, I find that JAL often cruises very "low" (around 9000m) following takeoff on a long-haul flight. We stay there for about 1~2 hours before climbing. I'm guessing it's something to do with the aircraft climbing as it burns off fuel. Anyone confirm this?

Anyway, great report.


User currently offlineMr.BA From Singapore, joined Sep 2000, 3423 posts, RR: 20
Reply 15, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 8 hours ago) and read 8884 times:

Excellent report B737-700! Very interesting and enjoyable to read. Pardon me to swerve off topic from the others for a while.  Smile Are the noises from the flaps very distinct and loud in the cabin or you can't hear anything when the B747-400/B777 retract/extend it's flaps and gear? Cabin noise level, is it very loud?

For me I'd take the B747-400 seats anyday, I agree with KrisworldB777, they are much softer on the B747-400 (at least from my experience). Well cabin comfort, the B777s are of course better. But if I have a choice I'd take the B747-400 anyday.  Smile Just an opinion.

J-Bird, a long haul flight, take a B744 for example, can only reach a approximate maximum of FL310-320 due to it's weight. As you fly further, you burn off fuel and you get lighter, that's where you request a climb.


Boeing747 万岁!
User currently offline9V-SPK From Hong Kong, joined Aug 2001, 1646 posts, RR: 5
Reply 16, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 7 hours ago) and read 8873 times:

Great Report! It's good to hear that you had a great flight! I'm also flying SQ again on the 28th September from Sydney back to Hong Kong, and I've also flown both 9V-SQB and 9V-SMF on both sectors you mentioned! And what you wrote for these 2 sectors are quite familiar with me, especially the ice-cream onem which I'd also say is a great touch!

An year ago when I flew SQ861 back to Hong Kong I saw a JAL MD-11 quite below us, heading for either Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. I guess it also depends on the routing or so, also with what Mr.BA said.

Best Regards

User currently offlineRyanair!!! From Australia, joined Mar 2002, 4785 posts, RR: 24
Reply 17, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 6 hours ago) and read 8865 times:

There are many reason why ATC instructs an a/c to cruise at a certain alttitude. Weather, traffic in the vicinity...

I was on a CAL 747-200 in 1982 fm SIN-HKG when we hit an air pocket. It came so suddenly that it caught many unaware so you can imagine those that didn't have there seatbelts on were thrown to the celing. There cabin crew was just about to push out the drink carts when it happened so drinks were spilled all over the ceiling which started to drip down once we stabilised. The heavy drink cart actually flew off the floor for a few seconds as well - which was quite a sight knowing how heavy it was!

The cabin was in a mess after that few seconds on terror. A female FA broke her ankle when she came tumbling down from the ceiling. It was then I realised how hazardous a job of an FA can be.

Welcome to my starry one world alliance, a team in the sky!
User currently offlineMr.BA From Singapore, joined Sep 2000, 3423 posts, RR: 20
Reply 18, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day ago) and read 8826 times:

"Fasten your seatbelts whenever you are seat"  Smile Quite true  Big grin. We hit an air pocket in a Qantas B744 over Jakarta also, and it was bad, I can see the altitude dropping by quite a bit from the "TV".

Boeing747 万岁!
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Reply 19, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day ago) and read 8818 times:

The flaps on the 777 are pretty loud and you can hear them very well. (They sounded like the lift in the Hotel in Hong Kong  Smile/happy/getting dizzy).
The A310 had the loudest gear, though.

EX_SQer : The flight attedants did the announcements in German. It was not recorded. At SIN airport there was even a German person doing the boarding announcement for SQ326.

Mr.BA : Yes, now this announcement makes sence after all. I wonder if someone has been in the bathroom at that time.

Good idea with the lower altitude at the beginning. That sounds like a good point.

User currently offlineSingapore 777 From Australia, joined May 1999, 1032 posts, RR: 3
Reply 20, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 1 day ago) and read 8815 times:

Are you positive that the cabin picture was that of 9V-SVE? Cuz I did think that SVE would have the newer economy class seats with the headphone holders?

Besides that, I really enjoyed reading your trip reports and kudos for all the pictures!!!

User currently offlineMandala499 From Indonesia, joined Aug 2001, 7561 posts, RR: 76
Reply 21, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 23 hours ago) and read 8806 times:

Always have a seatbelt on when seated (don't have to tighten it during cruise)... especially over Sumatra !  Big grin

Ive been through a few flights where the turbulence was enough to knock a F/A down, or make a meal tray "fly"...


When losing situational awareness, pray Cumulus Granitus isn't nearby !
User currently offlineMr.BA From Singapore, joined Sep 2000, 3423 posts, RR: 20
Reply 22, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 22 hours ago) and read 8789 times:

B737-700, what about the flaps and gear extension on the B747-400? Do you hear or feel any shudder? Does the B777 shudder below approximately 10,000 feet? Thanks  Smile

My friend was in the lavatory when the plane hit the air pocket. We did not just drop but we went left and right with the autopilot trying to centre the plane to remain on course and climb back to FL 330. My friend could not do anything but to hold on to the handle in there... the seatbelts signs then come on but it was quite ironic, just after the signs came on, everything went smooth again.


Boeing747 万岁!
User currently offlineJubilee777 From Singapore, joined May 1999, 528 posts, RR: 1
Reply 23, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 20 hours ago) and read 8755 times:

SATS T2 have 1 German lady who is always present for the afternoon SQ326 flight to FRA. You can see her at the CAAS Information counter nearest the boarding gate making her announcements


User currently offlineSQ772 From Singapore, joined Nov 2001, 1827 posts, RR: 5
Reply 24, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week 6 hours ago) and read 8680 times:

There are ground staff in SIN recruited for their specific language capabilities. SATS (SQ's handling agent in SIN) employs people who speak the following languages...German, French, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Korean and I think a few other languages. Some of them are part-timers and will only report for duty when there is a flight requiring their language capabilities. They usually hang around at the Check-in counters, in the transit area and finally at the gate. They will make the announcements in these languages.

Ex_SQer, SQ has trained a number of cabin crew in German, French and a selected few in Japanese (I don't understand why Japanese since they already have Japanese crew). These crew can be easily identified by their name tags which carry the flag of the countries these languages originate from above their names.

These crew go through a crash course in the language, get sent on exchange programmes etc. Yes, they make the inflight announcements too.

737-700, I am quite positive you made a mistake with your 777 cabin picture in the database. The pictures shows either a SQ or SR series 777 and definitely not a 772ER (SV series). The SV series seats look distinctly different and are more rounded where the headrests are. The picture that you attached to your SIN-DPS segment of your report is probably the 9VSQB that operated your SIN-HKG flight.

Still looking forward to pictures of 9VSVE....

There's always a better way to fly...
25 Post contains links 9V-SVA : SQ772, the picture is 9V-SQB. Having been on the SV series, I would say that the seats are different and the little cubby holes besides the PTVs are n
26 Ex_SQer : SQ772 - we only had Japanese and Korean interpreters at T2 during my time. Some crew had been trained in French and German - I was curious to see how
27 Post contains images SQ772 : 9VSVA, you mentioned that the config for the 3 class 772 is 12P/35J/234Y, think it should be 12P/42J/234Y. I was from a 772 station before I went over
28 9V-SVA : OK, correction, it's J42. I was trying to remember the J configuration for the SQ series 777. Yes, CAN does get served thrice weekly by the 772ER. Whe
29 9V-SVA : B737-700, altitudes of FL410(12912m) is common for the Boeing 777. The reason why your 747-400 was at FL310(9400m) is due to the fact the 747 was heav
30 Post contains images B737-700 : You are right about the 777 cabin picture. It has to be 9V-SQB as the little headphone holders (or whatever they're supposed to be good for) are miss
31 SQ772 : Ideally they should block off P class if there are no P pax. Unfortunately, the A310 is a tail heavy aircraft and there are always problems trimming t
32 Post contains images Skystar : Danke für das "Flugbericht", The 747's flaps & gear are practically silent when you're up in the upper deck - then again, pretty much everything is C
33 Post contains images Ndebele : Wow, I haven't read such a detailed and long trip report for quite a while. Good work, very interesting, but it must have taken you ages to write this
34 Post contains images Mr.BA : Ndebele: Those are really die-hard SQ fans! Cheers!
35 Post contains images FutureSQPilot : Great report, I'm glad to see that you had an experience very similar to my first SQ flights. Those SQ girls are simply amazing...KrisworldB777 put it
36 SQ772 : Ndebele, No we can't tell if it is the aircraft interior of 9VSQB or 9VSVE...it is practically impossible to be so precise. What we can tell is whethe
37 Post contains images Ex_SQer : Chow SQ772. I know where you learned your "mata wear shorts" comment from... from S.S., right?
38 B737-700 : Yes it definitely took quite a long time to write this report and I'm glad you recognized it, Ndebele ! Well yeah, about the cabin, I should have got
39 9V-SPK : I've not flown on SV series but i'm 100% sure it's a SQ series. Why? Because B737-700 was in row 43, and when you take a closer look at the front of t
40 Swiss-airplane : Hey there... extremly graet trip report. I loved reading it.. It seems that you you loved your flights and your holiday's. Hong Kong is a very nice ci
41 Post contains images SQ772 : Chow SQ772. I know where you learned your "mata wear shorts" comment from... from S.S., right? Yes, now that you know I am from the S.S., I will have
42 Ex_SQer : Den I use my machete
43 Post contains images Je89_w : Hey B737-700, excellent report! from me!!! I do agree with the SQ crew! Je89
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