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UA To SEA & LAS-kinda Long..  
User currently offlineUnited_Fan From United States of America, joined Nov 2000, 7681 posts, RR: 6
Posted (13 years 6 months 2 weeks 3 days 17 hours ago) and read 3843 times:

I took this trip to see the Boeing plant again. The last time I went was 2 years ago. Plus I wanted to take my annual trip to LAS,so I combined the 2. I kept checking UA's website all day to be sure that the flight to ORD was on-time. It was until I checked it for the last time just before leaving work,when I noticed it was cancelled. So I went home,got my stuff and heaed for the airport;sure enough UAX 7570 was cancelled. The nice lady at the ticket counter rebooed me on A^A . I was kinda glad,because I hadn't flown A^A in 3 years and wanted to fly on a F100 one more time.
I was then disapointed to see that the flight # started with a 4. The ticket also said American Eagle. So I knew it would be an ERJ , which I've never flown on before. After making my was thru security I waited for the ERJ to arrive from ORD. After it did and was serviced,we boarded by zones. I first stepped into the ERJ and noticed how cramped they are. The ceiling was really low. I much prefer the CRJ that ACA flies. I was in the bulhead seat-right aisle. As we made our way to ORD , I checked out the inflight magazine. I like there route map,they fly to alot more caribean and latin American cities than UA . It also showed the one World partner cities.
We arrived in ORD , and it was pouring rain. We had to wait for a plane to vacate our gate. It was a long walk to gate B12 where our 757 was waiting.
The plane , N571UA , had arrived from LAX. During taxi,I listened to ch9 and there was a Kuwaiti 777 taxiing with us.The flight was uneventful and there was only a snack service since it was 9pm. The movie was K19.
When we arrived in SEA we had to take a bus to the other terminal to get our bags since,at that hour,the trains were being worked on. I noticed on the bus that a gentleman had a bag from Kuwait Duty Free,that sure is a long flight. After I retreived my bag and got the rental,I heaed up to Everette,since I didn't want to stay in SEA since I got real lost the last time there.
The next day,Friday,I drove to the plant,getting lost only once. I got a ticket for the 10:30 tour. I noticed an AF Cargo 744ERF and a QF 744ER awaiting delivery across the highway. After the video we boarded the bus to the plant. The first part of the tour was the wing assembly . Next we went around to see final assembly. There was another AF 744ERF and an Atlas 744ERF nearing completion. There was also a pax 744 but I don't know who for. After this we went back down and out to tour the delivery line. There was the 2 aformentioned 744's and also a Hawaiian 76,and a Alitalia 777.
After the tour I went to the gift store.While in there they took the QF744 up,and when they put the throttles forward the bulding shook and car alarms went off! I then drove around Everette to see what I could see. I made my way over to where the first 727 was,N7001U a UA 721 also there was a Comet awaiting a restoration. I also saw a Korean 744 taking off. I saw a Aruban (P4) registed MD11 whicjh will be for Finair.

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Photo © Royal S King

From where the MD11 was,I saw a couple white 727's sans engines on the other side of the runway.I drove down there and saw that the were for a flight school there.
I then drove down to Renton. I really couldn't see much from the factory level,just a ATA 737. I made my way up the overlook and saw alot more. There was a NW 753,and an Air China 737 amongst others.
The next day I went to the Museum of Flight. I was early so I drove around. I got a picture of 747 #1 next to the new 744ER in House Colors. Boeing doesn't make it easy for you to see the new planes from the street!
I liked the Museum,especially the USAir 737-201 that was made into a theatre.

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Photo © Andy Vanderheyden

After this it was time to go the airport for the flight to LAS via SFO. I go to the Premier line at UA and the nice agent says that they're going to x-ray my bag. I said okay and walk away. I'm then standing in the security line and she walks up and says that I didn't take my bag to the xray. I said I thought they you did. So I had to take my bag over to the milllion dollat CTS machine . I 'm waiting and waiting and this guy comes out and asks for Scott,anyoen names Scott here ? I say yep. Come with me .... So we go next to the scanner and I'm asked to unlock my bag. The guy then rummages thru it and looks at my scanner likes its a weapon . What's this he says ? A radio scanner I say. Oh.. he says. He then produces the can of glass cleaner I packed and tells me that it's not allowed. So I loose that one. I then have to fill out a form because I was transporting a hazardous waste. So after that I go thru security where I get the once over-carry on q-tipped for explosives. Welcome to the new reality.
Our flight to SFO was on N378UA,an ex-Shuttle bird.

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Photo © AirNikon

Nothing special,but ch9 was on. Arriving in SFO was neat,I've never been there and landing on 28R was right over the water.During a taxi to teh gate I noticed a buch of parked UA 744's and also a 727 that had SFO airport painted on it.
I wandered around for a while , there was a 2 hou layover. Snapped a pic of N411AA.

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Photo © Jason Knutson

Finally our plane arrived from SAN,a white Shuttle ,N377UA. Though it looked like it neaded a repaint.

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Photo © AirNikon

I took seat 3C again. During taxi the snotty oriental girl shu the window shade so I couldn't see anything  Sad The captain announced that CH9 was going to be the World Series instead.
On arrival into LAS , we landed on 25L. After leaving the Alamo on Burmuda Dr,I did what everyone does when they come to LAS-went to the plane are a on Sunset!  Big grin I even got to see Siangapore and a Hawaiian DC10 arrive. Though I miss the Sun Counrty and United DC10's arriving. After a night of partying I took me and my hangover out to Mojave. The last time I was there was December. I noticed a Covair CV880/990 that wasn't in the main yard,is this the Lost Birds one ? It looks really rough!!!!!!! I don't mean the one at the entrance,either.
The signs says no photographs ,but I got from the guys in the Rangers were dirty looks . I saw a Fed EX 727-100 being scrapped by the animal hospital along with an Ex-trump/USAir Shuttle 727 . There were alot of A^A 727's too.
Oh,well I'll finish tomorrow what I saw in Vegas,hint hint N707JT was there!!
Part 1 is over. check back tomorrow for part 2 .

Champagne For My Real Friends,and Real Pain For My Sham Friends
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User currently offlineLPL From United Kingdom, joined Oct 2001, 1055 posts, RR: 0
Reply 1, posted (13 years 6 months 2 weeks 3 days ago) and read 3663 times:

Excellent report!

It's one of my ambitions to go to Seattle. Maybe i'll go when I come back from Hawaii next year.


User currently offlineUnited_Fan From United States of America, joined Nov 2000, 7681 posts, RR: 6
Reply 2, posted (13 years 6 months 2 weeks 3 days ago) and read 3673 times:

Sorry for the bad spellings,it was 11pm  Big grin. I also meant to say I sqw a Swiss Asia MD11 in Mojave,the red tail was kinda faded,must be the desert sun. I was tempted to follow the RR tracks to snap a pic of the VS 747 .

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Photo © Ryan Gaddis - SPOT THIS!

But I got the evil eye from the guys in the white Rangers.
More to follow when I get home tonite.

Champagne For My Real Friends,and Real Pain For My Sham Friends
User currently offlineUnited_Fan From United States of America, joined Nov 2000, 7681 posts, RR: 6
Reply 3, posted (13 years 6 months 2 weeks 2 days 21 hours ago) and read 3655 times:

So on Monday,I left for Kingman. I read that the police were searching all cars going over the Hoover dam,and that there were 3 hour delays. I took route 95 , and ended up going through Bullhead City/Laughlin. I saw a Sun Country 737 land there. I would had tried to find the airport,but I had pee soooo bad. I kept driving hoping to find a rest area. I never did find a rest area. I did find a backwards-ass gas station and hoped they had one!
I tried to remember how to find the Kingman airport. I knew it was near a WalMart. I lucked out and found a roadsign for the airport. As I approached the airport,I saw the familiar TWA L1011's in the distance. I noticed that one of the L's that they were scrapping last Sep was all gone now. There still is like 4 there.
I took a pic of N63SW,sans titles.

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Photo © Johan Ljungdahl

I'm sure this bird has a TON of cycles on her. There was also an Iberia 727 with its engines getting some attention. There was also the Legend MD80 there. I also saw MANY J31's . Most were in United Express or USAir Express colors. I hate these planes ! Delta's N517DL was also there.

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Photo © Royal S King

I have to say that nobody cared that I was taking pictures-what a switch from Mojave. I also drove over to where the solo L1011 was,but there was people over there. I walked over to the bustling Kingman airport terminal and saw N3VY , a Beach 1900D from Mesa. They started it up just as I walked up to the fence for the flight to PHX.

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Photo © Royal S King

So I drove back to LAS , decided to take the route over the Hoover dam. I won't go into my close-call of a speeding ticket on an empty desert road. Approaching the dam,they make you pull over and have your trunk looked thru. They don't allow tractor-trailers over the bridge.
Back in LAS,I went over to the road that parallels the storage are near the UA DC-10-30 (N1855U) which is for sale on www.unitedservcs.com ! The 737-222 is still there from last year. I got a pic of the 2 Omni DC-10-30's that are there. As I was putting my camera up to the chain-link fence I hear someone pull up. I snap the pic and turn around to see on eof LAS's finest eye-balling my rental. I walk down trying not to fall in the ditch. I walk up to his car , and he asks where ya from ? I say New York. What are you doing here ? I said that this is my hobby. You just look suspicious. I said that I know . He said that he sees people from England coming here to see the planes here. He wished me well and left. Definately diferant than here in NY!
After shopping at the Forum @ Caesers,I took the rental to fill it up . Sitting at the light by Mandalay Bay I spotted a plane that said QANTAS on it . I realized that it was Travolta's plane! It was hidden on the other side of the hanger so no pic was possible. But it was nice to see it in person. After filling the car,I noticed a white tail taxiing over by Signature . I realized that it was N767KS, a new-built 767-24QER ! What a way to travel!

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Photo © Stephen Tornblom/Flying Images Worldwide

I watched 2 limos and a hotel van just for the luggage. It drew a few cars to watch her unload. I was very impressed!
Tuesday morning came early and got to the airport , checked in thru the Premier line and made my way thru security. I've heard of 3 hour waits in LAS,but I breezed thru. We eventaully boarded our UA757 to IAD . Taking seat 11D. I like being a Premier ,as I get E+ and nobody in the center seat. Ch 9 was on the whole way. We had a nice bagel/egg sandwich with melon. Jay Leno was shown , then My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Then Legally Blonde was shown . It ended just before we touched down.
During taxi I saw a Russian 4 - engined freighter with a C3 reg prefix parked in remote parking along with a NW DC9 getting an engine change . After we parked at the gate I made my way down to the UA exprss gates on those shuttle trucks. During the crossing I saw a VS 747 and a jetBlue .
Sitting in the gate area I heard the ACA empoyees murded the name of our cities. Lugwada (Laguardia) and Syracue (syracuse) . Does ACA hire only foreigners ?? As usual , they were overbooked- always are. They even have an automated voice to announce overbookings , now. Surprisingly,our CRJ to ROC wasn't. I like walking out to the plane. I took N636BR . As I arrived in ROC,it was cold & rainy-back to reality......Hope ya liked my story  Big grin

Champagne For My Real Friends,and Real Pain For My Sham Friends
User currently offlineSoontobepilot From United States of America, joined May 2000, 271 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (13 years 6 months 2 weeks 1 day 19 hours ago) and read 3585 times:


The Paine Field area where you saw the Comet and the 727 is the Museum of Flight Restoration Center. It is a truly fascinating place, with mostly retired people spending hours of volunteer time to restore all kinds of planes. My favorite is the 247, restored over ten years and finished in 1995. The reason it is my favorite is that I know about ten people that worked on it, did a thesis project on it, flew in it, know two of the three certified pilots for it, and have gotten to fly it for five minute myself!!!

The Comet is in really rough shape. I don't know where they are in restoring it, but there was all this toxic goo in it when it first came, making it hazerdous to even enter it! Corosion was monumental. I hope things are going well on it.

Nice report!!! I reccommend that next time your at the restoration center to call ahead and get permission to go in and look around a bit! It is truly fascinating... No museum, just pure airplanes!

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Photo © Bob Harrington - Mazama Photographs
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Photo © Richard Austen


User currently offlineUnited_Fan From United States of America, joined Nov 2000, 7681 posts, RR: 6
Reply 5, posted (13 years 6 months 1 week 1 day 16 hours ago) and read 3484 times:

I also forgot to mention that on the descent to ORD , the AE f/a went through the cabin and asked every single person what their connection was. He then told them what gate it was leaving from. I've never seen a f/a do that before.

Champagne For My Real Friends,and Real Pain For My Sham Friends
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