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Sydney - New York On Qantas  
User currently offlineQANTASpower From Australia, joined Aug 2002, 516 posts, RR: 6
Posted (12 years 1 week 2 days 7 hours ago) and read 11722 times:

Date: 02 Nov 2003
Airline: Qantas
Flight: QF 107 (SYD - JFK)
Type: 744
Class: Economy

Well the big day had finally arrived. My first trip to NYC!

Got to Sydney International about 10.45 in the morning for my scheduled 12.35pm departure to JFK via LAX. Check in proceeded smoothly and the nice check in lady asked if I would like to change my pre - booked seat allocation to a middle aisle seat as there would be no one in the next seat. I gladly accepted and went though security to the departure lounge. I went straight around to see what aircraft I had. To say I was disappointed and “alarmed” to see VH-OEC is an understatement. Of course I was hoping for “Wunula” but to have one of the 2 ex - Malaysian second hand 744's!… I was not impressed. I became abit unsettled at this point as I could not recall whether this one was the one that had just been withdrawn from service due to serious cracks being found in the fuselage. Given QF’s safety record though I new it would have been repaired to perfection.

Boarding commenced on time and of course I was singled out for a thorough security check before being allowed to board. This would happen to me 3 more times on travels in the States. Why me??

The flight was heavily loaded. Economy was approx 90% full and Business and First looked full as well.

I settled into me seat and once again was impressed by the new interior installed on QF’s 744’s. It is really stylish. Unfortunately things started to go wrong at this point. 2 passengers decided they were to scared to fly and decided to leave us before we had time to depart the terminal. Of course this meant that they then had to remove their luggage. Further, storms had hit Sydney and this caused a major back log of fights. To cut a long story short we departed to the South about 2 hours later!

Drinks were served shortly after take off. I had a red wine. Qantas serves wine in individual mini bottles and a nice glass. Menus for the meals had also been handed out while we were waiting to depart. A very nice touch.

QANTAS Total Entertainment was then switched on and so I began catching up on some movies. While acknowledging it is not the most advanced in the sky the PTV system was excellent. The system worked flawlessly.

Lunch was then served. A choice of two mains were provided. I had a chicken dish which also included a salad and desert. I had another bottle of red to wash it down. Very nice.

Shortly after the meal was cleared the crew handed out a Magnum ice cream to every one on board. I love my Magnums ice creams!

Shortly after this the crew again came around and offered everyone a Qantas Snack Pack. Included in the bag of goodies was a bottle of water, chips, lifesavers, biscuits etc. How cool … it was just like being at the movies.

Sounding pretty good I hear you say. Well now to the crew. Being honest the crew on this flight were dreadful. They were an embarrassment to not only QF but to Australia. .They were middle aged, unattractive and were not interested in providing quality service. It was clear that they did not want to be here. Such a shame as well as Qantas now has the product in place to compete with the best. There was no sincerity in the delivery of the product. After the snack pack was handed out they disappeared and were not seen again unless you buzzed for them. The other 3 QF crews on my return to JFK in contrast were excellent.

During the 12 hour flight they did not once offer water. At one point I went up to the galley opened it and asked for some. What appeared to be a drunk QF flight attendant then told me that the 744 had a water fountain and suggested I go and get a drink from it. I was disgusted. I am sure they were all hitting the piss but cannot be sure. The crew on this flight should all be dismissed IMHO. If I could prove that they were drunk I would try to do something about this but I cannot say for sure. This raises very serious safety implications. All in all they were a disgrace. For me to say this gives you some idea on how bad they were.

Anyway 10.5 hours, 4 movies and some sleep later we were served breakfast about 2 hours out of LAX. I had a nice hot breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, orange juice, coffee etc.

We landed in LAX and then had to take all our on board gear off and collect our luggage to clear customs despite the fact I was going on to New York. This is a big inconvenience apparently required by US customs.

The line at customs was huge as QF 94 from Melbourne had also just arrived.

I then had to go through it all again and get re - screened to board the flight again to JFK. Once again I was singled out for a special security check.

LAX is impressive at this time in the morning. I think I saw 4 x QF 744’s! It was great.

Date: 02 Nov 2003
Airline: Qantas
Flight: QF 107 (LAX - JFK)
Type: 744
Reg: ?????
Class: Economy

I was surprised to say the least to see only 100 people maximum continuing onto to NYC. I was even more surprised to note that we had a different aircraft. Sorry guys but I did not get the rego. I assumed it would be the same but noticed this was a European configured 744 on my exit. Maybe due to the late arrival into LAX of QF 107 they used another 744 to speed up the process.

Fortunately I had a great crew on this flight. They put the first one to shame. They were extremely professional and provided excellent service. Flight time was an extremely quick 3 hours and 35 minutes to JFK. We travelled at approx 750 miles per hour which I think is over 1150 kilometres per hour. Due to the light load I had 4 seats to myself and took the opportunity to get some shut eye.

We were served another meal as well on this flight. It was one of the nicest airline meals have had. I found the QF catering out of the US to be excellent. It was pumpkin Ravioli and very tasty. I had another bottle of red as well!

Overall a great flight!

Arrived in NYC about an hour later than scheduled. Luckily for me was met by another airliners. net member … the famous Mirrodie who took me on a quick guided tour of this great city. Thanks Mirrodie! I had an awesome time in NYC and loved every minute of it. I can’t wait to get back!

Date: 09 Nov 2003
Airline: Qantas
Flight: QF 108 (JFK - LAX)
Type: 744
Reg: ?????
Class: Economy

Yes shame on me for not getting the rego. Sorry.

Well back to the West coast for a week in LA and San Francisco.

Flight back to LAX was more heavily loaded but still 50% full at most. Lets hope QF continue with these New York flights. Luckily for me another great crew. They were of mixed ages and all looked great in the new uniform. Some of the younger ones were also very good looking. Take off was pretty much on time and service included dinner on this flight. Serving were generous and included desert. Another bottle of red was also appreciated.

Flight time was well over 5 hours as we travelled against the head winds at a much slower speed. Watched another movie and also played some games on the PTV.

Another good flight.

Date: 16 Nov 2003
Airline: Qantas
Flight: QF 12 ( LAX - SYD)
Type: 744ER
Class: Economy

Well after 2 great weeks in the states it was time to head home.

QF had 5 x 744 services to Australia depart LAX on this Sunday. You really appreciate what a substantial presence QF has here when you visit LAX. I was to be on the 10.30pm QF 12 on this day.

I was excited to see a 744ER waiting for me. It could only have been topped off by Wunula Dreaming. I love the extra space provided by this aircraft.

Boarding commenced right on time with another healthy loading of approx 90%. Incredibly despite this heavy load the check in agent arranged for me to have 3 side seats to myself. What a luxury. On 3 out of my 4 sectors with QF I virtually had a flat bed!

Despite boarding on time we departed about 45 minutes late as they had to re weight some of the cargo before we could safely depart. Even so we arrived into Sydney on time due to favourable conditions.

Another excellent crew on this flight. Supper was served shortly after take off. I had another nice pasta dish, wine, coffee etc.

After clearing the tables crew handed out another Qantas Snack pack full with lots of goodies. On all flights over 10 hours I believe these are handed out.

Sat back and enjoyed another movie on the PTV before taking advantage of my “flat bed” and getting some rest. I managed to sleep for about 5-6 hours which was great. I awoke about 4.5 hours out of Sydney and decided to sit up and enjoy the final hours of my trip.

During the last 4 hours I must have been offered service / water from the crew at least 5 times. They were fantastic and again put the fist crew to shame. Once again they looked great especially the lady who wore the tighter fitting aboriginal outfit. It looked great.

Breakfast was served about 2.5 hours out of Sydney. I had the hot breakfast again and included quiche, sausage, tomato, fresh fruit, fresh muffin, yoghurt, coffee. An excellent and filling breakfast. As I said catering out of the US seems to be superior to that coming out of Sydney.

We landed on time into a cloudy and wet Sydney.


In summary the Qantas long haul economy product they are now offering is excellent and compares well with any other airline. The new interiors on the 744 are fantastic as is the PTV system. Extras like the menus, Snack Pack, Ice creams, Individual wine bottles etc all add to the experience.

If it wasn’t for the crew on the first sector it would have done Qantas proud. I just struck a couple of bad apples I guess. I was disgusted with there attitude and as I said I think one in particular was intoxicated. For this I am ashamed.

American Airlines

I would also like to quickly cover my short hop from LAX to San Fran and back with AA.

This flight was on a “Boeing Super 80“. To be honest I was quite confused when I boarded and looked at the safety card. I had never heard of such a plane. Blame it on jet lag. But it took a while to click that of course this was a renamed MD-80. The 717 is the current model right?

Anyway this was the 8.20am LAX to SFO flight (AA1920) . Load was about 60% . While service in terms of food was minimal (ie apple juice only) I would just like to say how friendly I found the crew. They did AA proud. On this flight the captain actually thanked all passengers as we de boarded. WOW! What a nice touch. I was also impressed with the AA seat pitch for domestic. Flight touched down 10 minutes early.

After 4 days in San Francisco I returned to LAX to board QF 12 back to Sydney. I was booked on the 17.05 (AA1943) flight but managed to secure a stand by for the 5.05 (I think) flight. Flight was 100% full. I think I got the last seat as I was extremely pleased and excited to be placed in a window seat in the last row. No view except of the engine of course! Ir was great. The roar was fantastic on take off. I love this plane especially the 3x 2 seating and that AA seat pitch. Once again the crew were great. I was given a cup of tea and bag of pretzels on this flight. We arrived on time.

While I only had 2 flights with AA I must say I was impressed with them. Seat pitch, service and on time performance was first rate.

Thank you

I hope you enjoyed my report.


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User currently offlineFlyPIJets From United States of America, joined Oct 2003, 987 posts, RR: 2
Reply 1, posted (12 years 1 week 2 days 6 hours ago) and read 11336 times:

That was a great read. Thanks for taking the time to write it up.

One of these days, I'm going to fly Qantas to Sydney, you make it sound great.

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User currently offlineRyanair!!! From Australia, joined Mar 2002, 4783 posts, RR: 24
Reply 2, posted (12 years 1 week 1 day 20 hours ago) and read 11164 times:

Great report! I noticed you mentioned an "European configuration". What does that entail?

Welcome to my starry one world alliance, a team in the sky!
User currently offlineQANTASpower From Australia, joined Aug 2002, 516 posts, RR: 6
Reply 3, posted (12 years 1 week 1 day 14 hours ago) and read 11079 times:


3 class 744's to the USA are in Pacific Configuration which is 14F,79J,265Y while 3 class European 744's have 14F, 65J, 315Y.

However sometimes you do see a European configured 744 going to the States.


[Edited 2003-11-21 23:34:30]

User currently offlineRyanair!!! From Australia, joined Mar 2002, 4783 posts, RR: 24
Reply 4, posted (12 years 1 week 1 day 6 hours ago) and read 10970 times:

Why is there a need for these different configs? Different demand for JCL for the US and European mkts?

Welcome to my starry one world alliance, a team in the sky!
User currently offlineANstar From United Kingdom, joined Nov 2003, 5538 posts, RR: 6
Reply 5, posted (12 years 1 week 2 hours ago) and read 10814 times:

I know J is quite full on the LAX runs, but I think the different config was due to the standard 744's not having the legs to make it with a denser Y cabin.

The 744er's have changed this, and I think that QF will be standardising their cabin with 50J on the 2 class 744's during the skybed roll out.

User currently offlineMirrodie From United States of America, joined Apr 2000, 7458 posts, RR: 60
Reply 6, posted (12 years 6 days 10 hours ago) and read 10706 times:
Support Airliners.net - become a First Class Member!

Brilliant report QANTASpower!

Always love reading about QF. I was extremely impressed with QF 107 and was dishearted to hear that this crew was less than favorable.

I flew 1 QF international and over 10 QF domestic was was overly impressed each time.

Glad to hear that AA did a great job. I love them as well. The super 80 is a hell of a ride and she is probably one of the last of the loud jets still out there!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

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User currently offlineContinental From United States of America, joined Jun 2000, 5557 posts, RR: 16
Reply 7, posted (12 years 6 days 7 hours ago) and read 10686 times:

Excellent report, never read any reports on Qantas yet! I love the 'flat bed' idea! I always do that on international flights if I can. If not, my family members (when they are asleep) get to have my legs in their laps! It just gets a little old after a while sitting straight up, especially after 10 hours! Great report, let's see more!


User currently offlineIronminds From Australia, joined Apr 2001, 556 posts, RR: 3
Reply 8, posted (12 years 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 10560 times:

The last time I was flying to NYC with my wife, she went back to the galley in mid-flight and found some crew doing some sneaky-drinkin' with the Delta F/A who had been sitting next to us! So I don't think you're the only one to have this experience...

User currently offlineBeno From Australia, joined Aug 2002, 428 posts, RR: 4
Reply 9, posted (12 years 4 days 23 hours ago) and read 10511 times:


I have found your missing regos:

QF107 2/11/03 LAX-JFK


QF108 9/11/03 JFK-LAX


Hope this helps

User currently offlineQANTASpower From Australia, joined Aug 2002, 516 posts, RR: 6
Reply 10, posted (12 years 4 days 14 hours ago) and read 10450 times:

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Beno - how did you get the rego's? I wonder if it is normal practice to change planes for the continuation onto JFK. I notice that they never seem to put the 744ER's on this route either.


[Edited 2003-11-25 23:48:50]

User currently offlineBeno From Australia, joined Aug 2002, 428 posts, RR: 4
Reply 11, posted (12 years 3 days ago) and read 10369 times:


You can get the regos from:


You will need to register, It shows all aircraft movements in and out of Australia but you can only see it a day after the flights have operated.

744ERs often go to JFK OEJ goes at least once a week from what I can see.

I think your aircraft change was last minute thing usually the same aircraft goes right through to JFK

Hope this helps

User currently offlineQantasAirways From Australia, joined Mar 2001, 1280 posts, RR: 3
Reply 12, posted (11 years 11 months 3 weeks 6 days 7 hours ago) and read 9975 times:

Great trip report QANTASpower!!
I enjoyed it immensely.

Someday I hope to take that route and I'm glad to hear (most of the time) the crew were friendly.



Spirit of Australia
User currently offlineAA777MIA From United States of America, joined Aug 2003, 686 posts, RR: 3
Reply 13, posted (11 years 11 months 3 weeks 4 days 10 hours ago) and read 9852 times:

Great Report Qantaspower!!

Glad you had a nice trip to the states, and that your trip on AA was a good one!! Come back and see us again!! =)

User currently offlineFly727 From Mexico, joined Jul 2003, 1793 posts, RR: 17
Reply 14, posted (11 years 11 months 3 weeks 7 hours ago) and read 9645 times:

Nice trip report!

There is something you can certainly do about your first crew. Complain.

Make sure to include in your letter (e-mail) a link to this report, it will be greatly appreciated by the airline's in-flight services department. I was my self an on-board (in-flight) services auditor for a charter airline and the reports of the passengers were always of great help, specially those well written like yours and from someone who is a regular traveler and know a bit more about the industry than the average passenger.

This department is certainly capable to retrieve the names of the cabin crew to simply develop an investigation, note a trend with the crew and/or compare it with previous complains. Help the airline and let them know your thoughts! Remember we all take part of the safety.

RM  Smile

There are no stupid questions... just stupid people!
User currently offlineZrs70 From United States of America, joined Dec 2000, 3441 posts, RR: 8
Reply 15, posted (11 years 11 months 3 weeks 6 hours ago) and read 9636 times:

Great report. I did not think you could travel domestic US on QF. Is it only valid if you are continuing on QF within a certain time period?

What does being middle aged and unattractive have to do with poor service?

16 year airliners.net vet! 2000-2015
User currently offlineQANTASpower From Australia, joined Aug 2002, 516 posts, RR: 6
Reply 16, posted (11 years 11 months 3 weeks 3 hours ago) and read 9624 times:

Further thanks for your responses.

Fly727 - I was actually going to send them a complaint letter but let the matter rest. The 3 others crews were good to excellent so this calmed me down abit I guess. I also feel it may be abit late now

Apparently you can send feedback via the Qantas website. Has anybody done this before? To be honest I would be abit reluctant to reveal the identity of "QANTASpower" to Qantas. I would rather my identity remain a secret  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

Zrs70 - You are right I should not have commented about their age / looks. We all have to get old. I also support QF';s policy of not discriminating against people based on their age / look unlike some Asian carriers. Also some of the best service was given by the more mature flight attendants so I certainly have no problem with them.



[Edited 2003-12-14 09:58:06]

User currently offlineQantasAirways From Australia, joined Mar 2001, 1280 posts, RR: 3
Reply 17, posted (11 years 11 months 2 weeks 5 days 6 hours ago) and read 9487 times:

Qantaspower: You SHOULD complain about the bad service on that one flight, if not for yourself but for future Qantas travellers Big grin
I think Qantas should be made aware of its fraction of a crew who still wreck the airlines image and reputation - afterall, it's on its way to getting better.

As for aged flight attendants... I don't have a problem with them (and I agree with Australia's anti-discrimination laws), provided their age does not affect their service. If they're closer to ignoring you because they have better things to do in old age, then they should go at once.

On the other hand, I recently travelled BNE-SYD domestic (return) and on the way down, I was served by two senior flight attendants (who happenned to be BRILLIANT). On my way back, the anorexic 20ish flight attendant proved to be the bitch who preferred to read her magazine rather than clean the urine out of the lavatory sink.


Spirit of Australia
User currently offlineRjpieces From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 18, posted (11 years 11 months 1 week 6 days 9 hours ago) and read 9288 times:

I read somewhere on A.net that the LAX-JFK run is a huge money earner from cargo. It is the only flight between the two cities that hold a significant amount of LD-3s (as opposed to mostly 767 flights on UA and AA).

User currently offlineAJ From Australia, joined Nov 1999, 2404 posts, RR: 24
Reply 19, posted (11 years 11 months 1 week 6 days 5 hours ago) and read 9271 times:

That's true Rjpieces, when launched LAX-ORD will have the same benefit.

BTW, why does your subject line say '717-Doomed?' ?

User currently offlineTrekster From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 20, posted (11 years 11 months 4 days 18 hours ago) and read 9145 times:

Hello, i flew qantas (well ba to sing) to Brisbane xmas 2001, i can say they are a great airline, coming up and down the aisle every hour or so on the fianl leg in a 767. On the BA747 the crew served and collected the meal then vanished.
When someone did come and serve some water, it tasted faul.

We then did an intenal from bne to melbourne in a 767
Female captain did her best to get us out of the turbulance which we had all the way thereMy advice, going to Oz any route, use Qantas

User currently offlineAirWales From UK - Wales, joined Oct 2004, 453 posts, RR: 0
Reply 21, posted (10 years 6 months 21 hours ago) and read 7407 times:

Really good report - hope to fly to LAX with BA soon and then on to SYD, MEL, SIN and back to LHR. Info came in handy and cant wait to go!!

User currently offlineDrerx7 From United States of America, joined Jun 2000, 5351 posts, RR: 8
Reply 22, posted (10 years 6 months 20 hours ago) and read 7322 times:

3hr45mins 750mph LAX-JFK--wow.

Third Coast born, means I'm Texas raised
User currently offlineKaddyuk From Wallis and Futuna, joined Nov 2001, 4126 posts, RR: 24
Reply 23, posted (10 years 6 months 4 hours ago) and read 7022 times:

Nice Report! I have always wanted to try QANTAS and I think i might try them...!

Whoever said "laughter is the best medicine" never had Gonorrhea
User currently onlineN1120A From United States of America, joined Dec 2003, 28518 posts, RR: 74
Reply 24, posted (10 years 6 months 3 hours ago) and read 7038 times:

Quoting QANTASpower (Thread starter):
We landed in LAX and then had to take all our on board gear off and collect our luggage to clear customs despite the fact I was going on to New York. This is a big inconvenience apparently required by US customs.

Actually, it is required by customs in all countries. You have to clear customs at your first point of entry because the second airport will have you arrive at a domestic gate. If they did not have you clear customs at LAX, you would have never cleared customs

Quoting QANTASpower (Thread starter):
This flight was on a “Boeing Super 80“. To be honest I was quite confused when I boarded and looked at the safety card. I had never heard of such a plane. Blame it on jet lag. But it took a while to click that of course this was a renamed MD-80.

Actually, the renaming was done from DC-9-80 (Super 80) to MD-80, not the other way around

Quoting QANTASpower (Thread starter):
The 717 is the current model right?

Similar, but much more advanced and much smaller

Quoting Zrs70 (Reply 15):
I did not think you could travel domestic US on QF.

You can only fly on that sector if you are sold the ticket from outside the US. In other words, you have to fly in from SYD or somewhere else outside the US to get on the LAX-JFK sector. An American going LAX-JFK cannot purchase the ticket

Quoting Drerx7 (Reply 22):
3hr45mins 750mph LAX-JFK--wow.

That is what happens when you combine a nice tailwind with the speed of the fastest commercial airplane flying the skies today, the 744

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