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India Domestic: Indian Airlines, Jet And Sahara (W/Pics)  
User currently offlineMrNiji From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Posted (11 years 3 months 1 week 6 days 19 hours ago) and read 8871 times:

India Domestic: Indian Airlines, Jet and Sahara

OK, this will be a trip report on the three main domestic Indian careers. It will maybe compare a little, but since the sectors had a different length, it is not very comprehensive in this question. OK, I better get started.

After arriving in CCU, my friends had already planned a trip towards Sikkim. One of them gave me a surprise then: an IC Airline Ticket (I had to unfortunately pay myself  Angry ). So, we were supposed to fly to Bagdogra and travel overland towards Sikkim

Flight 1: IC 7221 CCU to IXB (Bagdogra)
Aircraft: A320 (VT-EPC)

Arrived in CCU. No queues at check-in. Lady there interested in everything but doing her job.. Nothing spectacular to say.. proceeded to boarding, which started before it even was announced (since everyone was queuing up). Anyways, flight was less than ½ full, so no big hassle…

Aircraft was clean. One thing I like about the IC aircrafts: They remember me of the glorious 80’s, not much has changed  Big thumbs up – the big benefit: the seats are broad, the pitch very generous.. indeed very comfortable – the non-economy-scale concept is so much more generous!. Here a look on the cabin:

Note the window to the business-class with the lousy IC logo  Big grin – well, flight took of on time and was short (45 min), service OK, not special.. one of my friends indeed being bored

One thing I noted are the ladies with the saris on the security cards.. what a “cultural mélange”  Big thumbs up (sorry for the quality, my digi didn’t want to do better with flash)

food was served, one word: disgusting

sorry I could not take a pic, since strangely, after taking this pic,

the stewardess showed me the finger in a way you show it to small kids if they steel sweets or butter, meaning no pics anymore.. strange. Otherwise, a mix of different FA’s.. some very friendly, some very grumpy. Noteworthy was the amount of FA’s for those few pax – even if the plane had been full, the number would have been great

To describe: a bun with ‘some orange mass in the color of the IC logo’ – and tomato ketchup

Flight was a little late in IXB since we had to queue.. IXB has a military base, and some fighters were to land. Baggage took very long, considering there was hardly anything to unload…

OK, now the overland trip started.. and all of a sudden, after new years, a text message from my girlfriend… she booked a flight to BLR, thinking that it would not matter where she came to India, she would meet me..  Big thumbs up – so I had to run to an agent, who made the following arrangement so I could be in two days in BLR:

9W IXB-CCU – 5 hrs layover (which was practical, since I could fetch my suitcase there)


The big problem.. the IC flight was waitlisted – the agent told me to tell them I have an international flight (I was on a US$$ Ticket with 25 % Discount, since I am below 30, which comes cheaper than the INR Rs. Fare) – so I made up a story in my mind.. looked for an office in IXB… arrived, closed.. called them at CCU airport, they told me to call the duty manager (very friendly). Called there, he was on a tea break (at 645 pm in the eve) – called later, had already left… so I called the next morning again, having made up the greatest story why I so desperately need to take the flight… a Punjabi lady responded, in a very loud voice. I wanted to start, she asked for PNR and where I am.. then I said that I am in Siliguri still and arriving CCU with Jet Airways.. She interrupted: “Why Jet??” and made a loud laugh and said finally: “Sir, I confirmed my ticket”. I was on the one side happy that I got the seat, but on the other side sad that I could not tell my story Big grin – what a nice lady!

Flight 2: 9W 618 IXB to CCU
Aircraft: B737-700

OK, I just had to hope that everything will go smooth, since I wanted to arrive in BLR the eve before and arrange hotel etc.. my girlfriend was scheduled to arrive BLR on UL the following morning.. First bad surprise: arriving IXB airport, flight was said to be ½ delayed… bahinch*t, whatsoever, enough time still.. proceeded to check-in.. gave baggage etc.. but boardcard-printer was broken. The lady told me she will check my luggage and bring me the card later.. so I went in the cafeteria with my friends to spend some time with them before.. all of a sudden, the same lady came and gave me the boarding pass.. very nice of her to follow me the long way (well, wasn’t that long since IXB airport is quite small). Seat 17D.

After some time, I proceeded to the gate. Aircraft did not arrive… did not arrive… and no announcements, no information.. no 9W agent there, and security staff did not know.. quite disappointing from 9W.. finally, it arrived

Boarding was quick, aircraft very modern and clean, but the seatpitch – sorry no pics as I accidentally checked in my camera  Sad …  Sad here, IC beats 9W by far – much more comfortable.. who cares, flight was rather 45 minutes

What I did not like was the way security instructions were done.. the guy was speaking as fast as the people in ads for mortages, when they inform about the risk – not a good performance

But what a brilliant service.. a spicy chicken-rice meal, with salad and dessert, large in quantity, was served immediately, in a friendly and effective manner, with great friendliness and a smalltalk with virtually every pax.. FA’s were beautiful  Love so friendly, have never seen this before, and again asking whether something more is desired.. and that in 45 minutes with a completely full flight.. hey, when they go international, they will kick the b**t of the competitors…

in the end I arrived CCU 1 ½ hrs late, so I had to hurry to my friends home to fetch my suitcase for the coming BLR trip.. and damn.. on the way back, caught in the traffic jam… damn it! I would never make it (and that was the last flight of the day  Sad ), nevertheless proceeded.. there, ran to check in and saw the board… flight is 2 hrs delayed!!! Juhuuu! I was never that happy over a delayed flight.. checked in, the lady wanted to apologize for the delay, but I interrupted her and told her that it literally saved my life (my gf would have killed me if I wasn’t there  Big thumbs up – ladies, ladies…)

So, I was good mooded and boarded the flight

Flight 3: IC xxx CCU to BLR
Aircraft: A320

So, flight was packed and delayed, and I tired and hungry like heck (remember, my camera is still in the luggage  Big thumbs up )… people quite civilized – it seems like that unless like on international sectors, where flying is the only choice, “decent people” use the aircrafts in India Big grin

Food was served immediately.. chicken with bhindhi and rice.. yuuumyyy – good complements… but the service.. since I didn’t have the camera, let me describe the majority of FA’s: if they hadn’t been on board, everyone could have taken 10 KGs more  Yeah sure – one of them was quite beautiful, and the other three dinosaurs were bitching about her (I was in the last row so heard things like: “Todays young people don’t have any manners” – or in her face: “Kya karo? [What are you doing?] – This is not the way to do it]. And if someone dared to make another request, they would come with a face and don’t even look at you while serving.. a big shame in my eyes… captain was very nice, apologized more times for the delay and gave a lot of info.. rest of the flight I slept, I woke up with the landing… then 20 minutes waiting before parking place on the Hindustan Airfield was free.. baggage came quickly…

What followed now was an amazing time and overland trip till GOI… now the sad day of separation arrived – my girlfriend decided to take a plane to BOM to catch her UL flight and onwards “down under”, while I booked my flight to DEL from GOI

Flight 4: S2 xxx GOI to DEL

Why am I leaving the aircraft information empty here.. you will see  Big grin

Our flights were within two hours, while mine was the later one.. my gf checked in, then sad words of good bye… she proceeded towards security.. then MrNiji came in action.. since she had a 12 hours layover in BOM, I thought: “Wait, isn’t it possible I catch the same flight and go in the morning to DEL from BOM? I went to the ticketing counter and explained.. they researched for 20 minutes or so and told me that it would be possible with a small penalty.. and time rushed, since her flight about to take off soon… so they went in full action to change my ticket, called here and there.. the most impressing was that the lady in the ticketing took her walky-talkie and called the check-in agent that another pax is coming.. and that clever lady got the hint and blocked the seat next to my gf… in the end everything worked (special thanks to the S2 crew in GOI!!), I ran to give my baggage.. boarding was already being processed, I decided to hide and go in the last bus and make her a surprise.. and it worked! She literally freaked out Big grin – now comes the correct info

Flight 4: S2 xxx GOI to BOM
Aircraft: B737-700

Flight was short, food was served though, in a OK quality (definitely great for such a short flight) – FA’s were friendly but a little helpless – aircraft was clean, seatpitch in my eyes better than with 9W, but not to compare with IC
Then, before approaching BOM, we were told that BOM runway was shut down before, so we had to wait in the queue (we were 8th) – who cares, it gave me more time with my lovely.. this explains why I did not take pics., I had better things to do..  Big thumbs up

Landing, and then another ½ hr in the aircraft.. because some VIP was on the field.. probably the Vice-secretary for Education from Bihar or so.. anyways, everything went fine..

Spent the day in BOM, and then flagged her off  Sad
I had 5 hrs to spend in the night and was annoyed I could not meet the BOM a.netters who I informed the days before.. but as you see, BOM was not planned until the last minute.. now Karan (Karan69) and MEL (HAWK21m) come in scene.. too bad we did not have that list that time.. because we were very close to each other.. when I entered the cyber café at Terminal 1, Karan had just left, and Mel was close.. too bad… so I tried to spot a little at the international terminal. I tried to seek for holes at the very left wall of the terminal building, no way… then a smart auto-driver saw me and told me to come with him.. he took me to the other end and showed me a nice hole, so I invited him for a chai.. we kept on chatting a little… this was soooo smart!

Now comes the rest.. went to the cyber, checked in, got seat 5C from the nice agent (S2seem to have nice ground handling people)

Flight 5: S2 xxx BOM to DEL
Aircraft: B737-800

then went in the aircraft.. flight was full and on time.. as a matter of coincidence one of the FA’s recognized me as he saw me on the GOI flight…  Smile – but after breakfast, which was served improfessionally and then fell asleep for the rest.. woke up in DEL, went to the conveyor belt, fetched one piece, had to use the bathroom, came back… no more luggage coming… madarch*t! So I went to give a complaint and found my second suitcase there.. they just secured it so it was not stolen, which was nice..

Small conclusion… Well, if I had the choice, I would definitely choose 9W – they are brilliant… my second choice would be IC (despite horrible service – but previous IC flights of mine were great, so it is a matter of good luck), since they have comfortable planes and credit me mileage for my AF account… S2 would be my last choice, which does not mean anything: Indian domestic civil aviation in terms of service is far beyond the civil aviation in many other countries.. here, flying remains a real experience and not just a transport from A to B… and isn’t that the reason we are at a.net, since we want to discuss different distinguished experiences of flying rather than only talking about the economics behind??

Thank you, I am too lazy to proof-read now, hope you enjoyed anyways.. not a conventional report!

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User currently offlineKaran69 From India, joined Oct 2004, 2913 posts, RR: 17
Reply 1, posted (11 years 3 months 1 week 6 days 17 hours ago) and read 8687 times:

Subin, as always the situations you find yourself ending up in are noteworthy.

Its a pity we could not meet up-----
Where did the Autowalla take you----was it behind the slums or behind the Orchid Hotel.

User currently offlineJaysit From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 2, posted (11 years 3 months 1 week 6 days 16 hours ago) and read 8669 times:

I like the IC Logo.

Still think that 35 years after being conceived its very clever.

The IC FA in your photograph appears to be quite glam in her turqoise saree. Very elegant uniform. Most Indian FAs, whether they work for AI or IC or BA, always look stylish in their silk sarees.

User currently offlineGamps From United States of America, joined Jul 2003, 469 posts, RR: 1
Reply 3, posted (11 years 3 months 1 week 6 days 14 hours ago) and read 8569 times:

MrNiji, great report. Expected more photos though!

At Bagdogra did you see any cool stuff? I heard a lot about that airport from my brother who used to work at Sikkim Manipal Medical College, Gangtok and he always flew to Bagdogra. And said MiGs and other fighter planes conduct extensive training sessions there and you could watch everything from the waiting area. While you were there did you see anything interesting?

Also how is GOI airport infrastructure nowadays? With weekly charters from Russia, UK, Germany did you catch anything interesting? How is airport in general compared at GOI?

Also any Air Deccan sightings in any of the airports you flew?


User currently offlineKaran69 From India, joined Oct 2004, 2913 posts, RR: 17
Reply 4, posted (11 years 3 months 1 week 6 days 4 hours ago) and read 8257 times:

And said MiGs and other fighter planes conduct extensive training sessions there and you could watch everything from the waiting area

Gamps your brother is indeed right--i remember in the year India got nuclear status [1998] in the space of 20 mins 5 Mig 21s took off and one of them landed just as i was boarding 9W to DEL

User currently offlineMighluss From Spain, joined Oct 2001, 988 posts, RR: 7
Reply 5, posted (11 years 3 months 1 week 5 days 22 hours ago) and read 8188 times:

Very interesting endless trip report! Big grin Big grin

As I was writting my trip report, and now reading yours, I want more and more to come back to india... ahhhh... Great people there!

I also liked more 9W, but anyway, IC is indeed far better than most western carriers.

hehe, I had a lot of fun stealing pictures on board. on my way to Leh, when approaching to the Himalayan range, everybody took out the camera and started to take photos, and the F/A's got crazy to say everybody that pictures were not allowed on board. Easier for me to get unnoticed!  Acting devilish

BTW: I heard that now is allowed to take photos in airports, and from inside the plane... is true?

[Edited 2005-02-19 16:27:05]

User currently offlineHAWK21M From India, joined Jan 2001, 31875 posts, RR: 54
Reply 6, posted (11 years 3 months 1 week 5 days 7 hours ago) and read 8057 times:

Nice Report.
Reminds me of an Adventure of sorts.
Pity We could not meet up the last time.

Think of the brighter side!
User currently offlineSR 103 From United States of America, joined Sep 2000, 1748 posts, RR: 37
Reply 7, posted (11 years 3 months 1 week 5 days 6 hours ago) and read 8049 times:

Another excellent trip report Subin.

I was rather surprised to see you list S2 so low. While I have never flown 9W, (partially their fault as I always end up on IC or S2 due to their errors) I find it hard pressed to beat the flight I had with Sahara. January last year I suppose to fly BOM-DEL on Jet, but they seemed to have canceled my reservation despite the fact that I had physically walked over to their city office and got my ticket stamped with a re-confirmation stamp. Another odd thing was they canceled only my reservation, not my parents who were flying with me. Effectively this left me with no reservation on an oversold flight. Not good as I had a KL flight to catch out of DEL to the US later that night.

After an endless amount of time at 9W's counters, I headed over to S2 and asked if they had any seats on their next DEL flight. It was mostly smooth sailing from there. The cabin crew on that flight was second to none, not even SQ could hold a candle to them. I do have a trip report on that flight in these forums if you want to read it.

SR 103

User currently offlineMrniji From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 8, posted (11 years 3 months 1 week 5 days 1 hour ago) and read 8040 times:

Thx for your comments, here the first round of answers

Quoting Karan69 (reply 1):
Where did the Autowalla take you---

It was actually only to a spot at the airport, with holes in the wall - since he expected to load pax, no wonder.. but a very nice gesture

Quoting Jaysit (reply 2):
The IC FA in your photograph appears to be quite glam in her turqoise saree. Very elegant uniform.

Yeah, I agree, and it was her who told me to stop taking photos  Big thumbs up - but she was nice

Quoting Jaysit (reply 2):
Most Indian FAs, whether they work for AI or IC or BA, always look stylish in their silk sarees.

I agree again.. Though I remember that some of the beautiful Indians who work for BA had to wear that ugly standard BA uniform in a style people 70+, who hang around in their courtyards and watch the cars driving past, normally wear.. these uniforms even make the most beautiful Indian girl looking ugly - but the silk sarees are indeed a very nice feature and make most FAs beautiful

Quoting Gamps (reply 3):
At Bagdogra did you see any cool stuff?

Well, there were some military planes, but nothing spectacular happenen

Quoting Gamps (reply 3):
Also how is GOI airport infrastructure nowadays?

Still a very small, but clean airport.. short dictances, small rollfield etc.. OK in my eyes...

Quoting Gamps (reply 3):
Also any Air Deccan sightings in any of the airports you flew?

Yeah, saw them announced virtually everywhere, and no kidding, minimum 2 hrs delay everywhere.. saw their ATR once, too

Quoting Mighluss (reply 5):
BTW: I heard that now is allowed to take photos in airports, and from inside the plane... is true?

Yeah, as long there are no military airports, as GOI for instance, IXB and even Leh?? Some of the people don't even know

Quoting SR 103 (reply 7):
I was rather surprised to see you list S2 so low

S2 was fantastic.. I think all three Indian internal careers have their strengths IC has a fantastic infrastructure, 9Ws service, in my eyes, beatys even TG and SQ, and S2 is very consistent - their ground handling was amazing.. do not see it as ranking, since all are fantastic (as long there is no crisis as fog or so).. - I only imagined that I travel on a sector, where all three offer the same price.. with these three, I would only decide according to price, and if the price was the same, I would rather take 9W due to outstanding service, and then IC due to mileage... - but I rank all of them over everything Western.. so don't take this mini ranking too serious  Big grin all 5 *  Big grin

User currently offlineNamaskar From Switzerland, joined Dec 2004, 56 posts, RR: 0
Reply 9, posted (11 years 2 months 2 weeks 5 days 15 hours ago) and read 7690 times:

Subin - enjoyed this trip report very much. It is like an adventure cum Bollywood. I know most of the actors such as Crosji, but who is the heroine?! BTW, Jet Airways had a nice stand at the ITB last week and were already advertising for London and NYC. Look forward to their service to EU and States now!

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