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AMS-CDG On RG - My MD-11 Dream! (Loads Of Images)  
User currently offlineLhrmaccoll From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Posted (10 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 21 hours ago) and read 8013 times:

I was unbelievably excited about this trip. I mean a short hop, on an MD-11 for €69! That doesn’t come very often! In fact I was so adamant on getting this flight, that I ‘helped’ my family book a holiday AROUND this flight! Here was the plan:
17th August – LHR-AMS on bmi (see trip report here)
We would then have 1.5 days in Amsterdam touring the sights and sounds, and what have you.
18th August – AMS-CDG on Varig MD-11 service (The important part of the holiday )
Have a day in Paris touring around, seeing the Eiffel tower, Le Louvre, and then a mad dash back to the airport for the third sector:
19th August – CDG-LHR on bmi
So this whole trip and my trip the next day at MAN would be a star alliance fest!
When I mentioned to my mum that we would be on a Star Alliance trip, she told me that the name reminded her of Nazi times, and the whole right wing corruption of the world, and said it was the worst piece of marketing she had heard in a while. When I said the main competitor was ‘Skyteam’, she said “well they sound like a bunch of old men who part own a Cessna’ – hehe good times!
So after a good day and a half in Amsterdam, visits to the Van Gogh museum, Anne Frank Huis, plenty of pancakes, and an hour using the Internet at MacHouse Amsterdam it was time to make our way to Schipol airport. This meant a 20 minute tram journey, starting at the Prinsengracht, and terminating at Station Sloterdjyk, as the central station was experiencing issues after a derailment.

- The Beautiful Prinsengracht in Amsterdaam

So after a hot and uncomfortable journey (well more comfortable than good old Londres) we arrived at Station Sloterdjyk, where we then caught a very old, but fast (sneltren) to Schipol’s wonderful terminal, and I mean that, its one great airport.
It is carved from glass, and looks very futuristic, certainly beats Heathrow’s T1, and puts CDG to shame which I was going to understand later that evening.

- Schiphol Airport

We had to find some staff to find out where on earth Varig’s check in desks were situated. No problem, they were very helpful, in fluent English, like most people there, and we found out they were based at gate 24.

- KLM Check In

Damn, it was a ten minute walk but soon enough we were there, and in the long line of no one! I already knew this flight was going to be as silent as an edgy cartoon set in a desert, tumbleweed and all….
So soon enough we were checked in, and assigned row 30 A,B and C, near the back, but according to the seat plan I had, within good view of the wing, and winglet.
Of course, after this, and being at Schipol for 2 and a half hours, I had to check out the spectator terrace. It was very impressive too, puts Heathrow’s attitude towards spotters into the spotlight. It wouldn’t harm for them to have some kind of terrace again, I mean MAN is the same, lots of aviation enthusiast opportunities all around, I mean its even on their information machines!
So I got some snaps of the KLM ramp, and tried to see our RG MD-11, to no success, I said to myself ‘please don’t be cancelled’ – this flight was real special to me…

- A KLM 737 Taxiing - seen from the terrace

- The KLM Ramp (or one of them at least.....)

- An A310

We went to the catering area on the spotting terrace, and grabbed a pancake or three, and then decided to make our way to security, and to our gate with 45 minutes till departure. No problems there, nothing nearly as bad as any foreigner coming in and out of London nowadays…
On our long trek down the travelators towards our gate (D3 I think) my sister, being friendly struck up a chat with a pilot, who turned out to be piloting our MD-11 that night. He told us that he really enjoyed the MD-11s, especially when they are empty, as they are a joy to fly!
We waited at our gate, and I got a snap of our jet.

- Our MD-11

They then closed the blinds. A nice touch, as the sun was right overhead, you see even the little touches count. Soon enough we were called for boarding, and my heart started jumping, this was going to be good! My mum and my sister were saying to stop being such a nerd, something they would take back during the flight…
That was it! We were called towards the airbridge, and made our journey through it, a particularly long one, and were greeted by the beautiful, textured metal skin in the RG colours, with all the rivets, cold to the touch. As we entered, I took in the smells of the aircraft, and checked out first class, and business, and if I must be honest, these sections were disappointing, considering the price some people pay. Y was a short journey, and me took the ‘trek’ to row 30, which, as I thought, had a superb view over the wing, and over the winglets. The windows are so big
on these jets! It was going to be a real contrast a few days later when I toured Concorde at MAN, trip report coming soon!

- View over wing

I must admit, I was slightly worried about the service we were going to receive, as I have heard some terrible reviews of RG, varying from ‘They cancelled my flight, and didn’t give me money or hotel’ ‘There was no flight’ ‘No service at all’ etc etc.
We were static on the ground for around 20 minutes, and I took the opportunity to take some shots of the surrounding aircraft on the ramp of the D gates. It was a beautiful evening, so I was looking forward to some good photo opportunities on my dust spot ridden camera!

- Planes taxxing to stand

We started the taxi to a runway (not sure which one) and passed near the taxiway that runs over the motorway, where I snapped an Aer Lingus jet taxiing to the runway also. There wasn’t much of a queue so the pilots were preparing for take off after only 5 minutes of taxing.

- Aer Lingus Taxxing

This, I was really excited about now! The full thrust of an MD-11 with only 35 pax, and 4 bags in the hold! This was going to be good. And suddenly, all three glorious engines tuned up and applied full thrust. As we were quite near #3, the sound was beautiful, and the power, well that deserves its own report.

Let me put it this way: We were airborne quicker than a 737-800. Really, really powerful. And then came the climb! This was the steepest climb I have ever experienced, except on a private plane, we were at our cruising altitude of 32000 feet within about 8 minutes, and were cruising at 880 kp/h, or so the display said.

- On climbout from AMS, you can really see the gradient we were climbing at

The views were glorious, the sun on the clouds was magnificent, equally so was the tunefulness of the engines, spooling up and down to maintain speed. We were soon through Belgium within a matter of minutes, and the display was reading ’38 minutes until arrival at CDG’. This I didn’t want to see. I wanted this to go on for as long as possible, albeit not as long as the 6000 mile flight this bird was about to endure after, on its way to San Paulo.

- View during cruise

We were soon served a sandwich (ham, cheese and salad), as well as some orange juice. My mum and sister got two, as they had plenty spare. The service here was very good, far better than BMI, and far more enjoyable too.

- Complimentary Food

The seat pitch was average, but fine for me, and my sister and mum. Sadly, soon after this service, we started descending, but it was nowhere near as boring as the usual. Every now and again the pilot would cut the engine, and then apply full power, resulting in being forced back into your seat. Fantastic. The descent lasted a good 20 minutes, and I soaked up as much as I could of the feeling and experience that one gets in an MD-11.

The descent was very interesting, and there were superb views over the rural countryside of France, and Paris’s outskirts. We were descending quickly, and I could see the airport! A sharp bank later, and we were lined up with CDG’s main runway.

- 'Gliding' down the runway

A high approach led to a long ‘glide’ along the runway before slamming down, and what ensued was the most powerful reversers I have every felt. They were so powerful that the camera (a DLSR!) dropped from my hand, we were forced forward in a surge of power, albeit power that was going the opposite way. Luckily I managed to grab my camera and snapped a few shots (blurry because of excessive reversers, and dark). So that was it. My MD-11 experience had come to an end. We taxied not very far, to our remote stand, and disembarking began. I reluctantly left my seat, and made my way out of the door, but not before brushing the rivets for one last time. We then walked straight into the 1970s. Paris CDG. What a s**thole!
- The loveliness of CDG!

Soon enough, we had found the Hilton coach that took us to Paris CDG Hilton, and we settled down for the night. I, of course, noticed that we had a great view over the port, but it was raining, so the pictures off my 18-55 lense didn’t come out amazingly well.

- View from Paris CDG Hilton

We had a great day in Paris the next day, and a good, but very bumpy flight back to LHR, however I will not post this report, as I have no images.

Verdict and Conclusion:
- What an experience! A light MD-11 performing full power manoeuvres, great service, good food, great weather, low price (all on airmiles too ) I sure do hope that RG don’t go bankrupt. From what I experienced on this trip, they are a positive point on the many negatives from the star alliance *cough bmi cough*. So, yes, a great trip, and I hope to it again some time. The MD-11 is a truly wonderful aircraft, and the sad days are approaching when they are going to be put out of service, replaced by 777s, and A340s, and the only places we will see them operating, is taking our post and parcels.

I hope you enjoyed my report, please make plenty of comments so I can reflect on it some more.

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User currently offlineLhrmaccoll From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 1, posted (10 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 20 hours ago) and read 7984 times:

Here is the link to the paris airport image, as it won't let me edit! Sad

User currently offlineHardiwv From Brazil, joined Oct 2004, 8780 posts, RR: 46
Reply 2, posted (10 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 19 hours ago) and read 7886 times:

Quoting Lhrmaccoll (Thread starter):
The service here was very good, far better than BMI, and far more enjoyable too.

RG service is good. Nice trip report. Do you know whether the majority of pax boarded in AMS were flying to CDG or onwards to GRU?


User currently offline9V-SVC From Singapore, joined Oct 2001, 1805 posts, RR: 9
Reply 3, posted (10 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 19 hours ago) and read 7880 times:

Very nice trip report, yes I do agree with you that the observation galley at AMS airport is superb . I heard that RG is pulling out of AMS , can someone comfirm with me on this ?

Airliners is the wings of my life.
User currently offlineGeoffm From United Kingdom, joined Feb 2004, 2111 posts, RR: 6
Reply 4, posted (10 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 19 hours ago) and read 7865 times:

I've heard about this flight before... now this trip report makes me want to go on it even more! Especially as they swapped our MD-11 for a(nother) 777 when I was flying domestically in Brazil!

Geoff M.

User currently offlineHardiwv From Brazil, joined Oct 2004, 8780 posts, RR: 46
Reply 5, posted (10 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 18 hours ago) and read 7858 times:

Quoting 9V-SVC (Reply 3):
I heard that RG is pulling out of AMS , can someone comfirm with me on this ?

RG is redesigning its network, but no word was mentioned about AMS. RG flies to AMS mainly (of not solely) because of cargo (40% of the cargo load of the MD-11). One thing for sure, RG will not pull out of CDG and the MD-11 would have to stay in CDG iddle. In my opinion RG will not axe AMS from its network as long as AMS keeps sustaining good cargo loads, as is the case now.


User currently offlineSpeedbirdEGJJ From United Kingdom, joined Nov 2003, 438 posts, RR: 3
Reply 6, posted (10 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 16 hours ago) and read 7722 times:

Great Report Lhrmaccoll, i too can testify that there is nothing quite like a lightly loaded MD11 takeoff!!  wideeyed 

Quoting Geoffm (Reply 4):
Especially as they swapped our MD-11 for a(nother) 777 when I was flying domestically in Brazil!

Happened to mee too Geoff, copped a 767 on the GIG-GRU leg, but managed to nail a 11 on the EZE-GRU leg and (unfortunately for me) on the GRU-MAD sector after i was bumped off our Triple 7 (Staff travel for you!) bound for LHR!!, suppose it was the only time i will ever be unhappy in a MD11 though!! Big grin

User currently offlineLhrmaccoll From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 7, posted (10 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 16 hours ago) and read 7716 times:

Hi, yes it was a fantastic trip. I can say that only 2 of the 35 pax were continuing to GRU.
Thanks for the comments, keep em coming

[Edited 2005-08-22 17:11:15]

User currently offlineAGD From Canada, joined Aug 2004, 204 posts, RR: 2
Reply 8, posted (10 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 14 hours ago) and read 7593 times:

Very nice trip report. Reading it brought back some really nice memories.

I've flown RG8720 last October CDG-AMS and it was in and all a very enjoyable experience. We didn't have any delays, confusion, and the snack was quite good for such a short flight.... I'm glad for you you had a wonderful experience too with Varig.

And I have to agree, taking-off on an almost empty MD-11 is something! No doubt it was the most powerful climbout I've ever experienced!

BTW, what reg. was the MD-11 you flew on?

Anyway, great report, thanks for sharing with us.


Alex G.-Denicourt
Contrails Aviation Photography

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User currently offlineCV990 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 9, posted (10 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 14 hours ago) and read 7564 times:


Great report! I think after you fly an MD11 you fall in love for this bird. I enjoyed what u said in the end of your trip report - " A light MD11 performing full power manouvers...." I think it's not possible with only words to talk about that right? Let me tell you this, I got my passion for the MD11 when I flew it on the 16th. December 2002 from ZRH to LAX on SWISS HB-IWM. It was a 12 hour flight, our plane was full and heavy and even though that beast performed the most powerfull take-off I have had in all the flights I was.... it was just UN-BE-LIE-VA-BLE!!!!
If with a plane heavy and completely loaded was like that I guess I can't imagine an MD11 light taking off.... I just can't imagine!!!!
Thanks and regards!

User currently offlineLhrmaccoll From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 10, posted (10 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 13 hours ago) and read 7571 times:

Thanks for your comments, the MD-11 is a truly marvelous aircraft, and i mean every word i said in that report. It will be a very sad day when all the passenger airlines that use them: Varig, Finnair, Thai to name a few replace them with 777s or A340s.
I THINK the reg was PP-VQH, but i'm not certain on that.
Thanks for all your comments, keep em coming hehe

User currently offlineSOU146 From United Kingdom, joined Jun 2004, 53 posts, RR: 0
Reply 11, posted (10 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 11 hours ago) and read 7423 times:

Nice report...!

I'm doing the CDG-AMS leg in December and everytime I read a new report on this trip makes me more and more excited..!

I really can't wait for the take off and climb out..!

User currently offlineLhrmaccoll From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 12, posted (10 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 11 hours ago) and read 7421 times:

Hehe SOU146, you'll love it, it really is something special

User currently offlineLhrmaccoll From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 13, posted (10 years 9 months 1 week 23 hours ago) and read 7139 times:

I saw this airline when i was in CDG:

Air horizons...Are they new? Where do they operate

User currently offlineAomlover From Singapore, joined Jul 2001, 1332 posts, RR: 11
Reply 14, posted (10 years 9 months 1 week 23 hours ago) and read 7133 times:

Nice report !
Well Air Horizons used to be named "Euralair", but they got a new name when they went bankrupt several monthes ago. They had only 737s, but they got some 757s this year.

User currently offlineLhrmaccoll From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 15, posted (10 years 9 months 1 week 21 hours ago) and read 7110 times:

ahhh ok thanks for that.
Has anyone flown them? Are they a no frills LCC?

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