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House bill would reimburse airports close to Trump's favorite haunts
Politico - Transportation & Infrastructure  •  Posted 2 hours ago

Rising oil prices help ground U.S. airline stocks; could make them cheap
Reuters - Commodities  •  Posted 2 hours ago

Impossible to dump poop mid-air, DGCA tells NGT
The Times of India - Delhi  •  Posted 2 hours ago

Rwanda, Ghana Liberalize Common Commercial Flights
Prensa Latina - Africa & Middle East  •  Posted 2 hours ago

India's busiest airports will outgrow their capacities this year
NewsBytes - India  •  Posted 2 hours ago

A seasoned traveller shares 6 things she never does at the airport
Business Insider Australia - Briefing  •  Posted 2 hours ago

Airport’s wings clipped by poor passenger amenities
The Times of India - Pune  •  Posted 2 hours ago

Low air fares signal summer bargains despite pricier oil
Houston Chronicle, Texas - Houston & Texas  •  Posted 2 hours ago

Celebrating the Cuban Air Crash
The Future of Freedom Foundation - Hornberger's Blog  •  Posted 2 hours ago

Goa flight makes emergency landing
The Hindu  •  Posted 2 hours ago

Qatar Airways Adds Annoying New “Redemption Booking Fee”
One Mile at a Time  •  Posted 2 hours ago

36 Fatal Victims of Plane Crash in Cuba Identified (+Photos)
Prensa Latina - Cuba  •  Posted 2 hours ago

JetBlue promotes Joanna Geraghty to president/chief operating officer
Air Transport World  •  Posted 2 hours ago