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Ryan Air to launch flights to Ukraine in 2017
UAWire - Ukraine  •  Posted 1 day ago

Report: FAA audit finds faults Allegiant Air
NewsNet5, Ohio - National  •  Posted 1 day ago

SAA: When whistle-blowing meets effective civil intervention
Daily Maverick - Opinionistas  •  Posted 1 day ago

Russia’s Aeroflot carrier resumes ticket sales to Turkey
Trend News Agency  •  Posted 1 day ago

Southwest grounds entire fleet
CNN Money - Video  •  Posted 1 day ago

Fog causes delays at Brisbane airport
9News - National  •  Posted 1 day ago

Roasted on dung
BBC  •  Posted 1 day ago

American Airlines Denies It Discriminated Against Muslim Passenger
The Huffington Post (US) - Business  •  Posted 1 day ago

FAA audit dings Allegiant Air for problems the agency considers minor
The Tampa Tribune, Florida  •  Posted 1 day ago

Man arrested after climbing fence at Edmonton airport - Edmonton  •  Posted 1 day ago

Aviation ministry clears proposal for SGS Airlines  •  Posted 1 day ago

Dunford Says Aviation Brings 'Asymmetric Advantage' to Afghan Force
US Department of Defense  •  Posted 1 day ago

Number of holidaymakers seeking help over travel woes rises 9%
Express & Star - Business  •  Posted 1 day ago

GA: Emergency Personnel Take Part in Simulated Air Crash
Aviation Pros  •  Posted 1 day ago

Southwest Flights Mostly Back to Normal in New Orleans
Aviation Pros  •  Posted 1 day ago