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Turkish Airlines to make frequency cuts this winter
Business Traveller  •  Posted 2 hours ago

New Malaysia Airlines chief outlines recovery plan
Business Traveller  •  Posted 2 hours ago

Asiana gives up MRO business in Cheongju
The Korea Herald  •  Posted 2 hours ago

South African Airways Seeks 16 Billion Rand Long-Term Funding
Bloomberg - World  •  Posted 2 hours ago

False report of shots at LAX create panic
UPI - US  •  Posted 2 hours ago

False Reports of Gunfire Cause Chaos at LAX
NBC News - U.S.  •  Posted 2 hours ago

EVA upping Houston flights from six weekly to daily
TravelDailyNews International  •  Posted 2 hours ago

Part of Los Angeles airport briefly closed, ‘Zorro’ detained
The Manila Times  •  Posted 2 hours ago

Man dressed as Zorro arrested moments before LAX evacuated because of 'loud noises'
The West Australian - Offbeat  •  Posted 2 hours ago

Qatar Airways schedules A350 Spain service from Mar 2017
Routesonline  •  Posted 2 hours ago

Police: reports of gunfire at LA airport were false alarm - Video  •  Posted 2 hours ago

USAF to augment air policing over Bulgaria
UK Defence Journal  •  Posted 2 hours ago

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa
World Socialist Web Site - Workers Struggles - Europe  •  Posted 2 hours ago

Los Angeles police say reports of gunfire at airport were false alarm - World  •  Posted 3 hours ago

Grand Central Airport to host Children's Flight charity - Food  •  Posted 3 hours ago

False report of gunman at Los Angeles airport causes panic
Associated Press  •  Posted 3 hours ago