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AERO International, February 2005
The German magazine AERO International did a lengthy article about us is their February 2005 issue. You can read the article right here on by clicking here (A PDF document). A translation to English might turn up here soon.

BBC June 8, 2003
We were featured on BBC's "Click Online" program as a surf tip. You can view the whole show including the review here (WMP format). You will find the review about 3/4 into the show.

CNN January 20, 2001
CNN did a segment on us on their "What's Online" program. Thanks to some helpful users that happened to have their VCR on rec, (thanks Mike and Ted!) we now have a clip of it! One version in WMV format, here (4Mb) and one in MPG format right here (15 Mb)!

CNN also have a short online review here that reads:

If flying high and fast is your fancy, get the full "Top Gun" experience at

You can get a close-up look at classic jets or military craft. The specs on any plane are right at your fingertips. You'll discover a plane's weight, dimensions, capacity and history. You can also weigh in on a variety of aviation related topics with opinion polls. And, links to the latest news in the aviation world give you tips on everything from flight delays to job cuts.

Howard Curtis wrote in Aircraft Illustrated March 2003:
If you are keen on airliner photos and haven't discovered this site yet, you are in for a real treat. Contained within are around 300,000 images of airliners and other aircraft taken by photographers from around the world. To try to describe the contents fully would take far too much space than is available here - the best advice is to go and have a look for yourself! Alongside images of all sorts of aircraft, there are illustrated articles, news pages, forums and a chat area. If you find a picture that you are particularly fond of, you can even send it to a friend as an electronic postcard. Additional benefits are available if you sign up to become a First Class Member for a fee of $5 per month. A superb site!

Thomas Becher of Airliners magazine wrote in September, 2000:
"...what's my all-time favourite commercial aviation site? It's (not related to this magazine). I first wrote about this site when it was a simple page for amateur photographers sharing airplane shots from their latest spotting trips. Since then, it has evolved into a great on-line database with a world-class layout offering nearly 90,000 airliner images, several discussion forums, industry news, hundreds of links and much, much more. The competition of Web audiences is stiff, but this one site I found myself going to again and again."

USA Today "HOT SITE" in November 1999:

The Guardian, a high quality UK daily newspaper, wrote on April 23, 1999:
"If you have even a passing interest in aircraft, is for you. This elegant site has over 25,000 photographs of aircraft, both modern and not so modern. There are even sections on government aircraft should you wish to know what the Nigerian and Saudi governments fly, photographs of interiors to help you choose the best seat next time you fly, and, inevitably, crash photos. A model of good web design."

We're featured in the book 300 Best Aviation Web Sites (as well as the latest book, 500 Best Aviation Web Sites), published and distributed worldwide by McGraw-Hill.

Lycos Top 5% Review:
"A streamlined search interface and crisp design makes finding and viewing your favorite aircraft a first-class experience."

The Sunday Times wrote on July 19,1998:
Calling aviation fanatics to buckle up, fire the afterburners and blast off to one of the biggest aircraft photo galleries on line is ( With more than 8 000 shots (and growing) of helicopters, gliders, propeller craft, jets, military, commercial and private planes and even spacecraft, the site is the flyboy's and gal's nirvana. A powerful finder lets you quickly locate pics by aircraft, airline category or keyword, while an upload tool allows you to share favourite aircraft photos with fellow plane buffs around the world.

Microsoft link of the day January 12, 1999 told me that we're listed in the second edition of Le guide des meilleurs sites Web franais et internationaux (The Internet Guide to the best French and international sites) wrote:
Specializing in aviation photographs and airplane diagramming, this site also provides aviation news, forums, merchandise and polls. It is a great place to start a study on airplanes and the industry that supports them.

The newsletter inter alia wrote on July 7, 1998:
Come, explore the biggest aviation photo gallery online. Just the place for aviation enthusiasts and those obsessed with aircraft. The site includes photos of all kinds of aircraft - helicopters, gliders, propeller craft, jets, military, commercial and private planes - even spacecraft. You can even upload your own favorite aircraft photo! Drop by for a dose of aviation humor, view the gallery, or use the photo database for your class papers or articles.

The newsletter PC SIG wrote on August 28, 2000:
This site has 55,000 high-quality photographs of nearly every airplane ever built, kept up-to-date by a team of 2000 aviation photographers worldwide. Although the photo database is impressive, everyone interested in airplanes will find this site the best the Web has to offer the aviation community. Every photo in the database can be sent as a digital postcard.

Ahron Shapiro of the Jerusalem Post wrote in June 2000:
With my penchant for planes, I really love ( The site, apparently run by even greater plane fanatics than I, has over 80,000 large images in its inventory, many of them rare aircraft.

We won the weekly Wow Web Site Award over at TheMag sometime in June 1999:
If you want to know about ANY aircraft you can think of, this is the place to go. It is brilliant!! Congratulations to the team for providing the Flight community with such a great site :-)

Expressen, a Swedish daily newspaper wrote on July 11, 1999:
"...antagligen vrldens mest proffsiga sajt fr flygplan...jag skulle sga att det r s komplett som det ngonsin gr att gra...Stort maffigt och oerhrt roligt ven om man inte r flygfreak."

Internet Guiden, a Swedish monthly magazine gave us ten "@" of ten possible in December 1999:
"...r vrdig British Airways eller Nasa i storlek och precision och torde f vilken flygplanfetischist som helst att kissa p sig av lycka...utomordentligt snyggt paketerat och ltthet kan ven den av flygskrck darrande ta sig fram mellan Boeingmodellerna och lyxkabinerna och lta sig frfras av den sparsmakat blgr designen."

Our site is featured in the book "300 Incredible Things To Learn On The Internet" by Robyn Freedman Spizman and Ken Leebow

A wonderful and detailed article on can be found at If you understand Norwegian, read it in full! er et mekka for deg som er interessert i sivil luftfart! Her finner du bilder av s si alle de flytyper som eksisterer i verden - og i tillegg finnes det diskusjonsgrupper og chatter hvor du kan f svar p s si alt som har gjre med internasjonal luftfart!

Our site has been selected as a featured site in StudyWeb as one of the best educational resources on the web by their researchers.

Nick Bowles, Aviation editor
A must-visit if you are interested in civil aviation

Internet Web Guide Magazine:
the ultimate guide to airplane pictures on the Internet.

User comments:

Hal Gulledge, retired Delta Air Lines and US Navy pilot:
Having spent all my adult life as a pilot, military and commercial, I am usually not impressed with what frequently passes as aviation journalism. Your site, however, is so far superior to any other I have found on the web that comparisons are useless. It is the best site I've seen on the web, period. Aviation Week and Space Technology is your only peer.

Gordon Ward, the Bahamas:
I have been a "" viewer for the last 3 years. I thoroughly enjoy the site (and the meticulous manner in which it is maintained and updated). The pictures are absolutely spectacular to say the least! It is nice to know that an extensive sites such as this exists for the discerning aviation enthusiast. I might also add that the other aviation sites cannot hold a candle to in terms of consistent quality and integrity... bar none! Keep up the good work!

Paul Dornan, California, Space suit construction team member:
For those of us that are a part of the aviation community, or just aviation enthusiasts, your web site is without question the most interesting place on the net to find the best of anything that flys or has flown. The superb quality and content of your photos is absolutely fascinating. I have spent numerous hours enjoying every aspect of your presentation. Many times I go back for a second or third look at many of the photos. Some of which have caused involuntary drooling.

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