Photo Samples

Here are some examples by the photographer Gary Watt on different scanning and photography problems and how to solve them. Note that these photos are made small to fit into the layout of the page and reduce loading time. For the database we recommend a width of about 1000 pixels.

Sample 1 - Acceptable scan.

Sample 2 - Too much contrast. Reduce contrast to acceptable level. Check your scanners default scan settings and change if need be.

Sample 3 - Sharpened too much. Reduce sharpening level.

Sample 4 - Too much grain. Try using your photo software's feature to reduce. Adobe PhotoShop has a special feature on reducing grain.

Sample 5 - Out of focus. If the photograph/slide is OK use your photo software to sharpen. If the shot itself is out of focus, try sharpening again but usually this does not work very well.

Sample 6 - Too much brightness or gamma. Use your photo software to obtain a more acceptable brightness.

Sample 7 - Too much jpeg compression. If your photo is wider than 1024 pixels or higher than 728 pixels it will be downsized and that might lower the picture quality. Keep the width on exactly 1024 and save with minimum JPEG compression and the quality will be at it's best. Do not worry about long download times for low compression files, our scripts will automatically optimize compression without loss in picture quality.

Tip When Scanning and Uploading
Don't try to scan and upload as soon as you get the shot back from the developers. Have a play about with a particular shot on your photo software. Save to your hard drive and look at the shot again the day after and say to yourself "Is this acceptable" Sometimes when scanning lots of shots your eyes become accustomed to the screen.

The best tip of all when uploading to is:

"Quality, not quantity"

Gary Watt

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