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Carrier Takeoff?

Mon May 07, 2001 1:01 pm

I was just wondering why pilots in jets taking off from a carrier have one hand on the stick and one hand on what it looks like to me in videos I've seen before to be a handle on the front window,and if it is why don't they have both hands on the stick,I know they take off at around 3 G's on a carrier,does holding on to a hande make it feel better? Smile-------------------------------

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RE: Carrier Takeoff?

Mon May 07, 2001 4:41 pm

The reason why:

A carrier takeoff is fully controlled. and because a carrier takeoff is so rough the pilot needs to grab something to fasten himself.
The stick isnt really a firm object to get more grip during takeoff. however the Handle positiond on the canopy is the right tool for this.
he doesn't need to touch the throttle at all because this one is already set in the max setting.

so yes it is to feel more comfortable.

hope this awnsers your question.

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RE: Carrier Takeoff?

Tue May 08, 2001 1:23 am

I can understnad that you need to hold on to something while taking-off from a carrier Big grin.

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RE: Carrier Takeoff?

Tue May 08, 2001 8:10 am

Not all carrier takeoffs are automated, in fact the only aircraft that have automated rotations is the F/A-18 Hornet. However, the other hand, which would normally be placed on the throttles, is placed on the "towel rack" in order to prevent it from accidently retarding the throttles during the high g-forces.
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RE: Carrier Takeoff?

Tue May 08, 2001 8:22 am

The amount of G's hinge on gross weight. A fully loaded E-2C will be a 5G pull, but a lightly loaded F-18 will be a 6G pull. And, yes, 6 lateral Gs would be enough to accidentaly pull the throttle back.
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RE: Carrier Takeoff?

Tue May 08, 2001 9:03 am

>A fully loaded E-2C will be a 5G pull,

Hmm, the only time I've felt anything close to 5G's was when we were shot "on the hook" (at anchorage: i.e. ship not moving). Even CQ events don't get over 3G's. The plane is not designed for it.

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