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Air Fete 2001

Mon May 28, 2001 1:08 am

I have just returned form air fete 2001 at RAF Mildenhall and i thought i would write in to let you all know what I thought of the show. Their was a large presence of F16s at the show from the usa/belguim/dutch/danish/turkish/portugese air forces.
The swedish airforce were present with thier new saab grippen fighters which put on a good flying display.
The RAF had a large presence at the show with tornados,jaguars,hawks,tucanos,nimrods and dominie types present sadly no raf transports were present.
also their were the french airforce with its mirage 2000s jaguars and national display team in their alpha jets present.
The Usaf had a large presence with most transport types present including a brillient display with the c17.
The only combat aircraft present were F15C&E models
F16C, A10A, B1B, and the B52H.
sadly the only US NAVY aircraft was a E6 mercurey
overall my opinion is the show was not as good as in previous years and most disapointingly no PHANTOMS!

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