Twin Mustang

Thu Jun 14, 2001 3:43 pm

The F/P-82 Twin Mustang was an oddity the joining of two airframes to produce a new aircraft.

Was the Twin Mustang a successful marriage, used in Korea but how effective was it.

Besides the Twin Mustang and the HE111Z was their any other operational aircraft where two airframes where joined to create a new aircraft.
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RE: Twin Mustang

Thu Jun 14, 2001 4:38 pm

The Twin Mustang is really a misnomer because in the case of that aircraft a entirely new airframe was created. I am not even real sure there where any interchangable parts between the two.

The Germans also where designing a twin of the ME-109. Although that aircraft only had one cockpit in the lefthand "Boom"
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RE: Twin Mustang

Fri Jun 15, 2001 4:00 am

The Twin Mustang was quite successful as a nightfighter until replaced by faster aircraft. I believe the first kill of the Korean war was by a Twin Mustang.
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RE: Twin Mustang

Fri Jun 29, 2001 8:29 am

A twin Mustang is being restored at the CAF Museum in San Diego County, Calfiornia.


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