Raaf Caribou Replacment

Mon Jun 25, 2001 9:12 am

For some time now the RAAF have been looking to replace the De Havilland Caribou.

It seems though they cannot find a replacement with the same magnificent STOL capabilities.

What is around in the market that would be suitable to replace the aging warrior and still provide the STOL characteristics required by the RAAF.
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RE: Raaf Caribou Replacment

Mon Jun 25, 2001 3:46 pm

I'm not really sure but couldn't we put jet engines on it
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RE: Raaf Caribou Replacment

Mon Jun 25, 2001 6:40 pm

The perfect replacement for RAAF Caribous is the LMATTS C-27J Spartan II. It is a very good STOL cargo aircraft, derived by the higly succesful and combat proven Alenia G-222. It shares avionics, engines and other components with the C-130J, already in service with the RAAF. The Italian Air Force, (another C-130J operator) has already placed an order for 12 C-27J but it's likely to increase this amount.

Unfortunately, RAAF decided that they don't need a replacement for the aging fleet of Caribous and they cancelled the competition.


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RE: Raaf Caribou Replacment

Sat Jun 30, 2001 10:22 am

The RAAF delayed the replacement of their ageing caribous by another 10 years. The main problem with the aircraft are the unreliable radial engines on them. Though they sound so great and distinctive. I remember hearing once that the RAAF was planning on replacing the radial engines on the caribou with much more modern and economic engines, but I think that idea was also scrapped. One reason could be due to the airframe life, those birds cant last forever, so lets hope the RAAF find an exceptional aircraft that can fill the role of one the most important aircraft in RAAF history.

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