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Royal Air Force Inventory

Fri Jul 13, 2001 11:20 pm

Can someone please tell me the strength of the RAf in terms of the numbers and capabilitys of their aircraft nad pilots?
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RE: Royal Air Force Inventory

Tue Jul 17, 2001 3:07 am

hello their i hope this will help.
A400m transport x25 *
bae 125 communications x6
bae146 vip transport x3
camberra recce x7
c17a transport x4
chinock transport x 49
domine aircrew training x11
eurofighter airdefence x232 *
global express survallince x5*
griffin helicopter training x9
grob tutor initial training x99
harrier offensive support x54
hawk advanced trainer x97
c130 transport x50
islander elint x2
jaguar offensive support x45
merlin transport x22
jetstream training x11
nimrod maritine patrol/elint x45
puma tanspor x31
sea king sar x25
sentry awacs x7
squirrel helicopter training x26
firefly trainer x45
tornado strike/attack x192
tornado f3 air defence x115
tristar tanker transport x9
tucano trainer x128
vc10 tanker transport x19
vigilant glider x51
viking glider x90
wessex transport x9 * on order
i will foward figures for the british army and royal navy once i have them
regards bungle

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