F5 & F5E Operations

Tue Jul 24, 2001 3:23 pm

The F5A/B freedom fighter and F5E/F Tiger where exported to large number of countries was it because they where cheap and easy to produce or did they have the capacity to fulfil the operational requirments of the Air Forces who selected them.

Also what was and what has been the reputation of these aircraft operationally.
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RE: F5 & F5E Operations

Wed Jul 25, 2001 3:32 am

some of both. For some countries they were also the only available choice.

Netherlands bought them purely for cost. We had a government back then who would have loved to dismantle the defense forces if NATO had led them. They purchased only the cheapest they could get.
For non-NATO countries the F-5 was meant to be a counterweight to the cheap MiG-19s of their neighbours. They were not allowed advanced technology under US export law, but needed a fighter to prevent them from falling to the communist block. The F-5 was designed as a cheap aircraft to fill the needs of these countries.
Many of these countries had no need for something more advanced.
Countries using them now generally do so in 2nd line duty or are in areas without a serious threat (Turkey for COIN and ground support, Switserland for air defense against migratory birds without a passport).
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RE: F5 & F5E Operations

Wed Jul 25, 2001 3:52 am

they did pretty good against the 70's fighter generation (F-15, -16, and -14). but i think that was when they were used by the aggressor squadrons. they proved that a lesser aircraft used to it's fullest by well trained pilots could beat the best fighters in the world.

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