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VA 46 "Clansmen" And VA 75 "Bluehawks" Questions.

Mon Aug 27, 2001 2:43 am

I know that the "Clansmen" and "Bluehawks" were the last A-7 Corsair squadrons and that they flew in Desert Storm. I was wondering if they transitioned to the Hornet and are still in existence?
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RE: VA 46 "Clansmen" And VA 75 "Bluehawks" Questio

Mon Aug 27, 2001 3:44 am

Both of these squadrons were "pre-transitioning" to the F/A-18 when desert shield began. They put thos plans on hold obviously for the war. And on May 1991, VA46 and VA72 sent their SLUFs to the boneyard and retired their squadron names as well. This is info I gathered from the International Air Power Review, premier issue.

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