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Civil Aircraft During Wwii

Wed Feb 20, 2002 6:13 pm

i thought all available resources were put into the war effort. were civil aircraft built in the u.s during that time.
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RE: Civil Aircraft During Wwii

Wed Feb 20, 2002 7:23 pm

Yes, some were built.
Most were ordered by the military as liaison or training aircraft though.
More military aircraft were converted to civillian use after the war. Those would now class as civillian (loads of DC-3s come to mind, plus bombers converted into firefighters and cargo aircraft).
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RE: Civil Aircraft During Wwii

Wed Feb 20, 2002 8:43 pm

I don't remember the military designation for the Beech staggerwing but there where many built for training and liason work. Just like Jwenting mentioned.

Also Howard DGB's, Norsemans, Piper Cubs, Taylorcraft where also built for wartime service.

The US even pressed several civilian aircraft into service and gave them different designations. There is probably a dozen different C numbers giving to different varients of the DC-3 that where drafted into the AAC from the airlines.

Shoot, there was even a Junkers 34 that was commandered from an airline and used as a transport down in Panama during the war. Sorry don't remember the C number for that aircraft.

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