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New Military Helicopters

Thu May 30, 2002 8:29 am

Can anyone speak to the reputations of the new military helicopters coming out? The NH-90, S-92, how are these helicopters supposed to be? What problems do they have and what advantages will they bring? Feel free to elaborate on other new helicopters too
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RE: New Military Helicopters

Thu May 30, 2002 6:05 pm

NH90 has been very long in the coming, maybe too long (development work started almost 20 years ago...).
It will be a huge improvement over the Lynx it is destined to replace with most operators and might be a very good alternative (in a transport version) to the Puma/Cougar as well which might be a good idea for countries thinking of replacing a fleet of both Lynx and Puma (both of which are getting a bit long in the tooth).
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RE: New Military Helicopters

Thu May 30, 2002 9:02 pm

True about the NH-90, but for most European airforces it will be ideal for both Naval and support use. Some of the partner nations in the project, including surprisingly France, have only placed small orders so far, but the eventual requirement is large, for the Navies, Air Forces and Armies of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and others.
S-92, not had a lot of luck in the military market so far, it's basically a civil design. It was in competition with the British/Italian EH-101 for a Japanese navy contract, but the S-92 has recently been eliminated.
In Europe so far, the NH-90 and EH-101 have won out in recent procurement programmes.
(The EH-101 is doing well, hopefully it should win the Royal Navy requirement of the Sea King HC.4 replacement, and the RAF SAR requirement. Both services will need additional Naval and support versions respectively to supplement their initial orders).
The older Lynx is getting major upgrades in UK service, for both the Army and Navy, including new engines/transmissions. The UK pulled out of NH-90 in 1987, plus RN and AAC Lynx's have had top up orders over the years, unlike most of the European nations, so the average age is not so great.
If you think the NH-90 has been a long time coming, what about the Tiger attack chopper!
(All to do with the end of the Cold War at an early stage of these programmes, rather than anything technical).

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RE: New Military Helicopters

Fri May 31, 2002 1:00 am

The latest round of V-22 Osprey testing that began this week is that program's last chance. If more problems arise, the "quick remedy" for the Marines will likely be either a militarized S-92 or ...yes it's true....the EH-101.

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