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How Many Styles Of Fighter Pilot Helmets Are There

Wed Jul 24, 2002 11:39 am

I was wondering if there are different styles of Helmets for Fighter and Attack pilots to choose from? I have many books that show pilots in the aircraft and it seems that there are several different variants of helmets to wear. On some, the sun shield slides up into a protective cover, while on others, it just slides up and is still visible. Does anybody have any information?
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RE: How Many Styles Of Fighter Pilot Helmets Are There

Thu Jul 25, 2002 7:06 am

I'm no expert here, but my job has given me frequent access to USAF fighter & trainer "life support" facilities. All the helments I've ever seen and/or worn have been pretty much the same. Typically the open face design with a visor that is connected by nylon straps and slides over the forehead. The mask has always been one that uses slide connectors that insert to receptors on both sides of the helment allowing for complete removal by disconnecting both sides.

Now, that said, some aircrew require some specialized equipment unfamiliar to me (i.e. nightvision, targeting, etc). I guess those could be different to support the equipment. I've also heard some future aircraft might possibly have digital imagery, such as heads-up display info, piped through the helment and onto the visor. That would probably require some extensive specialized equipment.

Again, that's only my limited experience, so their could be some other variations.

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