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MIA POW Bracelets

Tue Aug 06, 2002 2:29 am

About 1970, the Families of MIA POW's began selling bracelets with the name, rank, and date of missing U.S. service men in Viet Nam. I bought one and wore it until the war ended. Recently, I discovered a web site where relatives of these men are looking for a bracelet that bears the name of a lost relative. I found the cousin of the man whose bracelet I have and I am sending the bracelet to her. If any members have a bracelet that they believe would be in better hands if it were with a love one, go to:

There you can search for any relative who is seeking a bracelet. By the way, new bracelets are now for sale. A little searching and you can locate a web site with these for sale and obtain a new one. For many of these people, the bracelet would be a strong conection to their lost loved one. Whether you believed that the war was justified or not, these brave men did their sworn duty in a difficult time and then the returnees were treated badly by many of us.

Just consider it a random act of kindness.

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