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Customers For The New T-50

Fri Sep 27, 2002 2:58 am

The Lockheed Martin/KAI supersonic T-50 trainer flew for the first time on August 20, 2002. News releases indicate that the aircraft will be marketed worldwide, and that it will prepare pilots to fly sophisticated aircraft such as the F-22 and JSF. I find that last claim to be quite interesting.

Has USAF or USN shown any interest in the T-50?

Has USAF planned for a T-38 replacement, or will we have it in the T-50?

If USN is interested, do they need to continue production of the T-45?

If US forces do receive this aircraft, will they really designate it the T-50? After all, the new Raytheon trainer is the T-6A. Really, must we in the US continue with this whimsical trainer designation nonsense that has been going on for a decade?
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RE: Customers For The New T-50

Tue Oct 01, 2002 2:24 pm

The USAF/USN's plans do not involve the T50.

The T38 is being upgraded w/ new inlets that optimize the a/c for subsonic flight, as that is where the vast majority of the flight training envelope is (as well as other improvements/ primarily avionics).

The T45 was budgeted in the 1990s w/ potentially a 40 yr service life, and has only been in service since the mid 1990s. As was learned from "navalizing" the BAE Hawk from which the T45 was derived, it is highly unlikely the T50 would even pass a preliminary review for naval service.

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