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New XB-70 Page

Sat Oct 26, 2002 7:43 am

I've done a significant revision of the XB-70 web page, with lots of input from the test pilots and other folks involved at the time in the project that brought a 550,000 pound Mach 3.0 airplane to the skies.

Please take a look at:

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RE: New XB-70 Page

Sat Oct 26, 2002 10:27 pm

I have just read the web site on the XB-70, and I found it so interesting
that I have added the book to list of what I want for Christmas. It was some aircraft for the time it was designed and built,just a shame that the crash prevented it's full potential being explored

Regards little vc10
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RE: New XB-70 Page

Wed Nov 06, 2002 3:32 am

Great page!!

I was surprised to read the XB-70 takeoff speed was 180 kt on what looked like a lightly loaded mission. Wonder what the takeoff speed is at max gross weight.

It's incredibly interesting comparing the XB-70 production with that of the Concorde. The XB-70 was produced about five years earlier, and presumably was more powerful, faster, and less of an engineering nightmare than the Concorde -- though they had similar ranges and gross weights. Never have quite figured out the details.

On another tangent, I wish someone would do some websites or books showing the INTERIORS of exotic military bombers. For example.. I've always heard that the XB-49 Flying Wing had crew berths in the wing.... sure wish I could see how they arranged all this and what it looks like. Wonder what the XB-70 has inside.


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