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Pics Of Earth From A MiG-25 Foxbat @ FL800

Wed Feb 26, 2003 6:39 pm

This would be my first post here  Smile

Anyways, was surfing the net on the Russian reconnisance jet, the MiG-25, and the many "sub-orbital space" tourists that paid tons to be in those jets at 80,000 feet (specifically US$9300 per tour).

Since I'd think this would be ridiculous for me to pay such an amount (rather buy a car Big grin), I decided to go look at images taken by these 'tourists' of what Earth would look like fromm 80,000 feet. However, the lack of photos on the internet (Zhukovsky Airbase privacy reasons ??) has led me here.

If there are high resolution or large sized images of Earth, I would appreciate it if there are. Thanks

Links I was looking at prior to asking:

(gotAIRBUS?) - (Got Commonality?) - (Have A Nice Flight!)
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RE: Pics Of Earth From A MiG-25 Foxbat @ FL800

Wed Feb 26, 2003 11:56 pm

Interesting, I'd rather pay to be in the Vomit Comit at NASA and be weightless for a longer time.

There was a discovery channel show on this about a year ago, they had pics from the base. Don't remember the shows name.

"the Russian reconnisance jet" The MiG 25 was designed as a High Alt Bomber killer, and HVAA killer to shot at people, well like me.

It does do some recon in one version, but it was designed to KIll bombers and get through Defensive counter air caps with speed speed speed.

Nice post BTW, welcome to the forum

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RE: Pics Of Earth From A MiG-25 Foxbat @ FL800

Thu Feb 27, 2003 6:53 am

I would so like to do that!
58,000 feet at Mach 2 for a couple of hours (in great comfort) is impressive, but this Mig-25 trip is literally out of this world!

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