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Helicopter Borne ATGMs

Thu Apr 03, 2003 12:41 pm

I've noticed on pictures of some USMC AH-1s that the port side is equipped with TOW wire guided ATGMs, but the starboard side has laser guided Hellfires. Is this a result of the problems that the AH-64 had with the Hellfire (Chunks being blown back into the tail rotor) or is this just to give the Marines more of a choice of firepower?

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RE: Helicopter Borne ATGMs

Thu Apr 03, 2003 11:25 pm

The SuperCobra can carry both the TOW2 and Laser Hellfire.
The KingCobra prototype could also carry the Radar Hellfire but needed a Longbow to to designate the target.

I'm sure someone else here can answer your Apache question better than I can.

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