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B-17 Bomber Inflight Video And Report

Thu Jul 24, 2003 3:17 pm

Hi all,

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to ride on the CAF's "Sentimental Journey"- known as one of the most- if not the most accurately restored flying B-17s in the world. Much thanks goes out to a certain generous member of the CAF that allowed me to go on this journey- my instructor also got to come along as well as an FBO employee.

I took plenty of pictures but I will not have them back until I can find a good lab that won't screw them up like some labs in the past. I have shot all of the inflight shots on Kodak Gold 100 and outside shots on K64.

Anyway, the day began with me waking up for my 11:00AM flight lesson. I got up and went over to the computer to land my Aeroflot 777 nonstop from JFK to SVO on flight simulator  Smile. Once done, I grabbed some cereal and headed to the airport. Once there, I was happy to find a restored black Avenger just starting its engine with plenty of people looking on. She flew in from Minot for a few hours to join the excitement of the B-17 in town. Both the B-17 and the Avenger were departing at the time- I got plenty of pictures of both. Once things settled down my instructor and I preflighted the 152 and fired her up and did some training before coming back to do some touch and goes before calling it quits. When paying for the lesson I found out I would be able to go up in the B-17 on its next flight! I immediately got more film and my video camera. Anyway, the video pretty much speaks for itself. This was definitely the most exciting plane ride I've ever had outta B744s, F-28s, 172s, etc... I'll probably post more text about the flight tomorrow when I'm not so tired  Smile All I will say is it was extremely loud and you get bumped around when walking around the plane inflight (we got to rotate places throughout the flight).

You can download the video at:

It is 63MB or so and runs about 12 minutes (the actual flight was around 20-30 but it went so fast). I'm going to try and compress it better later but I have found compressing it down to 5MB reduced the frame rate to extremely choppiness  Sad... we'll see... so sorry to all you dialup users right now.

Please post any comments and let me know if you took the time to download the video  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

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RE: B-17 Bomber Inflight Video And Report

Thu Jul 24, 2003 11:07 pm

Hello Serge,
I see you are also a B17 fan. On a Belgian site of a pilot I found a Photo of a B17 shot down at the end of WWII. It made a crashlanding on the beach. Do you think CAF has more information on this B17 or do you know where I could find information about the B17 and the crew (if they survived). Maybe some of the crew are still alive and would like to see this photo of their bomber 58 years ago. All ideas are welcome. Thanks.
This is the site:
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RE: B-17 Bomber Inflight Video And Report

Fri Aug 01, 2003 10:52 pm

I found the crew, with the help of some WWII veterans. It' the Shaw crew, 834 unit.
Their photo is on the site airborne-jc

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