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An-72 In Peru

Fri Aug 01, 2003 10:31 pm

Why did Peru stop using their An-72s? The plane is not old and its suited for hot and high operations. I don't see a reason for them to stop using the An-72 but continue using the An-32.
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RE: An-72 In Peru

Fri Aug 26, 2005 5:39 am

hi.. i dont write english very well.. but i hop u can understand me

peru air force,, stop use the an72 for legal problems..... during the conflict between ecuador-peru... an ucranian citizen,,from an ucranian company in peru.... gitf them us...... but the rest oF the directory said NO.. and went to the trial ....... against him and peru aiforce.....
so.... the jude sentence was,,,,,, give back the planes to the ucrianans
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