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Forerunner Of Inflight Refueling By Flying Boom

Thu Nov 06, 2003 9:24 am

The big Boeing C-97 STRAT was the true workaholic machine for the USAAF after WW2. It was a great proptransport and served the USAF well into the 50's. From this aircraft came the KC-97,the air tanker version with the flying boom & new position known as the Boomer or boom operater pos at the rear of the KC-97 STRAT. Then came the 377 civilian version known as the Stratocruiser. Panam airways became the first to order the big propliner with 20 aircraft then followed by United,AOA,Northwest & BOAC. Only 56 of these Giants of the airways were ever made for airline service. The rest out of a total of 888 served as airtankers & cargo lifters for the USAF in many ways. ONLY Today in the 21st century,there is ONLY 2 of such Boeing examples left in Airworthy status. One,firetanker #97 of Hawkins & Powers aviation & the BAHF C-97G Soon to become a Flying Museum of COLD WAR History. We are pressing on day to day with the project to bring this fantastic proptransport back to the skies once again for all to see & enjoy! See us at new site at Cheers, JR
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RE: Forerunner Of Inflight Refueling By Flying Boom

Thu Nov 06, 2003 2:09 pm

Umm wasn't tanker 97 flying last year.

Got a great view of it working a fire in North Pole Alaska three years ago. Was peeling off the fire about 150 over my head.

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