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Spanish Air Force

Thu Apr 15, 2004 5:07 am


I'm a student pilot in French air force and I'm looking for information about Spanish air force.
I've found many things on the net but some details remain unanswered.

In particular concerning the F-18 and F-1 modernization and the technical state of Eurofighter and its capability for the moment.

Thanks lot
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RE: Spanish Air Force

Thu Apr 15, 2004 5:19 am

Well I just spent two weeks flying with the Spanish Air Force at Red Flag, (they brought F-18s and RF-18s). Overall they were good, but MX has become a bigger issues on the 18s, mainly parts and money. I will say the are getting better at LOWAT bomb runs and strike missions over the last few years.

For Eurofighter I would suggest reading the many online articles and magazines like Air Forces Monthly etc. They have about all the info you can find.

Don't know as much about the F-1s, though I worked with French F-1s in Saudi, and I have a feeling they are a little better at DACT, and BVR employment than the Spaniards. This is not a hit on the Spaniards, just an observation working with both Air Forces over the last few years.

I know this doesn't help to much but I thought I'd throw in my tangent opinions  Smile/happy/getting dizzy bon champs

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