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Curious As To What Is Being Airlifted To CHS Today

Mon Apr 26, 2004 9:05 am

This evening on my nightly visit to to scan local flight info, I noticed that there were four freight operations today coming through Bangor Intl.-KBGR. Nothing out of the ordinary here, but two were operated by Polar Air Cargo arriving from KCHS South Carolina on 747-200s. At least one of them was departing KBGR for Glasgow, Scotland, Great Britain (EGPK).
Also, there were two Atlas Air 747-200 flights that arrived. One originating from Frankfurt-Main, Germany, ultimately destined for KATL where the flight number was changed before the aircraft departed KATL for KCHS where it has just arrived.
The Second Atlas flight is due to arrive at KBGR from KCHS in apprx. one hour. UTC 02:00Z -5 Hrs.
The reason I post here in the military forum is because I'm certain these must be military airlift charters for deployment rotation, but I do not know what military facilities are located in Charleston, S.C.
Today here in Southern Maine I've also noticed a significant increase in high altitude arriving Trans-Atlantic traffic headed south bound. I just figured Boston Center was using the airspace above today for routine airline traffic, but was there perhaps a large scale Military Air Wing rotation today on the East Coast with squadrons arriving home from the Middle East? Just curios!
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RE: Curious As To What Is Being Airlifted To CHS Today

Mon Apr 26, 2004 11:44 am

Charleston is home to Charleston Air Force Base and the 437th Airlift Wing which operates the C-17 Globemaster III. Other than Dover, it's one of the largest cargo hub's for the USAF on the East Coast.

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