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Hurricane Accident At Duxford

Mon Jun 07, 2004 6:07 am

I havent seen a thread for this, so I thought id start one.

I was at Duxford today for the D-Day memorial, just around 09:00 a BBMF Hurricane was coming in to land when the Right gear of the undercarriage collapsed, luckily the pilot had bled off speed to avert the plane from flipping-over.
Netherless the Right gear collapsed, with the props hitting the ground near to where the crowd-line was (Ive heard some people say they thought the Hurricane was going to come right at them), but luckily the pilot managed to swing it right and it came to rest on the right wing.
The pilot escaped unhurt, and the condition of the aircraft (from what i could tell) wasnt too bad.
So they spent a few hours lifting the plane back-up onto all wheels, which took around 3 hours, and obviously the aircraft didnt fly after that.
Just wondering if anyone there actually saw the incident (I was in the Catalina at the time, but I was able to hear the sirens and found out a few minutes later what had happened.)
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RE: Hurricane Accident At Duxford

Mon Jun 07, 2004 6:58 am

cant say as I saw it.
An all round excellant day there though.
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RE: Hurricane Accident At Duxford

Mon Jun 07, 2004 7:04 am

No, I didn't see it, but saw a few others fly over. They always seem to have something bad happen at Duxford sadly.
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