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An Article About The XPrize

Mon Jun 07, 2004 11:56 pm


I'm currently involved in a soon-to-start Science & Science Fiction magazine in the UK. I wrote a feature article for them about the XPrize, but unfortunately the launch of the magazine has now been delayed a few months (until September), so the article won't see print.

However, it is used as promotional article on the web page of the magazine:

Orbital Magazine

(click on XPrize to read it)

It's a slightly edited version of the first draft I wrote, so some things have changed in the meantime, but I'd still appreciate any feedback. Most friends appear to find the article too dull, so I figured I'd ask people who might be more interested in the subject matter (i.e. you guys) for their opinion...

Is it too in-depth, or too shallow? Too long, too short, too boring, too unfocused, .... ?

Also, are there any important omissions / factual errors? I did my best to research the article, but there's always a chance that some error might have crept in...

Finally, any general feedback on all the promotional articles, and the ultimate question: Would you buy this magazine, or subscribe to it?




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