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Vmfa (AW) 224 FA18C's Training Out Of TVC

Mon Jul 05, 2004 8:54 am

For what its worth, we currently have 3 VMFA (AW) -224 F/A18C's flying out of Traverse City Michigan. They arrived Thursday night, and we were under the impression they were here for the airshow the weekend. They went up twice on Friday, not flying in the practice show at all. On Saturday, two of them went up a couple times to operate in the MOA's, including a dusk departure (awesome burners!) but didnt return after that. The 3rd did a couple flybys during both the show. The other two took off from some other airport or base today, went out to the airspace they were working since they have been here, then RTB'd to TVC. 2 then departed again and just returned and I presume they will go up again like they did last night. This is awesome news for enthusiasts around TVC because chances are TVC will see some more fast movers for training. I guess there is much more to do in Traverse City when they are not flying then some other places they could have used (IE Alpena,Saginaw, Oscoda etc...)

Apparently they will be in TVC for some time. They didnt bring any ground crews with them that I see. They have an extra drop tank set nicely in the grass... Interesting.

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