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National Museum Of The Usaf Update

Mon Feb 21, 2005 2:29 am

These are the most recent changes at the National Museum of the USAF.

First, in the Space and Missile Gallery - There is a Titan I standing upright next to the Titan II.

In the Kettering Cold War Gallery - The RB-57D has been assembled and painted and is now on stanchions with placards explaining its significance and place in the hottest portion of the Cold War - Aerial reconnaissance

In the Modern Flight Hangar - The civil engineering exhibit of the Viet Nam War has been disassembled and there is a SA-2 Guideline in its place. The adjacent RB-66 has been placed on stanchions and numerous displays with artifacts have placed all over this portion of the gallery.

In the Korean Air portion of the gallery, a RF-86F has been added. The airplane has stencils with the appearance of .50 caliber guns ports in the area where the guns would be an a standard F-86. The airplanes were used not only for reconnaissance in Korea, but also over China and the USSR. The airplane is highly polished and has 4 drop tanks for extended range.

Visiting the Presidential and Research and Development Hangars - Due to changes in access and security, there are only 4 buses daily to this area. If you want to visit these areas, register early and plan the rest of your day around that portion of your stay.

Fund raising is in progress for the next building and speculation is that it may house the portions of the collection that are now across the field. I would guess, based on the time frame of the Kettering cold War Hangar, that construction is probably several years away. This new wing will have its own entrance as well as a link into the rest of the museum, so you can enter from either end. It is a long walk from the back of the Kettering Cold War Gallery to the entrance and for those that are not very mobile, it can be difficult.
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RE: National Museum Of The Usaf Update

Mon Feb 21, 2005 5:04 am

Cool Broke.

Does anyone have pictures of an RF-86 with 4 drop tanks? Never seen that before, but would like to.
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