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Usaf Activity In DC Area Today

Tue Nov 29, 2005 2:27 am

According to a local radio station there is a USAF F-16 "photo shoot" underway somewhere around the DC area. There have been several F-16's go over my office building, and a military-appearing helicopter was hovering south of here waiting for one to go overhead. I don't know if there was someone on the chopper taking pictures, but that's a logical guess.

I can't tell that inbound traffic into DCA has been affected (winds are out of the south today).

Anyone have any more info on this?
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RE: Usaf Activity In DC Area Today

Tue Nov 29, 2005 5:14 am

i believe it was a photo shoot for the DC ANG, and i think the shot was looking at them from the west with the mall/monuments in the background. they passed over silver spring on their way back into andrews.

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