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Going US Army To Usaf

Wed Mar 15, 2006 9:18 pm

So... how difficult do you think it'd be to change from the Army to the Air Force? It'd be wonderful to be able to be a boomer...
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RE: Going US Army To Usaf

Thu Mar 16, 2006 5:21 am

Blue-to-Green...The USAF will hand-walk you over to the Army nowadays and give you a lollipop and a smiley sticker to boot.

Unless your really top in your field, the USAF likely isn't interested in a regurgitation of that process.

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RE: Going US Army To Usaf

Thu Mar 16, 2006 6:54 am

That's not exactly correct. The USAF would be very interested in prior service veterans as long as you have the test scores and aptitude for whatever job they need at the moment. I know plenty of guys who went from Infantry to SP, and the air traffic controllers can switch fairly easily....Medics, mechanics, etc.

Boomers, I know a couple of guys who switched over.
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RE: Going US Army To Usaf

Thu Mar 16, 2006 7:35 pm

I think you'll still have to do BMTS at Lackland. However, when I did what you are doing (USAR -> USAF Active when I was a 96B) back in 1990, I had the opportunity to be "proficiency advanced" through basic.

That means that you cram all of basic into 2-3 weeks; you still had to meet the same physical requirements, pass the tests, but you didnt do the stuff that youve already done in Army BCT (obstacle course, gas chamber, etc). The TIs pretty much left you alone during the day while you went to your various appointments.

I went to Lackland 16FEB90 and PCS'ed to Presidio of Monterey 8MAR90.

You can PA for several reasons, one of which is completing basic training with another service.

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