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How Many C-130s Have Served As Fat Albert?

Sun Oct 08, 2006 7:57 am

In addition does anyone have the serial numbers and the their respective time frames as Fat Albert?

http://www.airliners.net/discussions/military/read.main/18229/ has some info but I think we can add to it.

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RE: How Many C-130s Have Served As Fat Albert?

Wed Oct 11, 2006 4:47 am

6 aircraft have been Fat Alberts. They usually come from or go to the Navy since they're standard C-130T that require no modifications adding or removing the wingtip refueling booms. There are usually just one, but sometimes 2 if one is due to go throught SDLM.
150690-delivered directly from Lockheed to the USMC for use as the Fat Albert
149806-A former TC-130(trash hauler) for VXE-6
151891-Passed between the USN/USMC
148893-USN C-130
164763-A USN Herc
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