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Military Flights Into BHX

Thu Nov 09, 2006 10:18 pm

The local News service in Birmingham (BHX) last night carried a feature which stated that local residents to the Airport were complaining about the noise caused by military flights arriving from both Iraq and Afghanistan during the early hours of the morning. These flights are normally either VC-10's, L1011's or C-17's with a combination of both walking wounded and strecher cases being transferred to a local hospital. There have been about 20 such flights since August of this year. Obviously they do not operate unless required.

Has anyone else got any thoughts on these NIMBY's (Not In My Back Yard) complaining about such a thing. Whilst I can appreciate the VC10 does make a heck of a noise on landing it is not too much different to an average summer night when all the charters are both arriving and departing. The military flights do tend to wait until the daylight hours before departing which does lessen the impact. A representative from BHX confirmed that there had only been about 6 cases where the noise level was reported on the monitoring system. However the main complainant declined to be interviewed on camera. The people who were interviewed did say that the complaints were petty seeing as the troops on the flights have been injured whilst taking part in a major conflict.

Please note this thread is not looking at bashing the military or what is happening in either Iraq or Afghanistan so please do not use that angle when replying.
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