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Was The Aircraft Carrier I Saw In 2001 CV-64?

Thu Feb 15, 2007 9:11 am

In 2001 not long after 9-11, I took a trip to San Diego for a convention. The first night I got there I was looking off the balcony of the San Diego Convention center, and was shock to find a carrier in moored at NAS North Island. It did not have it's Island lights that show the hull number on ( which is under stand able since 9-11 just happened), it kinda scared me for a second. The Sunday of that weekend another carrier moored behind this carrier, both was moored at the old pier at North Island. About a week later the news showed, John C. Stennies CVN-74 deployed early because of 9-11, but it left pier Kilo, and I know the Nimitz CVN-68 just move to San Diego after 9-11 but it moored at peir Julian. The mystery carrier was moored right across from the NEX on North Inland. So was this mystery carrier the USS Constellation CV-64?
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RE: Was The Aircraft Carrier I Saw In 2001 CV-64?

Thu Feb 15, 2007 12:29 pm

I've seen the Connie moored on that spot at the pier before, but this was as they were stripping her for her decomm that happened only a week after I saw her. From what you've said it wouldn't surprise me if it was her.

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