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MiG-29A At National Museum Of The U. S. Air Force

Mon Jun 11, 2007 11:23 pm

In the Kettering Cold War Gallery, there have been several recent changes.
First, the MiG-23 has been replaced by a MiG-29A. This airplane is listed as being one of the aircraft that visited Finland in 1986 for the first visit of the MiG-29 outside the USSR.
Second, the the McDonnell XF-85 Goblin has been added to the gallery adjacent to the B-36. This is the second parasite airplane that is in the gallery; the other being a Republic RF-84K which is not far from the B-36. The XF-85 was only flown from a B-29 on only a few occasions before the program was cancelled; while the RF-84K's operated in conjunction with B-36's for about a year and then the planes were assimilated into standard RF-84F units. Hooking up to the mother plane was very hazardous.
Third, several airplanes have been rearranged in the gallery, notably the SR-71 is next to the B-2 and the F-15 ad F-16 have moved.

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