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Finding An Old Uscg Crash Report

Fri Aug 21, 2009 4:15 am

Hey guys.

I was off-line for a couple of days while I went to a memorial service for my late grandfather who passed away this past spring.

Anyway one of the parts of his life mentioned was the fact that he was a US Marshall up here in Alaska before statehood. He was on a USCG Albatross (2121) that cracked up in December of 1954 outside Haines Alaska. He made it but his prisoner and a couple of crewmembers where killed. The surviors spent a good hour out in the water before the town could get boats in the water and out there.

Anyway, I was hoping to find a copy of the crash report. Somebody has to be sitting on it somewhere. I have found a couple of web-references that refer to it as a "Medivac" flight, which is different then the family story.

Anybody know where I might be able to track it down?
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RE: Finding An Old Uscg Crash Report

Fri Aug 21, 2009 4:24 pm

According a complete list of Coast Guard crashes the only Albatross lost in 1954 was that medivac flight you mentioned. Same month, same aircraft type and number, and same location. Perhaps the prisoner was also a patient? Or perhaps time has distorted some details. Hope this helps, and condolences for your grandfather.



Date of incident: 14 December 1954

Crash related deaths:
AL1 Clifford E. Habecker
AD1 Andrew P. Turnier
AL3 Doyle E. Jahn

Air Station the aircraft and/or crew were assigned to:
Air Station Annette, Alaska

Aircraft type and Coast Guard tail number:
Grumman UF-1G Albatross, 2121*

Location of the incident:
Haines, Alaska

Description of the incident:
UF-1G 2121 was flown from Annette, Alaska to Haines, Alaska on 14 December 1954 to perform a medical evacuation. The aircraft crashed during a water take-off, possibly due to a layer of ice which had built up on its wing during the wait for the patient to be delivered.

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