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Aircraft Involved In JFK Nov 22 1963, DAL

Sat Apr 03, 2010 12:21 am

I was Watching footage of the arrival of the Presidential party on November 22 1963 before the assassination, and wish to know which aircraft were involved in the visit.

Seems there were 2 USAF 707's. JFK was aboard the one in the "standard" air force one livery, however the other had a different tail logo. Which two aircraft were these?

I also notice a Pan American 707 in the background. Was this part of the visit, or a Braniff interchange?
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RE: Aircraft Involved In JFK Nov 22 1963, DAL

Sat Apr 03, 2010 12:41 am

JFK was on 26000, the single 707-320B (VC-137C) delivered in 1962 and then used as Air Force one. The other one would have been one of the 3 USAF 707-120Bs (VC-137B). They were delivered in1959 as turbojet -120s and later re-engined with JT3Ds as -120Bs like most early turbojet -120s. 26000 was replaced as the primary Air Force One aircraft by another 707-320B/VC-137C (serial 27000) in 1972 but 26000 remained in service as a USAF VIP aircraft until it was retired in 1998 after 36 years service.

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