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A400M TP400-D6 Turboprop Gets Civil Certification

Sat Jun 04, 2011 6:27 pm


Lots of good info in this article:
   Civil type certification having been secured on 6 May 2011
   TP400 is months away from launching series production
   TP400 has accrued 8,000h on four A400M development aircraft (5,000 in flight), 12,000 hours total time (meaning 4,000 on test stands)
   A400M goes into service early 2013
   Original service entry schedule was Nov 2009 so program is delayed approx 3 years
   TP400 next goal is military cert in mid 2012
   Original goal for civil cert was Sept 2010
   Medium bird injestion was a major issue
   Original test required recovery to 75% power after 3 sec
   TP400 provided recovery to 75% power after 3.8 sec
   It also provided 100% recovery after 5 sec
   EASA said no other EU turboprop has been tested in 40 years and there's no evidence that any turboprop has ever met the 3 sec goal
   EASA said the recovery profile is equivalent to or better than an acceptable realistic recovery profile
   "We are specification-compliant in terms of performance,"
   EPI and Airbus Military signed an ammended contract on 1 May 2011 that resolves all issues linked to the A400M's delay
   The contract incorporates a less steep rampup in production as agreed with the OCCAR nations
   Goal remains to get 400 additional A400M sales over the next three decades
   Fifth A400M to fly in October
   Test fleed has amassed 1,600 hours with 1,000 more hours required before IOC in late 2011
   Better than expected noise levels may allow removal of active noise cancelling, saving weight and cost
   Fifteen dry contacts were made with a Royal Air Force Vickers VC10 in air-to-air refuelling trials
   The A400M will be on static and flying display at June's Paris air show, and at the 40th anniversary Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford in the UK in mid-July.

In honor of Keesje, here's a kewl A400M pic:
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RE: A400M TP400-D6 Turboprop Gets Civil Certification

Sat Jun 04, 2011 7:48 pm

Great, so it is time for an ATR1072 and a Dash8-800 now, i suppose...  

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