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Historical F-16 News Investigation

Sat Apr 13, 2013 9:26 pm

Cam across this on another website and thought it was worth sharing here. I would be interested in a discussion on the conclusions.


Things I found interesting,
1. The GD salesman's forecast pretty close to correct, with over 4500 production frames
2. Pretty much the same companies are still selling jets, with SAAB still trying to sell with 100% industry offset.
3. The comments about the F-16 not being as capable as it should have been. It took some time but got there in the end.
4. Did the production numbers eventuate for the Europeans?
5. Irrespective of the production numbers, IMO the Europeans chose the right aircraft.
6. The countries who ended up buying the F-16 included those initially discounted by the report including Turkey.

The investigation is almost an hour long but I think worth a watch. While there are a number of parallels to the F-35 it would be nice to keep this thread centered on the F-16.

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