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Any Mountain/nature Lovers In The Forum?

Tue May 09, 2000 4:53 am

I LLOOVVEE the mountains and nature and all that... I'm just wondering if anyone else here is as much a fanatic about nature as they are about aviation (or whatever else they're discussing).
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RE: Any Mountain/nature Lovers In The Forum?

Thu May 11, 2000 5:55 am

Sure 747-600X!! Why not? I am a freak about nature as much as I'm an aviation enthusiast.
Where I'm from, the tropical rainforest, beaches, mountains and a lake that "generates" asphalt (locally called the 8th. wonder of the world) are way cool!! If you want to talk more about a dual aviation/nature interest, you can contact me. User Info says it all!
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RE: Any Mountain/nature Lovers In The Forum?

Thu May 11, 2000 6:35 am

Yeah! of course, I am. and i hope we are a lot!
I realy like to go in the Alpes in France to paraglide during the summer! ooow!! you don't know how beautiful and great is it! héhé it's an other kind of flying "machine" really diferent than a plane! but also COOL maybe the best way to fly.  
bye, I hope you will all contribute to keep the nature beautiful and clean!  

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