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Rocket Richaud Dies!

Sun May 28, 2000 9:23 pm

In case you haven't heard Maurice "Rocket" Richaud died yesterday after falling into a coma. Truly a sad day for hockey as they have lost one of the best.

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RE: Rocket Richard Dies!

Mon May 29, 2000 5:19 am

Yep we have. I live in Montreal so I have heard a lot about him. But never saw him play. I remember when he got sick, and when he got a 10 minuted standing ovation at the closing of the Montreal Forum. It's truly a sad day for Canada.
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RE: Rocket Richard Dies!

Mon May 29, 2000 6:39 am

he changed the way hockey was played.I mean he revolutionized it and hockey just lost the best gentlemen to ever lace up a pair of skates. I was watching the final game at the montreal forum and like jets said, he got a 10 minute standing ovation. the Rocket will always be remembered by the NHL and will always be known as the gentlemen who laced up a pair of skates. it was either Jean Beliveau or the Rocket who after everygame, he bowed to the crowd and I will bet that the Habs without him would have only won 2 in a row instead of 5 cups. he will greatly be missed by me and all of the millions of hockey lovers
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RE: Rocket Richaud Dies!

Tue May 30, 2000 3:20 pm

It's truly a loss to the hockey world and Canada now that Maurice "Rocket" Richard has passed away after a battle with cancer. I have heard great things about him and he was one of the best of the best, along with the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito. God be with him.

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